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There is not a week goes by that I don’t say to someone, “It is Jim Rohn, not Jim Rome”.


I am a Sports guy and Yes, I know who Jim Rome is. However it bothers me that more people in the United States are familiar with Jim Rome than they are the great Jim Rohn.



The older I become the more I realize what a profound Jim Rohn has made on my life. There are many of you that have been true students of Jim, that can say the same thing. So many times, I ask people, do you listen to Jim Rohn and most of the time they think I am talking about the sports talk guy Jim Rome.

I have always done my best to plant seeds of personal development in everyone, especially the next generation. For years I have given away the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” to all high school graduates as part of their gift.

Do they read it? Most don’t, but over the years a few have picked it up later in life when the realities of the corporate world hit them. All we can do is plant seeds when we have the opportunity.

I wish this shirt was going to be available to order for a long time, because I would start adding it to my graduates gifts. 5 simple words, but the seeds they can plant, and the truth they represent can change lives.



If we all take the time to plant truth daily, at some point they can take root. We may never know when or for who, but it is not necessary for us to know, our responsibility is simply to plant!

I hope everyone is having a good summer. We just got back from spending a week in Kentucky with family and friends.

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post called THE ONE MLM TRAINING CD EVERY NETWORK MARKETER MUST MEMORIZE.

Today I want to share with you two articles that I feel are the two best training articles that have ever been written. I honestly believe that if every network marketer would read, internalize and act upon the concepts in these articles the positive benefits the industry would receive would be beyond our imagination.

The first is: I thought I knew what Made Me Successful, but I was Wrong by the legend Mark Yarnell. This article identifies the #1 challenge of developing a duplicating mlm organization, but very few have the guts to talk about!


The second is: The Land of 10,000 Unrecruited Heavy Hitters by Len Clements. This article was written almost 20 years ago and the problem has only compounded since Len wrote the article. The truth is, for the past 15 – 20 years all most network marketers have done, is recruit each other. This article will create a major mind shift for all network marketing “leaders”.


You can find both of these articles on this website if you use the search box, and I also included them in this FREE PDF.


Download Top MLM Training Articles Here

While we are on the subject, I believe the BEST BOOK ever written on building a MLM Team is Raising a Giant by Bob Crisp, you should be able to find it on Amazon.

Many times after people visit our website directory at DaleCalvert.com they will contact me and ask me which of my training programs and books I would recommend they invest in. That always depends on the individual and where they are on the network marketing road to success.

However the above articles should be internalized and Bob’s book should be read by ALL Network Marketers. They will help you develop a good foundational understanding of what it really takes to build a growing, duplicating organization.

Become a student of the principals, because they never change. Prospecting and recruiting methods have evolved over the past 30 years and they will continue to evolve with technology however the foundational “Wisdom of the Ages Success Principals” will never change. Study them, learn them, and make them part of you.

For the record the two training programs that I have done, that I wish every network marketer would have as part of their training library are.

Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire DVD Training


and the booklet Why the Masses of Network Marketers are Frustrated, Confused, and Don’t Have a Clue What They are Doing.



The good news is only about 3% of the people that enter the network marketing industry have the natural skills sets and mindsets to build a business, and whatever they do build cannot be duplicated. Personality is not duplicatable, only systems are. The rest of us have to rely on developing the proper skill sets, mindsets, and have the proper systems in place that can be duplicated by the majority of people on our teams.


If you have any comments or questions, feel free to post them below and I will respond.

Note, I didn’t say the one CD every network marketer must own, this is the one CD you must memorize!  I realize the majority of people reading this post, own this CD so find it, dust it off, put it in your car cd player and don’t take it out until you can repeat it word-for-word … YES I AM SERIOUS!

There is probably more recruiting wisdom in this one CD than all of the network marketing training CD’s ever recorded.  If you think I am just trying to sell you a $5.00 CD, click away from this post now, it’s not for you.

Over the years some of you have heard the story, but I will give you the short version.  30+ years ago when I first started in the industry I wanted to quit every day.  The thing that kept me in the game, was the fact that I could listen to audio cassettes for 8 hours a day with my Walkman while on my full time job.  At some point I got my hands on a tape that was recorded by Jim Rohn, talking about basic laws of recruiting.  It had been recorded at a live event and the quality of the recording was terrible but the content was awesome.   A few years I was able to hear the talk live at an event in Ohio.  At that point in time I had heard the training on my Walkman dozens and dozens of times, but that day, at that live event I really “got it”.

When I got home to Kentucky everything in my business changed, because those recruiting laws became part of me.

Fast forward the clock about 10 years, I had made millions of dollars in the industry, and I wanted to bring Mr. Rohn in live to speak to our team.  If you have not seen the introduction of Mr. Rohn on You Tube, I will put it below for you to check out.



The days leading up to the event, his people told us, that he was working on a new talk to deliver to our group.  I was very very insistent that he had to include the laws of recruiting talk.  The people that where there will never forget that day, and our organization went on a recruiting and growth explosion that made us the fastest growing network marketing organization two years in row.

I have said all of that to say this.  Several years later a company had Mr. Rohn produce a CD that was designed not for the personal development market, but specifically for network marketers, and the content?

The same talk I had heard nearly twenty years prior!

If you don’t memorize this information, you don’t deserve success in MLM.  I know that is blunt, but I honestly know of no other way to say it.  It is the most powerful how to recruit information on the planet, based upon wisdom of the ages principals.  I have shared this CD with tens of thousands of people over the years, and watched those that memorized it transform their life and their business.  It’s $5.00 delivered to your door so this post is obviously not about selling CD’s, it is about giving you recruiting insights that most network marketing distributors never really understand.  I hope you “get it”.




JIM ROHN “Building Your Network Marketing Business”

Add to Cart $5.00 Delivered to Your Door Anywhere in the United States

Add to Cart $10.00 Delivered to Your Door Anywhere in the World

If you love this CD as much as I do it may be good if you leave a comment below, to inspire others to find the one they have, or invest in one.






“Time management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”
Jim Rohn



Every time I consult with a leader or mlm corporate VP  I try to stress the same point.  “Repetition is the key to learning”.

I am shocked at the number of intelligent, successful people who don’t really grasp this universal truth.

In today’s “do everything online” marketing world, it seems that many personal & business development truths of the past are being forgotten.

Methods consistently change, however personal development and business laws never do.   They are the same today as they were 30+ years ago when I started and  they will be the same 30 years from now.  Truth is Truth!

That is why classic books like Think and Grow Rich are as true today as they were decades ago when first published.

Repetition always has been and always will be the key to internalization and learning.

Companies and leadership groups that want to do all their training with webinars (that aren’t recorded) or through back office audio files all have the same argument.

“They can listen over and over anytime they want”

They don’t understand that this is just as much a time management issue for their people as it is an internalization issue.

Every network marketing distributor’s automobile should be a learning university on wheels!

When they are online they should be promoting their products or services.

Most distributors waste hours of valuable promotion time doing the wrong activities while fooling themselves into thinking they are building a business.

Hanging out in “MLM Training” Forums, On Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and MySpace is NOT BUILDING A Business.

Yes, there is a place for these sites, and the right focused marketing activities will
create prospects, but just “hanging out” anywhere or on any website is not a good idea.



While I am on the subject, companies that do 2-3 opportunity calls a week don’t get it either.

Those that are doing 2-3 a day are totally out of touch.  YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOUR TEAM

Most companies have the misconception that the more training calls, and webinars we do
the better job we are doing at supporting our distributors.

This is 100% false!

The more you do the more confusion you create!   Any training that is not systematic
and unified ultimately creates unproductive distributors anyway as we discuss in the
Why the Masses are Confused Booklet.




Regarding opportunity webinars/conference calls you need ONE Opportunity event a week .  You must create a culture, where all team members build for that event each week, with the goal and expectation to have at least one guest on the call with them. 


Other than one Opportunity Overview event  each week you also need a recorded opportunity/webinar that distributors can access 24-7 and a  recorded product/service testimony webinar or call.

Anything more than the above will only create a  distraction for your team.    I know, I know
“MLM Leaders” who enjoy being the center of attention, totally disagree with me on this idea.

You have to understand, there is no money in being Elvis! If you are the one that must be there on stage to make it happen, you have a problem!


Most people who read this understand exactly what I am trying to communicate, because their upline and or company conducts so many online events and conference calls  (that they are expected to attend)  they don’t have time to build the business even if there were clear specific direction from all the training.

Ok back to my original thought. 

Here is my point.  Online back office training is good thing, but don’t neglect providing training on audio CD or MP3 files.

Repetition is the key to learning and providing your training in audio format allows your people to maximize their learning and time by listening on their way to their job, or on their IPod while working out.

I had a consulting call a couple of days ago, with a client who had done 3-4 training calls with his team covering the same information.   He said Dale, they just aren’t getting it, I have even put it online for them to listen to.

My response, they aren’t going to get it until you make it available on audio CD or MP3.

Repletion is the key to learning and people must be able to maximize their time and turn their automobiles into learning universities on wheels.

5 Time Management Tips

*  Work from a To Do List
*  Focus and master 1 business building skill set at a time. * Before you log onto the internet know exactly what you are going to do and allow a specific amount of time for each activity

*Always ask yourself, Will spending time with this activity help me reach my primary goal?

* Do the same business building activities, at the same time every week.    Example:  Sunday night  7-10 PM is follow up phone time,   Saturday morning  8 -11 AM is online promotion
time,  etc etc.

97% of the people who enter the network marketing industry can not escape the learning curve, and the other 3% will never duplicate their success.  The proper focus and time management can drastically cut the time that it takes to develop the foundational knowledge that ultimately leads to success.

Time is the most valuable asset any of us have, rich, poor, or Average Joe, don’t take a minute for granted!


Over 1,000 Members can’t be wrong?



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