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Monthly Archives: July 2008

If you have been reading this blog anytime at all,
or have invested in our Creating Online MLM Leads
program, you know I am a BIG FAN of article marketing.

This method alone creates thousands of hits to my
websites monthly.

I attempt to write a minimum of  3-5 Articles a week
and have been doing this for a long time.

The compounding effect of writing articles has really
kicked in high gear for me this year.

If you are not using articles to market your product
and services, you should be!

In our course we use http://www.EzineArticles.com and
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There is no doubt that articles placed in this directory
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This is a brand new site and still under Beta Testing,
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The site is:

http://Knol.google.com and will be a PR8 to 10
in 3 to 6 months time.

Check it out now and get on board, like all article directories

I just heard a great sermon tonight that is applicable in all areas of your life and especially when it comes to building a network marketing business.

You must have a PURPOSE.

I teach the concept of 20 Reasons and Top 3 and I know those of you that have been following our systems anytime at all have heard me discuss this. The 20 Reasons, and Top 3 Reasons sheets are the foundation for our distributor retention system. ( http://www.MLMRetention.com )

However I believe PURPOSE goes deeper than your “why”. The why is mandatory and absolutely necessary from the first day someone joins your team, purpose is probably developed over time. Granted some people find network marketing opportunities that go hand-in-hand with a purpose they had already developed prior to getting involved in the industry.

Personally I feel my purpose has always been to “help people” even when I was a young child, it has always been something within me since I can remember. When I got involved in network marketing at age 20 my purpose was to help people escape the bondage of a 9-5 existence and develop the talents, skills, and attitudes to become a leader within the network marketing industry.

PURPOSE definitely creates PASSION and I don’t think you can have True Passion without a purpose that goes beyond your personal desires. Passion comes when you put your POWER into PEOPLE instead of projects.

Passion is required before you can have REAL PERSONAL POWER. People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.

Think about this formula purpose leads to passion and passion ultimately creates power.

Here is something else to think about. MLM SELF IMAGE

Many people get involved with companies or opportunities they perceive to me hip, trendy, or unique.

Most people get their – MLM self image – from their companies product line and not from the opportunity.

The entire time I was building when people asked me what I did I would always say “I teach people how to create a $100,000+ a year income working from home”

My “MLM Self Image” was always attached to the opportunity, not the product line.

I understood early on that the product line was never going to make me successful. I also understood that just because I like a certain product should never be the reason I attached myself to the company.

I can use and enjoy the products, without marketing the opportunity.

The most important aspect of a product line is what is the true market potential?


If you are skinny as a toothpick, does that mean you should not be involved with a weight loss product? I say, of course not. You aren’t the issue. The products upside market potential is what you should consider!

Don’t get me wrong, if you don’t believe in your product line you will never realize your full potential because it is hard to communicate at a passionate level without complete belief in the company, the product, the MLM industry and yourself. Those are the 4 required beliefs.

But you can believe in a product because of what it has done for others, a personal experience is NOT required. But the bottom line is you should strive to get your MLM SELF IMAGE from your opportunity, not the product line.


At the time of this writing I am watching one of the greatest sports moments in history, watching JOSH HAMILTON in the HOME RUN DERBY.  He just sat an all time record with 28 HOME RUNS in round one.

Josh was a member of the Cincinnati Reds last year “MY TEAM” he was my favorite player, because of his story.  I was very disapointed when the Reds traded him over the winter, but it is awesome to see what he is doing this year.

I have always said, people see people where they are, and don’t see “the road traveled” Josh Hamilton has one of the most inspiring stories I have ever heard.

You can read it all here



It is worth the read.






Laughing daily is one of the best things we can do for
our well being and health.

This will provide you with your laugh for today:

TAKE 2 MINUTES and follow the instructions below
I promise you a smile!



2)   Type your first name on the first line

3)   Type your last name on the 2nd line


4)   Click on Vizualizar button the left side


Thanks to my long time friend Dave Mansfield for
sharing this with me.