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Monthly Archives: March 2007

Affiliate Marketing,  Google Ad Words, Google Ad Sense, Network Marketing, Niche Marketing, Direct Mail,  Real Estate,  Stock Market Investing, Direct Marketing, The 4X Market,  High Yield Investment Programs, Direct Sales,  EBay and Online Auctions, Information Marketing……………the list goes on and on and on and on.


Where do you start?


What do you do?


Here is a story that you may relate with and hopefully provide a couple of ah ha moments.  About 3 years ago I was speaking at an Internet Marketing Conference in Orlando, Florida.  On the front row was a bright eyed enthusiastic young man in his twenties named Rob.


I was one of the first speakers at the event and my topic was “How to Create a $5,000+ Monthly Income with EBay and Online Auctions”.  I could tell during my presentation that Rob was getting excited about the possibilities of making money with EBay & creating cash flow with online auctions.  


When my presentation was over several attendees went to the back of the room to invest in one of my training programs.  Rob was the first in line.   I discovered later that Rob had invested in my Deluxe $1,500.00  How to make money with EBay package which included 8 hours of 1 on 1 training and coaching along with the DVD’s CD’s and manual.


I noticed throughout the weekend that Rob invested in 3 or 4 other programs during the seminar.   I thought to myself, this is good.  He is a newbie and he is going to try to find the right cash generating program for himself.   I had the opportunity to visit with Rob briefly towards the end of the weekend, and sure enough he had inherited about $10,000 recently and decided to invest that money into a financial vehicle that would get him out of his dead end job working for the airlines.


I reminded him to contact our office to schedule his first 1-on-1 coaching session and encouraged him that online auctions can be used as a marketing division with whatever business he choose, even if he didn’t want to do auctions as a stand alone business.  This concept is discussed at http://www.FundedProposals.com.


Six weeks later, I was reviewing my client list and going through some records and I realized that Rob had never called our office to schedule his first one-on-one session which he had already paid for.   I rarely do this, but I decided to pick up the phone and check in with Rob.  


He told me that he had marked in his day timer to call me that week.  He then went on to share with me three or four businesses that he had unsuccessfully tried over the past 6 weeks that had not made him a penny.  This was a clue, that this gentleman definitely had unrealistic expectations and I made a mental note to discuss this during our first telephone consulting session, which we had scheduled for a week later.


Over the next 5 weeks Rob and I met on the phone once a week.  My goal was to teach him how to make money on EBay and become a full time entrepreneur   He got 20 items from his closet and garage on EBay during the first week and sold 16, which is statistically above average.


His second week using some techniques we taught he put $301.00 cash in his pocket.  The fourth week almost $500.00 more and he jumped over the $500 mark his 6th week earning $711.00.  At this point Rob was well on his way to creating a full time income successfully selling on EBay, and I knew it was just a matter of weeks until he would be able to submit his resignation to the airlines. 


His sixth week, he didn’t call in for his scheduled training session.  I assumed that something had come up and was confident that he would be calling to reschedule.   At this point I certainly wasn’t going to beg him to continue his “self education”. 


Three years go buy and I never heard from Rob again, until about 2 ½ weeks ago.  The phone rang at our office and my assistant told me there is someone named Rob XXXX on the line.   I thought to myself Rob XXXX, I know that name, how do I know that name? 
(I use XXXX to protect the guilty, but I will personally be sending him a copy of this article)


I took the call, and as soon as I heard his voice everything came back to me.  Rob, what happened to you?  I responded.   I will never forget his response.  “Well you know what the problem is Mr. Calvert,  there are just too darn many ways to make money”   He went on to tell me that he still had his crummy job at the airlines, and all he had been doing for the past 3 years was basically spinning his wheels, trying one entrepreneur enterprise after another. 


He said he made the most progress during the short 6 weeks we spent together learning how to make money on EBay and he was ready to pay me my consulting and coaching fee to get him back on track and his income to $3,500 a month with online auctions so he could quit his job.


I see this epidemic everywhere I go.   Would be full time, home based, entrepreneurs that are suffering from information over load.  They are a jack of all money making methods and a master of none!

Is this you?



I have to admit, at one time that was me.   I became so fascinated with the Internet and the possibilities that I spent hours upon hours studying different systems and implementing few or none of those systems.


Here is what I have discovered.


Choose the strategy & systems very carefully.


You must ask yourself, am I looking for short term or long term cash flow? 


Is this a system that I want to run for a long time or short time?


What are the realistic income possibilities for this project?  This is a very important question.  One of the best quotes I have heard over the years is “You have to say no to a lot of good projects to make certain you have time for the great ones”


Once you decide on a project, you must STAY WITH IT, until you are profitable!


Always remember that the problem is not the project or the system.  If other people are making it work, so can you.   The real problem is always in the mirror.


The best money you can spend is on one-on-one coaching from a mentor who knows what they are doing.  These type of coaches can take years off of your learning curve, and will pay you back 100 times what you invest in their knowledge and expertise.


I personally do consulting with people in three our four niche markets.  I also personally pay a coach in another market I am in the process of mastering.  I am always amazed that most of the time the people that hire me to coach or consult with them are already full time entrepreneurs earning strong six figure incomes.   Yet the newbie will spend $97.00 over and over for the latest eBooks on the newest hot trend and never even consider hiring a coach.  Listen, even Tiger Woods needs a coach!


Once you start a project, STAY WITH IT, until it is profitable.  


Think BIG!  Once you have a project that is working, ask yourself, how can I duplicate this?  


I recently had a lady from Utah call me and wanted to hire me to consult with her one on one to teach here how to make money with EBay & get her business started and profitable.   She was very discouraged because she had spent the last six months focusing on how to create a website designed to create income from Adsense. After she got her “self education”, she built her site in less than 3 hours.   She said she had finally figured out the formula after spending almost $2, 0000 on books and courses, but last month she only averaged about $5.00 a day from her sight.


My response, “You don’t need me, you need 999 more websites”. This ladies problem was she wasn’t thinking big enough and she wasn’t thinking duplication.   I told her after she had 1,000 websites each earning her $5.00 a day ($5,000 a day total) She could call me if she wanted and I could help her get to $5,000 a month in profit with EBay and online auctions.   She thanked me for the paradigm shift and hopefully I will never hear from her again until we are speaking together at a seminar somewhere.


Is it time for you to quit spinning your wheels and get focused on exactly what systems and cash generating programs you want to master?  A free book entitled The Top 6 Cash flow Systems for 2006 might help you, and you can get your copy at http://www.2006Top6.com.


After you decided, get some coaching, get profitable & duplicate!


Dale Calvert is a self-made marketing millionaire & CEO of Calvert Marketing Group, a consulting and training company for the Network Marketing and Internet Marketing industries.  A Directory of his sites can be found at http://www.DaleCalvert.com and his site which teaches people How to Make Money with EBay can be found at:  http://www.OnlineAuctionU.com were you can register for his free “no fluff” ezine.



  At the time of this article I am sitting in the waiting area of the Ft. Lauderdale airport waiting to fly back home to Kentucky.  I had the pleasure to be on of six speakers to train at the first ever Super Saturday Event sponsored by TheNetworkMarketing magazine. It was a pleasure to invited by George Madiou to speak at this event with
Max Steingart
Doug Firebaugh
Kathy Robbins
Paula Prichard
Sandy Bodkin This weekend I was reminded again, how all network marketers follow the same path and how truth and the realities of this business eventually become obvious.  As I listened to the other speakers do their trainings I was reminded of this over and over.  You can’t fight the “way it is”.  You must learn to work with the realities of this business, and not fight it.   Our real product is people, and we must all learn how to deal with people to best serve them and protect our time and emotions. There are definitely 3 distinct stages to the business.  How you perform in these 3 areas will ultimately determine you success. Stage 1  Personal development.   This is an ongoing daily process.   One of the first realities network marketing will teach you is that there is a more powerful, optimistic way to look at the world.   The reality that with “specialized knowledge and training”  you really do have the opportunity to live a life of significance and financial freedom.  Self improvement is an ongoing process.   For many years of my life I spent 10% of my income on my own personal growth and development.  Buying books, training programs and attending seminars is still a large part of my life.   “When you are green you grow, when you ripe……YOU ROT!” The second distinct Stage of the Business is mastering lead generation.    It is sad how many people I have met over the years that have been involved in this industry a year, two years, and longer who have never mastered how to create leads for their business.   The number one mistake made by most MLM distributors is they try to accomplish far too much exposing their product, service and opportunity to far too few people! You must get serious and get your Masters degree in lead generation.  If they take you up in an airplane, strap a parachute on you and through you out with a few product brochures and sample, you should be able to have your phone ringing off the hook within 30 days or less.  Have you mastered lead generation?  If not, when do you plan on doing so?  Check out www.LocalMLMLeads.com this course can help you become a Master at lead generation. Stage 3 is mastering distributor training and development.  The real money in this business is not made from getting people in the program it comes from keeping them in and moving them forward.    I could talk about several different concepts regarding this stage, but let me share with you a couple of ideas regarding. DISTRIBUTOR ACTIVATION
 Unfortunately, most distributors operate their business thinking their job ends after they get someone in the business.  The reality is that is when your job just begins.   You must have a definite game plan for getting people started correctly. You must work closely with new distributors and activate them, jump start them and get them moving forward quickly.   The reality is the odds of the person you sponsored being the person you are looking for is slim to none, but the odds of them knowing the right person is extremely high.   You need to help new distributors follow up with their top business prospects so you can find the top leader(s) they know for your business.   A basic activation plan is to number one; help your distributors establish WHY they are doing the business.  Until they know why, the how doesn’t matter.  Next you want to help them follow up with their top 10 business prospects.  Maybe they hand out 10 DVD’s and you are own the phone with them when they follow up.     It is also a great idea to supply your distributor with a basic “I am in business” letter that they can send to potential product users.   I could go on and on, but the bottom line is you must have a distinct plan, a formula if you will to activate all new distributors that join your organization.  Not just your front line people, but a simple, duplicatable activation system that can be passed down through your organization. Lastly if someone joins and peaks when they sign the application, you must have DEFINATE CLOSURE with that person.   We all know just because a person joins and buys product is no guarantee that they will ever make an effort to get their business off the ground.   If you ask someone to establish 20 reasons WHY they are doing the business, and they never get around to it, you must have definite closure with them.   You set and appointment to do 3 ways on a specific night to follow up with the DVD’s they get in the market place and they never call you, or choose not to get DVD’s into the market, you must have definite closure. What do I mean by definite closure?  You simply call those people and say John, when you are ready to get serious about your business, you call me and I will be here to support you and help you get started.   But I have a team to build and I have to work with people that are ready to work. By having definite closure you will preserve that relationship.  Watching others fail, or never attempt was one of the hardest things for me to deal with in the beginning of my career.  I eventually got to the point, where it didn’t bother me as much as long as I knew that I did everything in my power to help them.    Having definite closure when people are not ready to work will remove uncomfortable feelings towards that person in the future, and remove their ability to blame you for not supporting them.


Dale Calvert
 Before I start this article I have a confession to make.  I am a book, tape, info-merical and seminar junky.  I attend every seminar I possibly can that is within a 3 hour drive.  I own courses from Don Lapree, Carlton Sheets, John Beck and every other infomercial guru.   All I am looking for is one good idea that I can implement into my existing systems and programs. In 1990 I realized the impact the Internet was going to make on the marketing world and I invested over $50.000.00 attending Internet Marketing seminars all over the world. Now with that confessed………..I had the good fortune to be able to one of the featured speakers at the Network Marketing Magazines first super Saturday training that was held in Ft. Lauderdale a couple of weeks ago.  It was an awesome event, with a very receptive and eager to learn crowd.  Where were you? About six months ago I was on a website Forum of a very popular MLM Training website.  I couldn’t believe the ignorance I was reading.   There was a group of people bashing generic training seminars.   (Some people have all the answers and NO MONEY!)   The predominate logic seemed to be, “Our company has two conferences a year, I attend those and that is all I need.  What?   That is like saying I take 1 bath a week and that is all I need.   You have to understand………… LIVES ARE CHANGED AT EVENTS! As Jim Rohn says,  the event you miss could have been yours! I can look back over the past 26 years and realize the power, inspiration and focus attending events and seminars has provided me.  If I get one good idea, in my opinion it is worth the effort to be there.   However there have been 2 distinct events that really did make all the difference for me.   I don’t have time in this article to give you all the details, but I really believe that if I hadn’t attended those 2 events, I wouldn’t be writing this article today. I have had the good fortune of seeing hundreds of lives changed at events.   Every conference I use to put together with our MLM company we had 1 section that was entitled “National Conference, a Life Changing Event”   during this section people would share with the audience how attending a national conference changed their life and put their business on the fast track to success. When you attend a training program with generic speakers, you must understand that the information you get is “purer” than what you will get at a company sponsored event.   Think about this.  At company sponsored events, you get a “controlled message” you hear and see what the company wants you to hear and see.  I am not saying this is bad.  However generic trainers will tell you the truth.  You will hear not necessarily what you WANT to hear, but more importantly what you NEED to hear.    Most company conferences supply you with sugar coated trainings.  As a generic trainer I know I can pull out all the stops, challenge your thinking and even get in your face with REALITY if I need to.  I have one focus and that is to jolt you, make you think, and make quality decisions about your future, your work ethic, and inspire you to pay the price for success!   I have learned that you can say anything to anybody as long as you say it with love in your heart for them! If you have never attended a training event outside of your company, I challenge you to attend a generic seminar and experience the difference.    Am I saying generic seminars are better?  No I think you should attend every conference your company makes available, however I do believe that the training and inspiration you get from a generic event is more likely to make an immediate positive impact on your business than the same old sugar coating from most corporate national conferences.   If you would like to stay updated on generic Internet Marketing and Network Marketing Seminars in your area, just subscribe to our MLMHelp online newsletter at www.MLMHelp.com ,   we have over 40,000 intelligent marketing professionals that subscribe to this newsletter and we keep our subscribers updated on seminars coming to their area.  I look forward to meeting you personally at an upcoming event.

It seems  prayer still upsets some people. Please  read….

When Minister Joe Wright was asked to open the  new session of the

Kansas Senate, everyone was expecting the usual  generalities, but

this is what they  heard;

"Heavenly  Father,

We come before you  today

To ask your forgiveness  and

To seek your direction and  guidance.

We know Your Word  says,

"Woe to those who call evil  good"

But that is exactly what we have  done.

We have lost our spiritual  equilibrium

And reversed our  values.

We have exploited the poor  and

Called it the  lottery.

We have rewarded  laziness

And called it  welfare.

We have killed our  unborn

and called it  choice.

We have shot  abortionists

And called it  justifiable.

We have neglected to  discipline

Our children and called  it

Building self  esteem.

We have abused  power

And called it  politics.

We have coveted our  neighbour's

Possessions and called it  ambition.

We have polluted the  air

With profanity  and

Pornography and called  it

Freedom of speech and  expression.

We have ridiculed the  time

Honoured values of  our

Forefathers and called it  enlightenment.

Search us, Oh,  God,

And know our hearts  today;

Cleanse us from every  sin

And set us  free.


The response was immediate. A number of  legislators walked Out

during the prayer in  protest.

In 6 short weeks, Central Christian Church,  where Rev. Wright is

pastor, logged more than 5,000 phone calls with  only 47 Of those

calls responding negatively. The church is now  receiving

requests for copies of this prayer from  India, Africa and  Korea.

Commentator Paul Harvey aired this prayer on  his radio Program, "The

Rest of the Story," and received a larger  response to this program
than  any

other he has ever  aired.

With the Lord's help, may this prayer sweep  over our Nation and

wholeheartedly become our desire so that we  again can be called "one

nation under  God."

If possible, please pass this prayer on to your  friends "If you

don't stand for something, you will fall for  anything."

Think about this: If you forward this prayer to  everyone On your

email list, in less than 30 days it would be  heard by The  world.

How many people in your address book will not  receive This

prayer…..do you have the guts to pass it  on?

I just  did!