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Monthly Archives: August 2008


I don’t know if Love it or hate it when this happens!
A few hours I settled in for the evening to watch the Reds
play the Brewers and work on my google adwords

I checked my email first and got an email from a marketer
that I really respect, so I decided to check out the video
he was promoting.

Now here is the ironic thing, earlier today I was noticing
that the traffic my sites are getting from our online video’s
has been steadily increasing all summer.

This prompted me to talk with my VIDEO web guy today
about working a few more hours for me every week and I
made a list of several dozen video training I should do.

The entire email and website was about …….. you guessed it
using online video to promote.  

I believe that nothing happens by accident, so I purchased
the course his email was promoting and have been going
though it for the past few hours.

My plans for the evening were interrupted and normally that
bothers me, but tonight’s interruption is going to mean Big $$$ for me. 

I know you might be thinking, Dale you are interrupting me, well I try
not to make that a habit unless I know I can help you. If you are marketing
with video, or plan to, you will thank me for this email.

I am so fired up, I can’t stand it.  I wish I had this information BEFORE I started
using video to promote my business, but I am very thankful to be able to use
this information in the future.

As you probably know I am a big believer in using
online video to educate and help people.  If you are not using
video to promote your business, YOU SHOULD BE!

But don’t start, or continue until you check out this information,


I KNOW you will be glad you did!

Enjoy the information and I will talk to you soon.

Dedicated to Your Success

PS.    WARNING  this information is R Rated!


This is an idea that I hope will provoke thought.

The question to ask yourself is how can I connect and promote my products or services to my local sports team? 

A few years ago, we sponsored a local high school football tournament to kick off the high school football season. It was called “The New Image Bowl” In my opinion this was a stupid move and driven only by the ego of our president and his wife.  From a company standpoint we may as well taken $20,000.00 and set it on fire at the the 50 yard line.

Somebody stopped by the office selling ads.  They were hoping to sell 40 $500 Ads to 40 businesses in town.  I would have not even wanted to spend $500.00 for this type of ad, and wouldn’t recommend that you do.  However our president asked the question, they thought they would never hear.  How much if we just sponsor the entire tournament?

I could have taken that same money and invested it in targeted advertising campaigns and created a huge Return On Investment.  Unfortunately, our President was more interest in playing the Big Man in Small Town role.  He couldn’t market his way out of a wet paper bag.  Don’t get me wrong, ego driven advertising works, but only for the ones selling it.  So this is NOT what I am talking about.

If you want to sponsor a local little league team, or bowling team and you have the funds, go for it, but don’t expect any kind of significant return on your investment.  Look beyond what everybody else is doing!


We have a well established family run TV & Appliance Store that is offering to give away a FREE HD TV, IF the Kentucky Wildcats win the conference championship this year in FOOTBALL! (Not Basketball)

The odds of this happening are SLIM & None.  4 of the Top 10 teams in the nation are in our conference (SEC)  and Ky is starting the season Rated #42 in the nation.  The radio adds are very well done and I know they are generating sales for the family owned business.  

The pitch is basically the owner is saying he believes UK will win the conference championship this year.

AND IF YOU ARE A   T R U E  B E L I E V E R    visit us, purchase a new HD TV to watch the games and when Kentucky wins the conference championship we will reimburse  you for your TV purchase. 

You See in Kentucky we are CRAZY ABOUT UK SPORTS and like network marketing our fan base is filled with TRUE BELIEVERS.  People who many times ignore the facts and blindly believe.  True believers like to hang out with other true believers, so the fact that the owner of the company states on the Radio that he believes, this creates an instant emotional bond with his potential customers.

I think the campaign is genius marketing.  I am not in the market for a new TV but if I was I would participate in their promotion.  However they have created an emotional bond with me and the next time I need an appliance or TV I will pay them a visit.

As most of you know I am also a Cincinnati Reds fan and grew up in the BIG RED MACHINE ERA. There is a car dealership that is offering a unique promotion based upon the Sunday score of the Reds game.  They have been running this promotion all summer. 

They take the total number of runs scored every Sunday in the Reds game, add the number;  example Reds 5 LA Dodgers 4 (Total Runs 9) and whatever that number is they offer oil changes at that price all week,so in this case $9.00.  If the Reds get beat 1 to 0 oil changes that week would only be a buck.  This is an excellent promotion that gets traffic to their business and creates an emotional bond with the fan base.

Last year at the home UK Basketball games if Kentucky scored 75 points, you could take your ticket stub to a local auto parts store and get a free gallon of windshield wiper fluid.  My dad got 2 free gallons because of this promotion.

So what does this all mean to you?  Let’s go back to the beginning of this post.  How can you connect or promote your products or services to your local sports team?  This is an idea worth brainstorming.

Sports fans are emotional & loyal, and by supporting the team you can borrow that strong, positive emotion and apply the loyalty factor to your product or service.

Could you provide your nutritional supplements at wholesale to the cheerleaders and then run an add in the program saying XYZ Vitamins taken by the (Local Team) cheerleaders.  For your free catalog and discount certificate log on to www.YourLeadCapturePage.com

If your high school football team scores 35 points could you offer a free bottle of your nutritional supplement? (Some companies are offering FREE Bottle promotions, and you simply send people who respond to your FREE Bottle website)

I could go on and on, but I am sure if you take some time and brain storm this idea, you could come up with a very effective and profitable promotion.
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