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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Feature Article

The article below was originally published in the
July 2003 Issue of our MLM Help Ezine.


Dale Calvert

PT and Dale

I was sitting in church last Wednesday night, and
during the announcements one of our associate
pastors, PT Kemper was brought up to address
the congregation.

PT explained how the church was trying to raise
money to re-do the nursery. He then went on
to explain how that afternoon a young man from
Tennessee had stopped by the church with a
product that was the next best thing since
“Snake Oil”.

Those of you with a background or knowledge
of the Shaklee Corporation have probably heard
of Basic H. It is a phenomenal product with
1001 uses, everything from brushing your teeth,
to putting a few drops in your cake batter to
moisten your cake.

Farmers even swear that if you mixed it in
your irrigation system your crops would grow
better! The product the young man was selling
was called “Upper Hand” All Purpose Cleaner
and is similar to Basic H.

Over the years most of you have probably had
a door-to-door sales person stop by selling a
similar type product.

Evidently, PT and our pastor took this young
man around to every spot in the church that
had been deemed “Uncleanable” and no test
was too hard and no spot too tough for this
“magic potion” to remove.

To make a long story short, PT decided to
invest his own money in the entire inventory
the young man had, with the idea to resale it
to church members to raise money for the

Knowing our pastor, what probably happened
was he made a statement to the young man,
something like “If you can get out “granddaddy
spot” I will buy all you have, because I have
been looking at “granddaddy spot” for 10 years!

Can you imagine how the kid felt as he left
the church with no product and a pocket
full of money?

So here PT was in front of the church, a few
hours later with several cases of potion
purchased, to “talk about” in 2 minutes what
he had personally “seen, witness and
experienced” that afternoon.

to that again in a minute.

As PT was trying to explain the unexplainable,
I got tickled as I realized this is exactly what
so many new distributors do. They experience
the entire recruiting PROCESS.

They see a video; they attend a local meeting
or listen in on a conference call. They are then
placed on a 3-way with a competent upline
associate, and perhaps they even attend a
live training seminar or company event.

After the process, after they have had the
opportunity to see, hear and experience the
potential and value of the opportunity,
they make a decision.

However, when they are ready to start
prospecting, recruiting and building their
organization, do they give their prospects
the same opportunity to EXPERIENCE the
same recruiting process?

Do they go through a specific, systematic
series of events?

Such as:

Play 1 Video
Play 2 Conference Call
Play 3 3-Way with Upline
Play 4 Live event

Unfortunately, more often than
not, the answer is NO.

They immediately go out and run
off their best prospects trying to
explain the entire program in two

They never give their prospects
the opportunity to hear the
whole story & experience the

They then come back and inform
us that they “talked to” 9 people
and nobody was interested. How
predictable is that? My response
is always the same.

“I tried to warn you not to talk
or try to explain, just to hand
out the video! Now with the next
9 people, shut up and just hand
them the videotape.

As PT was going through his
2-minute sales, pitch I was
laughing. Not at him, but at
the predictability of people.

He noticed me, and made some
comment such as Mr. Calvert is
back there laughing, maybe this
is a hoax.

Now think about this, this is very
important. What happened to PT
was the exact same thing that
happens to new people when they
enter the market place….doubt creeps
in their mind.

PT Witnessed truth! He saw the
“granddaddy spot” removed. He saw the
Snake Oil work with his own two eyes, yet
he mistakenly read my reaction, which
immediately created doubt.

The exact thing happens to your new
distributors when they enter the
market place.

Many of you have heard me talk about
the 4 beliefs that must be developed in
new distributors.

(Company, products, industry and themselves)

You have also heard me talk about how we
are all made up of Opinions, Attitudes and Beliefs.

Pt had a positive opinion about the product, but
that opinion had not had time to develop into an
attitude, much less a belief. So any “perceived”
resistance or negativity immediately started to
sway his opinion and create doubt.

The exact same thing happens to our new
associates! As leaders we must develop our
belief strong enough that our new members
can rely on our belief system until they have
time to develop their own.

I hope you also understand that 90% of your
distributors, who quit your organization, quit
in the first 72 hours. Maybe they don’t announce
to you that they have quit. However mentally and
psychologically they go out into the market place,
DO EVERYTHING WRONG, and then doubt creeps
in and mentally they are DONE!

If you want to be a better leader for your people
than 95% of the network marketers in the world,
here is my advice. We teach a concept we call
Monitor New Distributors.

The first 10 business prospects they contact, and
the first 20 retail sales, you need to be there to
direct them play-by-play, step-by-step.

Too bad the kid from Tennessee didn’t have a
long term, repeat customer mentality. If he knew
of PT’s plans to raise money for the church nursery
he should have hung around and volunteered to
do the pitch for PT in front of the congregation.

Then if he were smart, he would have labels on
each bottle saying:

Mr. Tennessee
Mr. Tennessee’s Phone#

You must be there for your new distributors
immediately; before doubt sinks too deep in
their mind. It is your responsibility to make
certain that they are giving their prospects
the opportunity to go through a specific,
systematic series of events and not
a 2-minute spill!

I really felt bad that PT misread the meaning
of my amusement. I must say he did recover
nicely. As he walked back up the isle from
the front of the church he tossed the bottle
in my lap and said, “there, I have just sold
the first bottle”.

Now that I think about it, I still haven’t paid
him his 30 bucks yet. I need to do that!


I did pay PT and helped him sell a couple of
bottles. I feel this story is a classic in the
predictability of people.

Facts & Myths of Multilevel Marketing
copyright 1995 by Len Clements



Now more than ever, we are mostly just recruiting
each other. Eventually we have to stop and learn
how to create leads and bring those that have never
been in the industry in.

Several months ago I received a call from one of my downline
distributors inquiring about a good MLM list. Bob then asked
specifically if a list of heavy hitters existed and how I might
approach them. My response was something to the effect of,
“Bob, why would you want a list of people who are the least
likely to want to join your opportunity?” After all, heavy hitters
are people who are making huge monthly incomes (that’s why
hey call them heavy hitters, right?).

I’d assume they like making huge monthly incomes
and probably would not be too interested in walking away
from it and starting over from scratch.

“But Len, think about it,” Bob persisted, “Just imagine
if I could have recruited . . .” Bob then reeled off
the names of three major heavy hitters, all well
known throughout the industry (for privacy sake, we’ll
just call them Mark, Jan, Dale, Dexter and Ken).

Bob began to fantasize about the great wealth to
be had by recruiting the likes of even one of the
three mega-earners he listed.

Well, I happen to know Mark, Jan, Dale, Dexter and Ken
personally, to varying degrees, and I know their stories.
Ironically, three of them claim to have once had a strong
skepticism towards network marketing and at one time felt
it was something they would never consider being involved in.

Yet today, they are some of the richest, most
successful network marketers in the country –
as are their uplines!

“Exactly!” Bob exclaimed. “So how do we sign
up people like that?” These “heavy hitter” were not,
at one time, network marketers. Obviously. The
lucky folks who personally sponsored these leaders
did not do so by scrolling though an existing heavy
hitter lists. They worked hard on opening the minds
of people who they thought had a lot of potential,
got them to consider network marketing, and today
they are set for life.

You see, there are about five million people
involved in MLM in this country today. There
are about 285 million who are not.

This means there are literally thousands, perhaps
tens of thousands, of Marks, Jans, Dales, Dexters
and Kens roaming around this country who, right now,
are very skeptical of network marketing and who are
thinking they’ll never be involved in it – who’ll
someday make somebody a million dollar income!

Thousands of them!

Personally, I think the very best network marketers
are not involved in network marketing yet. Mark, Jan,
Dale, Decter, and Ken are only the best out of the
five million who are involved. The odds are there are
many people among the 285 million who are not involved,
who may be far better network marketers then even these
5 MLM Legends!

Today, there is a constant ebb and flow of distributors
from company to company. Those who migrate like
gypsies from program to program always looking for the
better deal. And this segment of the MLM population
is huge.

The result is that many companies increase in sales
volume and distributor count each month. But it’s
usually to the detriment of another MLM program.

There are a number of examples of companies that
experienced growth in 1995 that came primarily from
the fallout of another MLM company.

The People’s Network grows…Quorum shrinks.
VitaTonics and Nu visions grow . . . Matol shrinks.
USANA grows…VAXA shrinks. Natural World is growing
much at the expense of Melaleuca. Likewise with Life
Plus’s growth in 1994, which came at the expense of
Kaire. Gold Unlimited goes away, a dozen other gold
and silver programs get a jump start.

The examples are endless.
(NOTE FROM DALE: Remember this article was
written nearly 15 years ago, but this has gone on
and since the time it was written. Basically all network
marketing companies that make it have an influx of a lot
of distributors who are leaving another company as we
explain in detail in my book MLM Insights)

Really, no company has experienced legitimate
momentum in the last two years. Not like Herbalife
in 1983, or NSA in 1987-88, or Nu Skin in 1991. Or,
to a lesser extent, Quorum and Melaleuca in ’92 or ’93.

The point here is that these companies created this
momentum by bringing in massive amounts of new
distributors from outside the industry. And as a result,
the industry grew as well.

But not today, at least not like in the eighties and
very early nineties. Today, everybody seems to be
into retreading existing distributors over and over and
dreaming about landing the big heavy hitter. The industry
has become sluggish, lazy, and one filled with a lot of
spoiled opportunists looking for something for as close
to nothing as possible.

(Update from Dale 10/10/2013) As the years go by I
appreciate this article more and more. Today the industry
is actually full of gurus teaching people, not to
develop leaders, but how to Attract a Following
as we
discuss in great detail in my newest book.

7 Lies Book

And the opportunities available to them have exploited
and perpetuated this to no end.

Where there was once an industry made up of
merit-based opportunities that rewarded those who
worked hard, retailed, and actually trained and
supported their downlines, there is now an industry
full of fluff programs with token products that will
basically sell you the farm for a small monthly personally

Again, the point being that recruiting outer circle
people (those not involved in MLM) is hard work,
and so few MLMers today are into working hard. Why
is it so hard? Because outer circle recruitment involves
a two, and usually three phase process.

Step one is to open the mind of your prospect as to
the possibility of just starting a home-based business.

(Note from Dale — this is the entire concept
behind the www.FreeRKCD.com program details)


Based on surveys performed by MarketWave in
1989-91, 85% of all Americans who do not own
their own business do have the desire to be entrepreneurs.
When polled as to the reason why they do not pursue this
desire, the four most common reasons were:

1. Takes too much money,
2. Takes too much time.
3. Too much risk.
4. I don’t know how.

Understand, this means that over 200 million
people in this country want to be self employed
who are not– and for reasons that do not apply
to network marketing! Nonetheless, these are
powerful objections and ones that must be overcome
before an outer circle prospect would even consider
your opportunity.

Once the prospect has accepted at least the possibility
that there might be a type of business which overcomes
all of their concerns, you must the confess, if you will,
that it is called, network, or multilevel, marketing.

At this point, you will very likely have to address the
stigma that surrounds this industry and/or at the very
least, educate the prospect on what MLM is in general.
So step two is to legitimize the industry as a whole.

(Gratuitous plug: These first two steps are the basis
for my “Case Closed!” cassette tape. See the end of
this article for more information on ordering this tape.)

So to recruit outer-circle prospects, the first step is
to open their mind to starting their own business, the
second step is to remove all the garbage about MLM
that may be in there, and the third step is to then
pour new information in – by finally presenting your
specific opportunity.

And as I said, steps one and two may be the most
difficult to complete. So, wouldn’t it be so much easier
to just find folks who are already involved in MLM,
who’ve gotten past steps one and two, and just
convince them that your products are better and
your compensation plan will pay them more? I mean,
why go through all the trouble of taking them through
steps one and two when someone else has already
done the tough part for you?

Because – if you don’t, this industry will not grow,
our downline will be forever turning over as these
transient MLMers move on to the next better deal,
and – you will never recruit a heavy hitter!

There are thousands of them out there. Get out
there and recruit one!

Or, recruit five !!!


Note from Dale. It is hard to believe that this article was
written over 15 years ago. Won’t we ever learn?

Create a Lead! We have multiple courses at www.DaleCalvert.com

Open their minds – only if they are an entrepreneur minded person
that you know is sincerely looking .. (www.FreeRKCD.com program
is best way to do that) If you open the minds of couch
potatoes, their minds close quickly and you end up with an
organization full of couch potatoes!

Let them here the entire story using your company conference
call, webinar, or live event.

Get them Started Correctly! (http://www.StartRightMLM.com)


PDF AT: http://www.TopMLMTrainingArticles.com




This is one of the BEST ARTICLES I have ever read. Every network marketer should read and internalize.

"I Thought I Knew What Made Me Successful, but I Was Wrong!" 
By Mark Yarnell 


Until recently, I've never really been able to share what I've accomplished, because although I had the competency skills to build a Network, I didn't really know what I knew. I went all over the country talking to various groups and sharing with them the tools I thought had made me successful. I now know that none of those systems really resulted in my success. I didn't understand that until I met with Dr. Albert Van Dura at Stanford University.


Dr. Van Dura is a former president of the American Psychological Association and has been a Stanford psychologist for 40 years. He's written ten Ph.D.-level cognitive psychology textbooks, and now, in his seventies, he is one of the most quoted psychologists on the planet. We spent hours picking the mind of this brilliant man. He was very humble, and willing to admit that the majority of positive thinking experts are essentially using technology from the Forties and Fifties, ideas form Maxwell Maltz's book, Psychocybernetics, and Think and Grow Rich. What we wanted to understand from Dr. Van Dura was: Have there been as many breakthroughs in the cognitive arena as there have been in other technological areas? We discovered that, indeed, there have, but no one has been willing or able to translate these complex books, and the breakthroughs they contain, into language the masses can understand. What's The Best Success System?


There are too many people going around teaching competency skills when it's really a question of paradigms that get people to success. Let me tell you what we've learned. The biggest problem I see in Networking today is ambiguity. By the time a company gets to a $100 million in sales, they have 50 or 60 people who are all promoting different systems – videos, audio's, training materials. Almost every one of them is good. The problem is the ambiguity that results when I sign you up as a new distributor and train you in my process – which worked to get me where I am – and then a week later, or two months later, another successful leader in the company blasts into town and gives a speech at the Hyatt with a totally different video and training system.


All of those systems are effective, and many of the leaders are making a profit from selling them. I've talked to a number of company presidents who all say the same thing: If we could simply get everybody on the same page, we could get to $10 billion. So let me make one recommendation I think will help you immensely: Get with the best person upline from you, follow his or her system, and stay with it until you get to a $100,000 a month. If you have somebody in your company making the kind of revenue you're interested in making, get involved with them and learn their system. Most systems are good, but the ambiguity that results from shifting every two to three months is what drives most professionals out of our industry. Before new paradigms will work, you need to have perseverance in one system.


Dr. Van Dura pointed out to us, over and over again, an example using companies like IBM or Xerox. What would happen if you were to take their 12 or 20 regional managers, train them each in a different methodology for marketing their product, and then say, "I want all of you to go back to your regions, and each month one of you is going to be scheduled into another person's region to teach the antithesis of what they're teaching"? Within six months, IBM and Xerox would be in Chapter 11! Yet that ambiguity is the very nature of our industry!


Great people walk away from this business, not because the systems to which they've been exposed are ineffectual, but because they're forced to change effective systems every two or three months. Pick a system you like stay with the company you're with and teach your people not to mess with any other systems until they get to the income level they want.




Comments from Dale This is awsome advice. The challenge is: I have discovered over the years that most Big Money makers in MLM really don't know how they did what they did, but THEY THINK they do. As I talk about in The 6 Dimensions of MLM Training available free at: 6 D MLM Training.

Most MLM leaders are bobber's and weavers.  They fly from the seat of their pants using their natural talents, skills and abilities to build their business. As I have tried to communicate hundreds of times,  PERSONALITY is NOT DUPLICATABLE,  only systems are.  

The reason our "Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire"  is one of the top selling programs in network marketing history, is the buzz the crowd response created.  If you have seen this DVD set you know exactly what I am talking about.    Distributors are even more amazed today as they watch over 500 distributors repeat every word of every script.  For many leaders that training was proof that even with personalities and egos, independent contractors can become unified and as Yarnell said, GET EVERYONE ON THE SAME PAGE.

Over the years this training program has created dozens of "coaching contracts" from six figure earners and company owners who say the same thing "Dale, I watched the Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire" training program and I want to hire you to help me get all our distributors plugged in to the same system"   I can tell you that it is not an easy task, but with the correct awareness and dedication, it can be done and in the long run there is nothing that can help an organization more than adding what I call the "Franchise Factor"  to their training systems.



Confessions of a Network Marketing
Millionaire.    Dale Calvert



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