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Monthly Archives: June 2010

I personally believe that you should forget about
everything when you go on vacation. Let your
mind rest, renew and refocus. Try not to think
about your business.

From experience I know that is easier said than
done. For 20 or so years when I was building
teams, I prospected on every vacations.

As I look back now I realized this consistent
activity brought me some very good team
membersa and a few life long friends.

However if you are traveling to the beach or
somewhere else on vacation this year here are
3 Tips. For example’s sake let’s assume you are
going to Daytona Beach.

#1) Run Free Classified Ads targeting the Daytona
Beach area.

Here are our Top 10 Recommend Free
Classified AD sites:

Kijiji.com http://www.kijiji.com
Craigslist.com http://www.craigslist.org
Classifieds For Free http://www.classifiedsforfree.com
Classified Ads http://www.classifiedads.com
Its My Market http://www.itsmymarket.com
Skepter http://www.skepter.com
eBay Classifieds http://www.ebayclassifieds.com
Penny Saver http://www.pennysaverusa.com
Backpage http://www.backpage.com

If you have never ran effective online or offline
classified ad campaigns I recommend this course:


#2 Take Bulletin Board Tear Off Flyers and plaster the

If you keep your eyes open you will find public bulletin
boards everywhere. Quite frankly if you have been
involved in this industry anytime at all you should have
already trained your mind to spot these boards
& you should always have these flyers in your
automobile ready to be place on any public board you find.

Note: I am not talking about putting flyers on cars. I
am NOT SAYING you shouldn’t do that but Bulletin Boards
provide a captive, curious audience.

Ok, while I am thinking about let me get slightly off topic.
Yes, you can do flyers on cars, and I personally know powerful
network marketers who joined the industry from being
introduced this way.

It is all about timing and your flyer being on the right persons
window, at the right time in their life. 90% of the people
may get aggravated, but it ONLY TAKES ONE!

If I was going to Daytona Beach, and I was planning on doing
flyers on cars, the headline would match the market. It
would say something like ………….

Make Your Vacation Tax Deductable

Work from home and pay for your Vacation Every Year

Would you rather be in Hawaii?

I would only leave flyers on out of state cars. Better
yet have 2 Flyers one designed for vacationers and one
designed for locals.

The headline for locals could say something like

Daytona Beach Entrepreneurs Wanted

Part time Income Opportunity Daytona Beach Residents Only

Spend your Summer Away from Tourist!

This is all about matching your message to the market as we
talk about in our Local MLM Leads Course at


Back on topic….take bulletin board flyers, and if you choose to
use car flyers or what we call Blitz flyers, CUSTOMIZE them to
match the market.

#3 Take Several Hundred or Thousand Drop Cards
and don’t come home with any of them!

As I talk about in the recorded webinar at:


all network marketers should be using drop cards daily.

I just had a flash back to my daughters dropping
drop cards on our vacations, wow I am getting old.
We had fun with them and made a game out of it,
especially with the 100 Dollar Bill Drop Cards.

So there you have it 3 ways to prospect while on
vacation, and of course by doing this you can make
some, all, or a portion of your vacation tax deductable!

(Of course check with your CPA)

I hope you have had a great weekend, mine was awesome. As I sit here this morning, I started thinking about all the negative junk I read over the weekend about Mike Potillo and his involvement in a company called 360. Let me start with a little background. I first met Mike in the mid nineties at a convention right after he had joined the company I was involved with.

Ignorance on Fire, would be a good description of him at the time. He was a very likeable young man with big dreams. When I started my own company in 2000 Mike called our office one day and said -I want to come to work for you-. At the time I did everything I could to discourage him, but about 8 hours later at $8.00 an hour he showed up at my office with his car loaded down. He was not  going to take no as an answer.

Over the next few years Mike worked in our office daily. He loved the excitement. Many times I have wished he could have been with me a few years earlier when I could have had more time to provide direct business building support. Eventually, I decided that I did not want the responsibility of a downline or owning a company and decided to semi- retire and just focus on generic training, consulting and seminars.

That is what I have been doing for the last 8 years or so. Basically Mike, and my VP of sales at the time took the company over and eventually merged it with Vita Mark where Mike became the top money earner. I know that Mike put his heart and soul into building his Vita Mark team. From there he went to Ardyss in a corporate position and made Body Magic a household name within the MLM community. Now Mike is working in some corporate capacity with 360. Let me say, that I basically have no opinion about the 360 comp plan or product line. I have never had a reason to investigate it.

I know the internet is full of people that have tried to pick apart the products and comp plan, but I have no firsthand knowledge of either so I know better than to comment. What I don not get is how many network marketers do not give other network marketers the benefit of the doubt. I know, I know, I am as out spoken as anyone about all the junk that self proclaimed  gurus propagate in the market place. I have always said, –Do it, and then talk about it–. Mike has done it.

The only people that do not have others trying to pick them apart are the one's that have never done anything! I have said all of that to say this. The highest compliment I can give any leader or corporate officer is that They have a heart for the distributors.  This industry is full of corporate people who feel the distributors are a necessary evil and distributors with leadership titles whose only concern is building a following, instead of other leaders.

I have known Mike for many years. I have known his wife Tiffany and her parents Bill & Teresa since she was in grade school. I have had dinner on multiple occasions with Mikes parents. THEY ARE ALL GOOD PEOPLE. Has Mike said or done things in the past that maybe I have disagreed with? Probably, and I am sure he would say the same thing about me. I have also tried to live by the philosophy, Never try to explain yourself, your friends don't need an explanation and your enemies aren't going to believe you anywayây. Give the guy a break!

He is an only child, very excitable person that grew up watching and loving Don Lapre infomercials. He is not perfect, and MAYBE the 360 products and comp plan aren't either, so what? Neither are you!

If you want to join, join, if you don't, don't but why waste your time trying to make a villain out of someone whom you don't know that truly does have the best interest of his team and the network marketing industry at heart? It makes no sense. Listen, I am all for throwing those people under the bus that KNOWINGLY mislead and misguide people! I can say without reservation that Mike Potillo is NOT one of those people.

“BACKDOOR” to internet marketing

Businesses across America need you
and what you know… and they are willing
to pay you big money.

Check out this video that explains it all:


You can be part of something VERY big
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By helping local businesses connect with
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Social Media Managers are in HUGE
demand right now. You don’t need a
product or a website to rake it in.

Ryan Deiss, has teamed up with Kate Buck in
Austin, who’s a social media manager is making
a steady $10K a month right now PART-TIME.

Watch this short video to see how she does

Check out this video that explains it all:


See ya soon,

– Dale Calvert

P.S. Social media managers can work from
anywhere, anytime and most of what they
do can be done from a cell phone.

P.P.S. This is a “glitch” that won’t last forever
but some people will KILL it.

Go watch this video NOW!


I want this post to be encouraging but I am going to tell you what you need to hear, but not necessarily want to hear. I have seen this situation play out tens of thousands of times over the years. The truth is most people who become network marketing distributors. peak the day they join, that is the height of their career.

They call a relative and the relative blows them off, and they are done. The real problem is the investment to get involved with this industry is so small, quitting, or never getting started is easy. You should feel good about the fact, that it has been 90 days, and you are still going for it!

What industry can you enter with no skills, no education and immediately have success and earn a 6 figure income? I don't know about you, but I don't want a dentist working on me, that signed a distributor application yesterday!

They don't have the education, mindset or experience to be considered a professional and you know what, neither do you and that is ok! Regardless of what someone has told you, do not get on YouTube and call yourself a MLM consultant, you look like a newbie without a clue!

Do it, then talk about it!

The RIGHT EDUCATION is required for long term success in any career! Why do you think it is going to happen for you in MLM? This is NOT THE LOTTERY even though many people treat it like it is. Yeah Dale but Joe Blow joined our company and had 1,209 people on his team after 30 days.

The truth is when you hear those stories is Joe Blow came to your company from XYZ company and brought a team of people with him. Always try to look behind the curtain and see what is really going on! Most network marketers are really social club members, they like hanging out with their upline. In their heart they gave up on building a huge organization years ago.

They are just like sheep, following the upline from deal to deal waiting for a comp plan or product to make them successful instead of the person starring them back in the mirror. In the rare cases where Joe Blow is a newbie who has never been in the industry I promise you this he or she is a person with very high credibility and influence.

Here is the truth, the person who has massive immediate success is going to run into a brick wall down the road. Great recruiters always have problem developing teams. I will say this again, great recruiters ALWAYS HAVE Problems developing people, or teams of people. I talk about this in great detail in our booklet "Why the Masses of Network Marketers are Frustrated Confused and Don't Have a Clue What they are Doing" at http://www.MLMMasses.com

No average Joe newbie who has ever been in the industry develops an organization of 1,000+ people in their first 90 days. Most hit their brick wall early like you have. So what do you do at this point?

Ignorance at it's highest level is to continue to do what you are doing expecting different results.

Things are not going to change for you, if you don't change. There is a 90% chance that the problem is not totally with your approach but with your attitude and mediocrity programming. I know you didn't want to hear that, but it is the truth. No I am not telling you that you need to go out on a limb and start doing chants in a sweat tent, but I am telling you that the mind sets, and programs that you have developed up until this point in your life are not conducive to network marketing success.

Most people in the world have employee mindsets. They have played the "I am going to work just hard enough so I don't get fired and the boss is going to pay you just enough so you don't quit" GAME. Some people enter the industry with communication and skill sets that enable them to create INITIAL SUCCESS in the industry. As previously mentioned this is INITIAL Success, and they have BRICK WALLS ahead, they just don't know it yet. Believe me, most of the people that hire me to consult with them at one time had massive downlines who have dwindle away.

I cannot count the number of 1 time six figure earners who have seen their teams and pay checks dwindle to almost nothing that I consult with. This is a place you NEVER WANT TO BE. If you can get through your BRICK WALL NOW, you will ultimately understand more about what it takes to develop a strong duplicating team of people than 70% of current six figure income earners in the industry. I PROMISE YOU!

So what do you need to do right now? Forget trying to recruit anyone or market products, that is the easy part after you develop the correct mind set. I need for you to give me 15 minutes a day and follow the step-by-step game plan outlined in my Programming Your Mind for Success formula at: http://www.ProgrammingYourMind.com Just 15 minutes a day and it will change your life forever.

I have thousands of testimonies on this course and you can read a few of the latest one's on the website. In 10 days you will notice a difference in your thought process, in 25 days, you will feel bullet proof and soon after that you will be ready to go to work. At that point, I want you to send me an email, or call our office. I will give you a specific game plan on exactly what you need to do next. You can start over starting today, and I am willing to help you, however I understand that all the scripts and how to training in the world will do you no good with mediocre programming. Today is the first day, of the rest of your career, go to http://www.ProgrammingYourMind.com now!

I just got back from an awesome 2 week
vacation and cruise. Dawn will be posting
pictures on her Facebook soon.

Anyway, I got back and had 164 Friend
request on Facebook:


9 of the request said this:


Nice to find you in an Internet Marketing Group!

Hope you can add me as friend so that we can learn
Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing together.


Just a couple of ideas.

Does anyone else think these 9 people had just
finished being on an “Attraction Marketing” webinar
and were told what to say?

I believe in scripts, but at least in this type of
situation if you are going to send a messsage
with your Facebook request

* Make your message original
(over the past couple of months I have received at
least 200 request with the exact same message)

* Know who you are sending your message to.
The best way for a newbie to turn off someone who
has been around awhile, is to send us messages
assuming we got involved in Network Marketing last

Not everyone on Facebook who have something about
“network marketing consultant” in their profile got
involved in the industry last week. Know something
about the person you are sending a request to, or
don’t bother posting a “me too” message. It screams
newbie without a clue.

The real issue as always for me are those teaching
those who don’t know any better.

PS There is a reason Mentoring for Free is Free