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Monthly Archives: June 2008

I have some exciting news for you.
If you have invested in my new course
“21 Ways to Create Online MLM Leads”

course you know how fond I am of
article marketing. 

I love this technique and have used it
successfully for years!
You have also seen proof on the DVD that I have
received thousands of hits to my websites from
this one method alone.
The only challenge is it takes awhile to submit
your articles to each directory.
I have tried article submitting software in the past
but it was always very complicated and only
½ automated. 

The main problem is none of the
software submitted to EzineArticles.com which
is the #1 Article directory online.
So frankly what good is it, if you aren’t submitting
to the most popular directory (according to Google)
Now here is the GOOD NEWS

— news —

A recent customer poll revealed a
list of the Top 20 Article Directories.

The analysis was based on the quality
of articles in the directories, their
presence in Google, their GooglePage
Rank and the Quality of backlinks.

(yes, the list includes Ezinearticles.com for sure)

The outcome of all the research:

An easy to use tool, that makes submits
to those top directories even easier than
simply adding to Ezinearticles.com by

You just enter your article data once,
click on start, and the tool submits your
articles to all the article directories.

(you even can see it happen live :) )

Check out the video:

It’s a great thing if you ask me and there
is a trial offered for only $1 at present
(no joke), it is just for 2 days, but that is
enough to see how powerful it is (or to find it
is not for you of course).

The test also includes an amazing report, which
is only available to members and they must
agree to keep it confidential.

I took the free trial this morning and I am
sure this is going to be a winner. 
I have made a lot of money with Article
Marketing over the past 4 years.  With this
new tool, the sky is the limit for you and
for me.

I Hope this Tip Benefits You
Check out the video at:
Have a great day.
Dedicated to Your Success,

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You will know where I am speaking, what new projects I
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I understand that where their is smoke their is normally fire.
I just a couple of days a few weeks ago I received multiple
emails from marketers I respect all talking about something
new called “Twitter”.

After reading the article below, by my marketing friend
Willie Crawford, I decided to TAKE THE TIME & BECOME a

If you are in Network Marketing, this is one of the best tools
I have seen for being able to “Lead by Example” I am going
to let you think about that one.

But it starts with you getting your own FREE Twitter account
and then have your team do the same thing!

This is worth getting involved with, and it is free!


How To Market Your Products
and Services On Twitter

Willie Crawford 


How To Market Your Products
and Services On Twitter 

How To Market Your Products and Services On Twitter
Willie Crawford 

Twitter is one of well over 1000 social networking sites
that I know of. I actually have a list of that many, but
have only checked out a handful of the most popular ones. 

Actually, my list is about 1800 bookmarking and social
networking sites. I may share that list with my inner
circle soon… after my assistant go over it with a fine
toothed comb :-) 

I’ve already shared my list of the most popular (and
productive) bookmarking sites in an ebook called, “How To
Bookmark Effectively For Massive Free Website Traffic!”
You can actually download that ebook for free, without
needing to opt-in or fill out any forms at:

Back to Twitter… Twitter is actually a micro-blogging
platform. You register, and then you can “follow”
others, and others can “follow” you. 

When you log into Twitter, on the homepage you have a
window where you can type in messages (“tweets”) of up
to 140 characters. When you click the “update” button,
everyone who has subscribed to your updates… everyone
following you, sees that message instantly… provided
they are logged-in to Twitter. 

When someone that you’re following updates, and you’re
logged-in, you see their posts instantly. 

There are Twitter users who post dozens of messages a
day. There are Twitter users who seem to stay logged
into Twitter and following their friends tweets for hours
each day. 

At a recent JV Alert Seminar where I was on the expert
panel, I watched other panel members, who are also avid
Twitter users, actually carrying on conversations over
Twitter… right from the stage. They simply pulled out
their handheld devices, and twittered away! 

While Twitter is fun to just chat with friend on, many
“capitalist”… like me, wonder if it can be used for
conducting business and making sales. 

The answer is “Yes, but you shouldn’t post blatant ads
on Twitter.” 

Instead, you should post links to resources and news, and
those links CAN be your affiliate links. 

Twitter also has a “Direct Message” feature where you can
post a message directly to someone who is following you.
No one else sees that message, and using that feature is
more appropriate when your post only pertains to one

I have made numerous sales via Twitter. Some examples

1) When I noticed that the World Internet Summit was hosting
a live event
in Auckland, New Zealand, on July 17th – 20th,
2008, I twittered about it. This is the first time that they
are holding an Internet marketing seminar in a location that
doesn’t get very many of those type events, so I considered
it news. 

Shortly thereafter, one of my followers from that area,
posted a thank you. The next time that I checked my email,
I DID notice that he had already registered for the event
and that I had earned a nice commission. 

2) When Jeff Walker launched Product Launch Formula 2, I
tweeted about the bonus package that I offered. I had several
followers ask me questions about my package (via direct
message) and two of those purchased the package. That earned
me nearly $2000. 

3) When a friend noticed that I was twittering about how easy
it is to earn money marketing to offline businesses as compared
to the Internet marketing niche, she posted a link to a product
that she suggested I check out. 

I clicked on her link and saw that a friend, Rachel Rofe,
along with a co-author, Jaime Mintun, had a product that they
were selling called
“How To Make $10K In A Weekend.” The
product was literally “a seminar in a box.” It contained
everything that I needed to conduct local seminars teaching
offline businesses about the internet. In fact, the product
even included: 

- A PowerPoint Presentation that I could use to conduct a
1 or 2-day live seminar. 

- Ads that I could run to get commission-only sales people to
actually sell the seminar seats for me. 

- A script that I could use along with the slides or even
give to someone else to conduct the seminar for me. 

- Supplemental materials that I could use as bonuses,
handouts, or products-for-sale at my seminars. 

- Very detailed start-to-finish instructions. 

The package literally contained everything that I needed for a
local seminar that I was already planning on hosting quarterly
in my hometown. 

I drooled over the webpage, but didn’t buy right away because
I was getting ready to travel to JV Alert Live in Philadelphia
that upcoming weekend, and I didn’t want to get side-tracked.
However, at the seminar, I got a chance to chat with Rachel
Rofe, and she talked me into both getting a copy of the
course, AND becoming an affiliate for it. 

Wrapping up this story… After going through the course, I
fell so “in love” with it, that I twittered about it as well
as mentioned it in an ezine editorial. The ezine editorial
sold enough copies to earn me nearly $1000, and the tweet,
triggered several old friends asking questions about the
package. One of those friends subsequently purchased the

Those are just a few of the many sales that I’m sure that
my twittering has generated. The key is not to just post
blatant ads, but when you have something worthy of sharing,
and that you know your followers will likely appreciate, then
you can generate sales from just pointing our resources. 

Aside from direct sales, I’ve noticed dozens of posts on my
followers blogs about things that I’ve posted to Twitter.
These blog posts were others indirectly promoting me and my
products to their audiences. 

Your posts on Twitter are also indexed by the search engines,
so I’ve noticed my “tweets” showing up in Google for some
of my prime keywords. That’s very powerful. 

So, there you have a proven formula for marketing your
products and services on Twitter without being too “in your
face.” The only thing left for you to do is go over to
http://Twitter.com and set up an account. It only takes a
few minute. 

Be sure to add me as someone you’re following. My Twitter
URL is:

What are you waiting for? :-) 


Willie Crawford is founder of The Internet Marketing Inner
Circle, Executive Directory of The International Association
of Joint Venture Brokers, and co-host of the Internet Marketing
Momentum Bootcamp. Have Willie teach you serious marketing
firsthand at: http://InternetMarketingMomentumBootcamp.com

Our Readers Write


I want to get into the information marketing business to create
another income stream, in addition to my MLM Income.

Any suggestions?




The websites below should help you.

I am reminded of my friend the late Cory Rudl who said “Find a pool of
hungry fish and feed them”  ( http://www.GuruCorey.com )

The websites below are the ones I use to research for hot topics and








My only other suggestion would be to find a niche that you also

What are your hobbies?

What do you enjoy?  If you can find a niche you enjoy with
hungry fish, then you should do well.

One more comment on diversification.  I believe we should
all strive to create multiple streams of income.   However, I
think network marketing requires all your focus, determination
and commitment at least until your organization is duplicating
on it’s own.

Diversification too soon is a mistake many marketers make.

You don’t want to become a jack of all trades and master of

Much Success,


I hope you guys have a good weekend.  I will be working on several projects,
but right now my printer is humming, I just purchased a home study course
called $10,000 in a weekend and will be going through it during breaks this

It was highly recommended by a friend of mine.





Have a great weekend.