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Monthly Archives: June 2009

I have been running solo advertising for many years.

As all advertising it all comes down to numbers.

Profit from Ad Sales  – Add Cost = Profit

If the numbers work, continue to run the add as
long as it is profitable. 






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Quite frankly I am shocked at the number of friends, business associates and clients who have contacted me about this program.


Over the years I have seen dozens of companies start with a BIG NAME CELEBRITY behind them.  Refrigerator Perry, Tony Little, Kevin Trudeau, Joe Montana, Bruce Jenner, Robert Allen and dozens of sports stars……the list goes on and on. Anybody remember the Zig Ziglar network?


As I understand it, Mr. Trump has bought a network marketing company that was on it's way out of business. He is attaching his name to it and re-launching in October. It is very predictable what will happen.

A tremendous number of naive people will enter the program, only because of the Trump name. The company will have great growth in the first few months then flatten out within 6 months to a year.

The odds of it making it long term are very minimal because companies built around a "celebrity name" very seldom attract experienced network marketing leaders who understand that a name alone will never maintain a companies growth. All the names previously mentioned are out of network marketing and for the most part so are all the companies they were associated with. I really would like to see the company grow and prosper, but the odds are against it.

Without field leadership who really understand how to create duplicatable systems for the masses, all companies eventually flatten out and start going backwards. I just can not imagine this company attracting the right kind of field leaders. With celeberty driven companies this happens even quicker, because many people have the feeling that the celebrity will make them successful.

They become discouraged more quickly. The only way to become successful in ANY network marketing company is to develop the skill sets and attitudes necessary for success. Network marketing is not the lottery! You must learn how to prospect for leads, enroll people and develop leaders.

I respect Mr. Trump and his financial accomplishment in traditonal business. If you want to learn how to invest in high end real estate follow Mr.Trump. If you want to learn how to build a strong duplicating network marketing organization find an upline with a proven record of success or another mentor and duplicate EVERYTHING they do.

Do you lack AWARENESS when you prospect?

It is amazing what you can accomplish when you listen
to people and focus on helping them, with THEIR needs.

People do things for THEIR REASONS, not ours!

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Thankfully our company has NOT been slapped by YouTube,
however we feel now is the time for many marketers to protect
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The above product it what we will be using to combat the
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I am going to get into this in a lot more detail in our
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We have had minor problems & challenges with several online
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