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Monthly Archives: April 2009

As most of our friends, clients and customers know, my oldest
daughter Brittanie gave birth today (C-Section) to my 2nd
grandchild “Trust Brown”.

As some of you know, the specialist gave us very little hope
because of complications and the development of his brain.

They said there was a good chance he wouldn’t live through
the birth, that he may need a feeding tube to live and on and

Literally tens of thousands of people all over the world have
been praying for this child.

As of right now, he was born screaming like any normal baby
SWALLOW.   At this point there is really no negative news!

Brittanie, my daughter is doing great.
The big test tomorrow will be the MRI, but at this point we
have witnessed a miracle.  I sincerely appreciate the thoughts
and prayers of the people who read this blog and others
around the world.

I will keep you updated here.

Thank you again for all your thoughts, prayers and emails of
encouragement, our family appreciates it more than you know!



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Message  Writer To JN: JN…what is the latest and
the greatest in your world these days? Welcome
to COMPANY NAME man! You are in my downline
with HIS SPONSOR! :)

Please think about this TERMINOLOGY makes the difference.

What if the above message had said:

Message Writer to  JN: JN…what is the latest and
the greatest in your world these days? Welcome
to the team my friend! You are part of my team

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be in someone’s downline,
but part of the team is ok.

Do you feel the difference?

A few months ago, I was doing a training for a Network
Marketing Company for their Super Saturday event.
They did an opportunity meeting that morning.  And I
was doing 2 hours after lunch.

After the opportunity meeting one of their distributors came up
to me with another lady. She said “Hi Dale, I want you to meet
my prospect Janie”.

MY PROSPECT, you have got to be kidding.  Wouldn’t using the
terminology MY GUEST be 100 times better?

There is no question that many times the TERMINOLOGY we
use is turning off our team members and prospects without
us even knowing it.

I know what some of you are thinking, you just used the word
propsects…Dale.  Which is exactly my point.  You have to be
aware of who you are talking with.

On the inside we can use terms, that we shouldn’t use on the
outside.  Does that make sense?

I heard an audio training early in my career called TERMINOLOGY
, I wish everyone could have the
opportunity to hear this training early in their network
marketing career, I will try to find it & make it available.

(We Don’t See things as they are, we see things as “We Are”)

Before I get nasty emails telling me that this post has nothing
to do with marketing….keep reading…it does.

A couple of weeks ago I stated on Twitter that I was going to
play in a Texas Hold’em tournament.  I was shocked at the people
who send me emails telling me:


“I never figured you as a gambler”

“You shouldn’t gamble”

“Don’t take more than you can afford to lose”

and other words of wisdom that sounded like my

First let me say that I appreciate your concern, but let me
explain why what I do ie: Play in Texas Hold’em Tournaments is
NOT gambling.  At least not in my mind, from my perspective.
I understand this is debatable, but if you disagree with me,
try to put aside “the way you are, or think about this” for
a minute.

First of all, I have probably been to Las Vegas 20+ times over
the past 10 years.  Last year I was there to speak at different
two events, just in the month of February.

I have never in my life, played craps, black jack, Let it Ride,
or even put a nickel in a slot machine.  Yes, I believe that is
gambling, and it has just never has appealed to me.

Las Vegas is definitely one of my Top 5 favorite cities in the
US, but I enjoy the shows & restaurants (I have seen Lance
Burton at the Monte Carlo at least a dozen times & you have
to eat at the Top of the World Restaurant at the Stratosphere)

Like many people, I started watching The World Series of`
Poker after Sports Center when ESPN started airing the tournament
a few years ago.

I became fascinated with psychology of the game.

I don’t believe it is a card game. I believe it is a
“people” game played with cards, and I have always
been fascinated with the thought processes of people.

Anyway, a few years ago  a friend of mine asked me to go
with him to play in a Texas Holdem Charity tournament .  I
went and had never played in my life, there were 136 people
who entered the tournament.  I was totally out of my comfort
zone and didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

I came in 5th place that night and have been playing in
TOURNAMENTS ever since. Mostly charity events here
in Kentucky. I am fascinated with the challenge to read
people and all the emotions of a tournament environment.

Ok, with that said let me switch gears a little.

Let’s say that I enter a Tennis Tournament, I pay my $50
Entry Fee, end up coming in 3rd place and the 3rd place prize is
$400, is that gambling?

See that is what I do.  I only play tournaments.

I agree that if I go to a casino buy $200 in poker chips sit down
at a table and play, that is gambling.

However I view TOURNAMENT POKER as I would any
other Sports Tournament.

I pay my entry fee and compete. If you get knocked
out is over, you can’t go buy more chips.

Poker is not a game of chance.  It is a game of predictable
results based upon Math & the ability to read human nature.
The players who get the best cards during a tournament rarely
win the tournament, there is much more to it than that.

It is not about the cards you have, it is about the cards
your opponents THINK you have.

You may be thinking, ok, Dale I still think it is gambling,
and what dose this have to do with marketing?


Two things



If you have invested in any of my training programs you
know that I am all about “the predictability of your prospects
and team members”  Every step you take in your buisness
is based upon the thought processes of the masses.

Great marketers are able to see things from their prospects
and customers prospective, not from their own
.  I think this
is a learned skill and totally against human nature.  However
if you want to be an effective marketer and leader of people,
you must develop this mentality.

It is never about YOU, it is always about what is duplicatable
by the masses, and all marketers must appeal to the largest
segment of people that they can.  The words and terminology
you use must be a vanilla as possible. Stay away from slang
or industry terms.

SIDEBAR  As most of you know, I worked as a
semi-professional magician throughout my teenage
years.  As a magician you have to be able to see things
through your audiences eyes, dose that make sense?


Now this will really give you a brain tweak.  Do you know
what Marlon Sanders, Keith Wellman, Michael Penland,
Joe Schroeder, Gerry Carson and many other high level
marketers all have in common? They all were magicians
when they were younger.  I am really going to explore
this more in the future, that is why I think this is a
“learned skill”.

As a marketer you have to understand that your
potential customers, clients, distributors and affiliates
all see things “as they are”.

Try to always remember where your mind was when
you started
your enterprise.  It is always different on
the outside looking in than on the inside looking out
Great marketers speak to their prospects, clients, and
customers WHERE THEY ARE.

I hope this gives you something to think about. Always
try to put yourself into the minds of those your are
attempting to help & support.