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Monthly Archives: January 2010


Those of you that have been following our MLM training concepts
and methods over the years, have heard me make this
statement several times.

Of course there is always someone who is usually a lead
broaker, involved in a lead affiliate program, etc who wants
to argue with me.

Most recently I had a post on Facebook which said:

Dale Calvert: Just spent 30 minutes on phone with coaching
client who spent $400 for 100 “A1 MLM Leads” with zero
to show for it! Don’t BUY MLM Leads! I wish he had read
the article below first.


I had some “guru wanna be” try to argue with me on my
page about this subject….raving about how she had
access to the hottest, freshest, leads on the planet
(don’t they all) and how if new people can’t afford a few
hundreds bucks a month for leads, then they shouldn’t
be in business.

I erased her post from my page, obiviously that was
before I decided to write about it.

So, I did some checking and found out she had
recently been terminated from her MLM company because
she was calling every sideline she could to pitch them on
her lead program which has a six level pay plan.

So as I have said several times, be careful who you listen
to and always ask, what is their real intention here? Most
transparent people lack so much awareness that they
don’t even understand that the majority people can see right
through them.

As far as leads, there is a time and place for buying leads,
but not until you are full-time and generating a full time
income as we talk about in “The Six Dimensions of MLM
Training” available free here: http://www.6DMLMTraining.com.

I also believe the best way to not waste your precious time
pounding the phones is to use some type of voice broadcast
system as described at http://www.cmgvoicebroadcasting.com

I believe that it is a good idea for all network marketers to
be in the picks and shovels business as we talk about at


The goal is not to become a Triple Diamond in XYZ company
or whatever the top position in your opportunity is, the goal is
to become an expert marketer with systems in place that the
masses (27%ers) can duplicate!

• You refer to your kids as your Downline.

• You refer to your spouse as your Upline.

• You have a garage full of juice bottles.

• You have a wallet full of pre-paid phone cards.

• Your trunk is full of Robert Kiyosaki PERFECT BUSINESS CD’s.

• You think it’s ok to ask a perfect stranger if they’ve reached “momentum” yet.

• Your bank account is constantly going up and down.

* You serve jungle juice at all your parties.

• You’re not really concerned when the FTC starts asking your company’s founder a few questions.

• You don’t see anything wrong with eating capsules of stuff we usually scrape out of our aquariums.

• You refer to friends and relatives as your warm market.

• You no longer have a warm market.

• You store all of your vitamins, herbs, minerals, algae, pyruvate, melatonin and DHEA tablets in Tupperware.

• Your Visa card bill reflects monthly charges to some company called “Calvert Marketing Group”

• You believe it’s *possible* that the testimonial about the lady’s arm growing back is true.

• You don’t see anything odd about driving a pink car.

• You are on a first name basis with the Postman and the UPS driver.

• You think a summer vacation in a “tropical rain forest” is a great way to write off the trip as a business expense.

• You consider the guy you just hit with your car a potential recruit.

• Your company has just been featured on “20/20 or Dateline”

• The phrases “right place, right time” and “ground floor” are a regular part of your vocabulary.

• You’ll argue to the death the merits of 3000-year-old Oriental healing remedies.

• You can never make “outside” commitments on a Tuesday or a Thursday night.

• You refer to your genealogy report as your accounts receivable.

• You don’t see anything funny about all those Amway jokes.