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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Do you want free “targeted” leads for life?

You have got to check out the VIDEO on this website
it absolutely blew me away. Your mind will immediately
see an unbelievable amount of possibilities.


Peter Wolfing spent months designing a new leads software
called Scraper Pro. It’s a great “tool” in your marketing arsenal
that will help you big time in your primary business.

It finds targeted leads with one push of a button.

My friend Justin used it the other day and typed in MLM
Pro and went to sleep. Then when he woke up in the
morning he had over 9OO leads.

Just type in a keyword or company name and press start.
That is as easy as it gets. The software then starts hunting
the net for targeted leads for you to contact about your business.

People are joining in droves and making a ton of money.

Check out the 5 minute video on the site.


It’s a one time start up. Peter also built it so you can
make a ton of money.

Anyone that has a home based business needs this product.

This can be used for anything you may be doing.

If the video doesn’t tweak your brain, and get you fired
up then you should probably pass, but you must see the

Here is the link:



This program is brand new and between myself
and the site admin people, there were some
challenges with a finicky webiste.

The above link should be working fine
now. This program is Red Hot and small
busienss people have been crashing the servers
all weekend.

The bottom line, is everything seems to be
working properly now. At the time of this
writing I am leaving for the airport & will
give you an update when I return from speaking
on the Guru Cruise.


I hope our readers will be able to meet with me in Orlando
in December. Myself and 16 other speakers will be speaking
at the World Famous Internet Marketing and Joint Venture
Conference hosted by marketing legend Michael Penland.

This is a great event, and as a speaker I always leave
inspired with dozens of unique ideas I can put into action.

You can get all the details here:


First if you haven’t seen this mlm training video you should
take a look:


As far as your downline being stagnate, the real
question is who sponsored them? Or should I
say “closed” them into the business?

As we talked about earlier this month, Sales people
close, network marketers develop leadership.

I guess I am going to be on this topic for a little
while, I can’t quite seem to get it out of my

Yesterday I was reading a promotion for a network
marketing training seminar. The speaker promised
to share 8 different ways to close your prospects!

This is a MLM Training that may sound great on
the surface, but in all reality will hurt your business.

The truth is, you will learn 8 different ways to get
people into your organization,,,,,once they are
there you will have to waste a ton of time and
energy trying to get them to do anything at all!

The reason, your organization is stagnate is because
60% of the people are only in it, because THEY

There are highly motivated, determined, focused
people out there looking for a real opportunity,
however most network marketers will never find
them because they waste too much time trying to
motivate their existing team! Geeeezzzz this is
not rocket science guys.

I know, companies don’t help because they don’t
get it either. Running free sign up months, or join
for a dollar programs and then rewarding the lady
who sponsors 92 people like she is a superstar an
an example to follow.

The problem is 3 months later 91 of the people are
out of the business, because they didn’t want to
be there in the first place. Nobody really accomplishes
anything with this type of activity.

It is not just about sponsoring people. It is about
developing people. You are in the leadership
development business.

Take a good hard look at your team. The ones that
are producing are going to do the business with or
without you. The ones that are there because of you
or because they couldn’t tell you no, will ultimately
cost you in the long run.

Your time is the most valuable asset you have. Once
it is gone, it is gone. The time you spend trying to
motivate Suzie, yet again, is time you could be spending
prospecting for someone that can make an immediate
positive impact on your business.

You are not in the babysitting business, and if you feel
like you are you should probably re-evaluate your
recruiting process and who you are willing to have join
your organization.

Finding potential leaders and developing them is not
that difficult is you have the clear goal in your mind.
Most network marketers don’t, they are willing to sponsor
anybody they can “talk into” business.

If we have the chance to meet personally, don’t brag
to me what a “good closer” you are. Good closer in
network marketing translates in my mind as someone
who still hasn’t figured the business out.

As you go into 2010 you can change your approach, you
can get better. A shift in thinking can transform your

If you continue to do what you have always done, you
will continue to get what you have always gotten.

I just returned from speaking in Budapest
Hungary at the MLM Mastermind Day event.

You can check out my pictures from the
event if you would like at:


Thee were about 500 people in attendance
from all over Europe. I had a wonderful
time and Szilárd Mátrai the promoter of the
event did a great job.

When 2009 is over I will have spoken at 23
events. 21 within the United States and 2

I try to always learn more than I teach when
I travel and speak. Sometimes it is just a
reminder of what NOT to do.

There are 3 things I learned in Hungary that
all networkers, especially those in the United
States should take to heart.

(1) Education is required to become Successful

I was shocked at the percent of the audience who
arrived at the event with paper and pen in hand,
ready to learn. I would estimate it was 85%. In
the US it is usually around 30%. People were there
to learn. It was NOT a social gathering.

I guess one of the problems in the US is there are
thousands of “self proclaimed” gurus trying to teach
you fluff training, and quite frankly taking notes
is not worth the effort. However it is your
responsibility if you want to grow, learn, and get
better to learn from those that really have something
valuable to teach.

“Personal education makes you a living, if you become
SELF EDUCATED you create a fortune”
Jim Rohn
3 Basic Laws


(2) The Top Income Earners don’t jump from company to

I could talk for a few hours on why this happens so
frequently in the US. Some are valid reasons, but
most simply come down to greed and ego.

There were several Top Income Earners from all over Europe
at this event (With Pen & Paper in Hand) The majority of
them had been with their current company at least 5 years.

I have talked about this in various articles, Blog Post &
MLM Minute Trainings so I am not going to try to expand
here. True leaders develop leaders. Others, who have
leadership “titles” are only interested in developing a
following. There is a huge difference.

Who are you following? Where are they taking you? Is a
question you should constantly be asking yourself.

(3) Live Open Opportunity Meetings are Alive and Well

At one point I asked how many of you have a weekly, live
opportunity meeting you can take a prospect to? Ladies
and gentleman it was 85% of the room!

I found that very encouraging in a time when everyone
in the US has been spouting opportunity meetings don’t
work for the last 15 years.

Anyone remember the cassette tape
“I love MLM, but I hate Meetings?”

It was hogwash 15 years ago when the cassette came out,
and it is hogwash now! Yet another example of “self
proclaimed gurus” telling people what they WANT TO HEAR!

Don’t tell the leadership team at Mona V LIVE OPPORTUNITY
MEETINGS don’t work! We have all witnessed what they
have done with a culture, centered around a live weekly
opportunity meeting. ( I promise you it is NOT the Juice)

Do you get that company owners? I find it fascinating that
those in charge think. It must be the juice. How many
companies have introduced a Juice product since the success
of Xango, Noni and Mona V?

Products don’t make you successful!

Long term success is always centered around the right support
structure, sytems and culture for YOUR PEOPLE. Haven’t
we learned anything from Amway?

I am absolutely amazed at how shallow visions most
companies have. People make companies successful.
It is the culture and systems you provide for the people
that ultimately determine a companies success.

Sorry, I have gotten side tracked a little, but one
more thought.

At company conventions they don’t want to see corporate
on stage talking about numbers. They want to see their
peers, people like them who have experienced the ups and
downs of building a network marketing team, but in the

There is a SPECIFIC FORMULA for making events one
people will never forget. I have been wanting to
write a book on it, but unfortunately there would be
no market for it. You can’t help those, who already
have all the answers :}

Again, I could talk about this subject for hours. But
the bottom line is simply this. If live weekly meetings
are not working for you it is simply because you have a
lousy meeting,or the wrong people.

Hungarians are friendly, warm hearted people. The MLM
Industry is alive and well there and throughout Europe.

so why far too many Americans are “following” their “Leader”
to the next hot deal. Hungarians are diligently learning the
skills and attitudes necessary to become a network marketing
professional and staying true to their companies and long
term goals.

If you are on Facebook, I would appreciate your support.

My user name is www.FaceBook.com/DaleCalvert

Here is an update on my grandson Trust



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