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Monthly Archives: June 2007

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Over the years I have had hundreds of conversations via email, letters, and personal conversations regarding creating momentum, breaking barriers and getting your business moving forward.

Below is an email I recently received from one of our regular readers.  I hope that making my response to him public, it will help several people!

Have an awesome week!




Hi Dale,


Firstly, thank you for your regular emails, they have some great advice and products on offer.


I am involved in network marketing in the UK and with a UK based company. This company is slightly different to the previous ones I have been involved in such as Herbalife because Euphony Communications offer a telephone service which is the best on the market over here and in the 8 countries in which it operates. I have met some great people in this business and one thing that I have realised through listening to people such as Jim Rohn and Bob Proctor is that they met someone that changed their life and led them on to the path of self development. I believe I have found this person in my business, he is a fantastic sponsor and I have learnt a great deal from him.


I have been involved in the business since October last year and I don't feel it is going too great. I have only managed to sponsor 1 person which has led to a team of only 4 or 5 generally unmotivated business consultants. I have presented the plan to many people and although they see the potential of network marketing, they never seem to take the final step and get involved. I think one of the main issues is my belief in the industry. I know that it works because I have met many people who are earning massive incomes, I just need it to 'happen' for me so that I have more belief. I feel I am in a catch 22 situation.


I am thinking of buying the "3 basic laws" DVD's as they seem to be a good investment. I have listened to hundreds of hours of personal development up to now and I have gained so much from it. I am now at the point where I know where I want to be, I have set the goals, I have developed my outlook on life and the final thing that I need to do is go out and talk to people about my business. For some reason this just isn't happening. I have every excuse not to do it, I am unsure where to do it and yet I know that it is the single most important hurdle that I need to cross.


As a successful guy I wondered if you have any experiences or advice that you could offer that may help? Maybe you were in a similar situation at some point in your life?


Any advice would be fantastic and greatly appreciated,



Best wishes


Richard Purseglove




82 Rannoch Drive

Grange Farm Estate



NG19 6QX


Tel: 01623 655790

Mobile: 07890 309237

Email: richard@ratracewinner.co.uk





Hi Richard,


I hope you are having a great weekend.   You have the first step down

I have set the goals”   You must know why….until you know why the how doesn’t matter!


Regarding the 3 Basic Laws,  I think this DVD set would be a great Investment, based upon where you are right now.

 I would also recommend the book “The Greatest Opportunity in the History of the World”  available in our book store. 

Belief is developed.  The longer you are in the
industry, the greater your belief will become.

 As far as getting prospects to take the “next step”  What is the specific closing question you ask at the end of your presentation?

 My guess is you don’t have one, and you need one!

 Try, what questions do I need to answer for you before we get you started?

If you know why and your working towards belief, at this point it it is going to come down to creating and following up on as many prospects as you possibly can.


It is a numbers game!


The name of the game is sorting through people.


What prospecting methods are you using, are you getting in front of as many people as you possibly can every week?


These programs will definitely help you:




Your goal should be to sponsor 5+ people on a monthly basis.  You can do that if you consistently prospect and get your “recruiting funnel full”


After you have accomplished this, you will need to focus on getting people started right, and MLM Retention


But now, focus on developing belief and PROSPECTING!

Expect Success,



I first saw this a few months ago when I was speaking at a National Conference for a up and coming MLM company.

I then found and watched the movie FACING THE GIANTS.  If you haven't seen it, I can't recommend it highly enough.

But you can go here and watch the best part, this clip is unforgettable.  When you have gone as far as you can……REMEMBER THIS!


Dedicated to Your Success!


Hello Marketing Friend,

It seems like yesterday, but it was 1982. I had been involved in the network marketing industry a couple of years and was seriously doubting if it was ever going to happen for me.

A group of about 30 of our distributors were driving to Columbus, Ohio about a 2 ½ hour drive from our home in Kentucky to hear the great Jim Rohn.

To say I was excited, or filled with anticipation would be a major understatement. When we walked into the arena I was in awe, there must have been 10,000+ people in the room.

It was by far the largest training seminar I had ever attended. The crowd alone gave me hope, that there really are other people who see the business the way I do.

After the morning session, it was finally time. The great Jim Rohn came to the podium. He shared his Iowa farm boy story and tweaked the audience’s brain with thought provoking idea after idea.

Then the moment happened, he told the story that I had heard literally hundreds of times before on his “Take Charge of Your Life” audio set that I had ordered a couple of years before, but this time something happened in my heart and soul, I REALLY HEARD IT!

I know you have probably had a similar experience in your life; I call this process getting information from your head to your heart.

From that moment on, my business was never the same; I left that seminar knowing that I was going to make it because…………. to be Continued at: http://www.3BasicLaws.com










I just flew in from Orlando and trying to get through my email.

Below is an email I got from one of our customers regarding Newspaper Ad Sponsoring. These are common questions, so I wanted to share the answers with everyone.

Have a great week!



Hello Dale,

Thanks for the additional information!

As you suggested I have set up a call box and am talking to some newspapers in the target area.

I do have a couple of questions;

1. Should the call back number to the call box be local or toll free. I am using Vonage and I can get nearly any number I want for about $15/mo.

You want a LOCAL NUMBER, also check out www.PrivatePhone.com, you can get a local number mail box set up anywhere for free.

2. Newspaper circulation, the larger the better? Are 2 or 3 smaller papers better than 1 large one??

In general yes, the larger the better, but sometimes multiple smaller circulation papers work better, just TEST in your area, the numbers wont lie

3. I really like your "Magic Ad" idea. What section of the classifieds should it be in?

SERVICES or ANNOUNCEMENTS, You can also run this in rags like the Thrifty 5

Thanks for your help!!

D .Lynch

I appreciate your support, have a great week



This was my original message to Mr. Lynch

Dale Calvert wrote:

Hi Donald,

I hope things are going well for you.

I appreciate your support and want to thank you for investing in our "How to Recruit MLM Distributors with Newspaper Ads"

I hope the information will help you as much as it has others.

If you haven't sent us your picture and testimony yet, please send it to Dale@TipForSuccess.com

Remember to set up your ad box as we discussed in the course audio.

The reason I am writing you is because I have found a great addition to the course It is a FREE 49 Page Report that will teach you how to create Great Newspaper Ads.

You can get your FREE report now at: http://www.greatnewspaperads.com/?hop=mlmmc


Enjoy it!

Dedicated to Your Success,


Additional Note:

If Newspaper Recruiting is not PART of your recruiting process…..you're missing and excellent way to create a constant flow of New LOCAL prospects!



Check out www.NewspaperSponsoring.com