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Monthly Archives: September 2007

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A couple of years ago we wrote and published our first Ebook MLM Insight. At the end of the ebook we had an evaluation that distributors had the option to complete and email to me.

I personally looked over the evaluations and made suggestion on how they could move their network marketing business forward. I was absolutely amazed at the people who have been with a company a couple of years, have six or seven distributors in their organization, and hadn’t personally sponsored anyone in ninety days or longer.

Now, a couple of years later and nothing has changed.

That is were the inspiration for this article came.


Professional Network Marketers, Leaders, and Future Leaders RECRUIT EVERY WEEK! Period! You must establish your recruiting rhythm, so each and every week you are prospecting and recruiting. Momentum in your organization starts with YOU!

I want to share with you a couple of simple inexpensive methods for recruiting in your local market. I believe you should build it in your backyard first! Don’t go across the country until you have gone across the street. Dale are you saying that I shouldn’t recruit online?

Absolutely not! I am talking about your focus; your focus should be to develop a strong local organization.


Many community businesses have public bulletin boards to place yard sale announcements, automobiles for sell, lost pets, etc. These types of announcement boards are most common at grocery store chains, Wal-Mart stores, and laundry mats.

Many distributors have also had success posting these type flyers on pop machines, newspaper dispensers, and pay phone booths.

You can design an 8 1/2 X 11 flyers for your product(s) and or opportunity. You should have a minimum of 30 Flyers at different locations within your community at all times. How much does it cost to have 30 flyers copied? A couple of dollars?

If you would like a sample of the flyers we have used in the pas

Send a SASE to:

Flyer Request

c/o Network Marketing Support Services Inc.
120-B North Water Street
Georgetown, KY 40324


“Lose Weight Now, Ask Me How?”

Herba-Life built an empire with this stupid little button. Buttons are easy, simple and very duplicatable. Don’t leave your house without your stupid button, buttons, will make you sales and create prospects for your business.

Imagine an organization of 20, 200, 2000, or 20,000 distributors in your downline, all wearing a button and sponsoring people and retailing products, EVERYDAY. Do you want to be cool, or do you want to make $$$?


At our former company we produced a magazine called “Success Makers”. The magazine consisted of about 20+ pages with Success Story after success story. Many companies offer 10 -20 page product information booklets. Companies, who are featured in Industry publications such as Money Makers Monthly, can also use reprint articles. What do you do with these publications?

Place them in waiting rooms. Doctors offices, dentist offices, tire stores, barber shops, anywhere that people must sit and wait. You should make a list of locations in your area, and ALL of them should have your literature in their waiting rooms.

After your locations are established you must SERVICE your location. In other words you, a teenage child, your spouse, your mother, someone must periodically check your locations! Check the public bulletin boards to make sure your flyers are still visible and the waiting rooms for your magazines and or booklets. We call this establishing a route.

Getting the information into your market place one time, does little good. You must consistently keep your message in front of your local community. Just like follow-up is critical in the recruiting process so is SERVICING your “literature locations” on your route


These cards are different than your business card. They are basically a business card, with a classified ad printed on it sending people to a website or sizzle call.

Every network marketer should be dropping these cards, everyday, everywhere they go. The most effective cards we have seen look like $100.00 bills. These cards are viral because people who pick them up, DON’T THROW THEM AWAY, and many times use them to play a joke on a friend, or family member.

I cannot tell you how many times over the years that the person who found the hundred dollar bill card didn’t call, but their friend or family member did. Powerful, very powerful and you can get info on these $100 bill cards at http://www.CMGPromotions.com


If you stop and think about it there are many avenues to get your message into your local market. Product displays in businesses, telephone pole signs, door hangers, cars signs, etc. We discuss all of these methods in great detail at:


I realize some of you reading this article suffer from “TooCoolitis” You are too cool to initiate the above methods. The BOTTOM LINE IS ………YOU aren’t the issue, a duplicatable system and programs are!

You must become aggressive, you must understand that there are X number of people you are going to have to expose to your product & opportunity before you achieve the success that you desire. The quicker you get through the numbers, the faster you will have Success. It is really that simple!

Many people approach their network marketing business with no posture, no work ethic, and no drive. When things don’t work out, who do they blame? Certainly not the person in the mirror!

If you are going to learn how to swim you must get in the water!!! Many MLM distributors are sticking their BIG TOE in the pool trying to learn how to swim!

PEOPLE FOLLOW PEOPLE who have enough guts to sprint, jump, and do a cannon ball right in the middle of the pool! If you are going to build it then go for it, quit playing around. Life is not a practice session!

I Have tried to share with you some proven ways to generate leads and work through the numbers in your own backyard. The rest is up to you!



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I hope everyone has a great weekend.

My youngest daughter is a senior at Lexington Christian Academy and one of 3 Seniors on the HOME COMING COURT.  So tonight my wife and I will be at the football game, supporting her.  We are very proud of her and she is our queen regardless of the outcome of the voting, but I expect her to win!
Tomorrow we will be helping our middle daughter, Channing get moved into her apartment and hopefully tomorrow night I will be watching the University of Kentucky football team beat up on the ARK. Razorbacks!

I hope you have a great weekend planned.

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It’s FREE so I hope you will enjoy it!

Have a great weekend…..


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This is a long, painful story.  I am going to share with you the short version, in hopes that you don’t make the same mistake I made.


If you have been around Internet Marketing at all, you have heard this hundreds of times.  If you are a regular reader of my “NO FLUFF” MARKETING Ezine, you have heard me encourage network marketers many times over the past couple of years to BUILD A DATABASE (Your List)

MLMHELP.COM  was started back in 1996.  At that time, I did everything wrong, but I still made over $100,000 the first year the site went online.  Over $20,000.00 of that came from a promotion I did for Cory Rudl’s Internet Marketing Course, http://www.GuruCorey.com

The only thing I did correct was start my ezine.  I had thousands of people subscribe during the first year.  I SENT OUT 1 EMAIL PROMOTION THE ENTIRE YEAR, FOR CORY’S COURSE, AND NEVER SENT ANOTHER ONE UNTIL A COUPLE OF YEARS LATER. (Can you say ignorant)

Over a four year period of time I developed an email list of over 80,000 subscribers.  To make a long story short as I promised, my idiot partner at the time,  deleted my entire database while I was speaking on the MLM Cruise in 2000.

Internet marketing experts say that the average subscriber list is worth $1.00 per month in income.  Yes, that’s $80,000.00 a month……..down the drain!   So what did I do?  What could I do?  

I started over with a new email delivery service called Zebra Email.   Why Zebra? because an employee of mine owned this company and I wanted to support her.  A couple of years later she left my company, and ended up selling her email service.   One day, I go to login to my account, and the entire site is gone!  That’s right……the entire site was gone, OUT OF BUSINESS.  

No warning, no information, and my data base, this time numbering nearly 40,000 WAS GONE!

They say a wise person learns from their own mistakes, but a really wise person learns from the mistakes of others!  So what did I do?  I made the decision, that this was never going to happen to me again! 

I started over, but this time I choose the most popular service I knew about, the service that is used by most of the Top Internet Marketers,  www.ShoppingCart.TipforSuccess.com

This service gave me a reliable email delivery system, that can expand as my business expands.  They also offer me premium add on services, such as ebook delivery, shopping cart service, affiliate program, and add tracking.  Prior to this, I was paying for these 4 services with other companies individually, and I find it much more convenient to have all these services now under one roof!

PLEASE HERE ME, Don’t make the same mistake I made!  Learn from my mistakes!  I simply cannot recommend www.ShoppingCart.TipForSuccess.com highly enough.  Right now they are offering a 30-Day Trial for only $3.95

NETWORK MARKETERS BEWARE!  If you are using a back office email delivery system provided by your company, you can lose your data base at any time.  I have heard so many horror stories from coaching clients who changed companies and LOSE THEIR DATA, or companies go out of business and they LOSE THEIR DATA. BE SMART, Own and control your data by using a service such as www.ShoppingCart.TipForSuccess.com!  IF YOU ARE NOT DEVELOPING A DATABASE AND EMAIL LIST….PLEASE WAKE UP!  IT IS THE BIGGEST ASSET IN YOUR BUISNESS. 

I heard my mentor Jim Burke say one time, you can take away my cars, home, and all my toys, but if you leave me MY TEAM (Downline) I will have it all back within 3 years.  In today’s marketing world, the same can and should be said about your database!