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Monthly Archives: August 2010

15 years ago, I wrote an article that was published in
a Network Marketing magazine that was published for
company owners and executives. The title
of the Article was

“Cater to Mediocrity or Inspire Greatness; that
is the Question”

You can read it here if you would like:


The basic idea behind this article was as an industry we have
to quit catering to the mediocrity of people and not leave the
culture of personal development and personal accountability
that the industry was built upon. At the time, you were seeing
companies lowering their monthly qualification levels to what
we see today which ultimately lowered everyone’s check.

I never have understood why people don’t seem to understand
that if you have a $40 monthly volume level to qualify for your
check instead of $200, you will need 5 times more downline
members to make the same income!

That is why I always believed in having a hot product that
people could retail and not just order to qualify for a check.
The bottom line is people will do what THEY HAVE TO DO, and
very little more. Anyway at the time, companies were Catering
to mediocrity.

That message is still alive and well with Attraction Marketers
constantly telling distributors, their upline doesn’t know what
they are doing and the proven lead generation methods of
the past for some reason no longer work today so buy my
magic bullet.

Oh……don’t get me started!

In my opinion this trend has been very detrimental to the
industry. Over the past 15 years we have seen a ton of
distributors that cannot distinguish the difference between
affiliate marketing, internet marketing and a true career
network marketing opportunity.

Anyway virtually every new internet marketing product
launched today is telling everyone the same story.

• Other courses and ebooks you have purchased
have been a rip off
• The gurus don’t want you to succeed
• Everything you have learned is nothing more
than rehashed, unworkable information
• I am the only honest marketer online
• Look at all the money I have made, and
my software, course, ebook is the answer.

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.


Every nickel you spend on Self-Education is worth it,
as long as you persist.

“Formal education makes you a living, if you become
self educated you make a fortune”
Jim Rohn http://www.3BasicLaws.com

Have I personally invested in courses, ebooks and software
that I felt over promised big time and under delivered? Yes,
absolutely, dozens of times. Have I ever requested a refund?

Only once in the last 10 years that I can recall. I can’t
even tell you what the product was but I did feel like it
was a BLATENT rip off and fulfilled zero of what was

My philosophy has always been if I can get one good idea,
concept, method or philosophy, it is worth it, if it helps me
add to my personal education and base of knowledge.

Yes, I have ordered multiple products were GEEK Types
have talked way over my head, but I don’t necessarily
feel that is their fault.

I truly believe that most entrepreneurs are sincere and
want to help others. There are few rip off artist out there.
Understand that you learn and move forward, don’t become
cynical, negative and develop a victim mentality! If that
happens you are guaranteed to fail.

My first 30 years I have invested hundreds of thousands
of dollars in books, courses, DVD’s, CD’s and other
educational material. I plan to the next 30 years also.

SIDENOTE: If you are involved in network marketing and
you are not spending at least 5% of your income on
training RIGHT NOW…You need to go to
http://www.MLMEgo.com RIGHT NOW and log in to
the pre-registration list. If your making 5K a month
or more right now, and not investing at least 5% of
your income your monthly income is 1/2 of what it
should be, and I will reveal why when this report is
released in the near future.

Sorry, I am back on point now. When you are Green
you Grow, when you ripe you rot.

Knowledge is what you learn, AFTER you know it all!

By all means if you are marketing anything online, don’t
tell people that everybody they have ever bought from
in the past has ripped them off. I understand this is
the trend right now, and for people with a victim mentality
this works, but ultimately this message will come back
and bite all marketers in the rump.

Sometimes we have to tell people what they need to
hear instead of what they want to hear. Making a sale
is never more important than telling the truth, and why
I am thinking about it if you tell them the website is
coming down, or there is a limited number of your
widget available, you better be telling the truth, or people
like me and others will never buy from you again.

I understand that all the copy writing courses tell you
to add scarcity to your message. I also understand that
fear of loss is the most powerful motivator on the planet.

If you lose trust, you have lost. Tell people the truth and
whatever you do STAY GREEN!

Your telephone rings, you say hello and the voice on
the other end of the line asks, “What is the specific,
number one reason you are building your Network
Marketing business?”

Could you answer immediately or would you have to
think about it awhile?

Strong organizations are built by leaders with strong
reasons. When you wake up every morning you are
thinking about one of two things: your reasons or
the work.

The work — phone calls, emails, follow-up letters,
3-way calls, etc — won’t turn you on and provide
you with the motivation needed to do your business.

Your REASONS focused upon WILL!

Stop for a minute and think about some of the
successful leaders in your company. What were
their reasons for getting involved with your company?

Over the years I have heard hundreds and hundreds
of stories about people near bankruptcy, high medical bills,
terrible jobs, unemployment, and many other strong
REASONS that motivated them to develop their Network
Marketing Business.

You can sit in training meetings every week, attend
Super Saturday Training’s for the next five years,
attend every company convention, and be on a
different mlm training webinar every night but:


You have up line leadership that can teach you HOW
to do the business, but they can’t provide you the
REASONS for doing it. Your reasons are personal
and must come from within.

One of the first steps we teach leaders with every
distributor who sponsors into your company is to
have them complete a “20 Reason’s Sheet”.

We even have the forms available to those who
invest in our Start Right MLM program at


After they complete it, they make a copy and
give it to their upline leader. All network marketing
leaders should know exactly why their people are
doing the business, but more importantly, we want
all new distributors to know why.

This is an excellent management tool that I highly
recommend that you consider using. People do things
for their reasons, not ours. Their 20 Reason’s Sheet
can become your carrot or in some cases, your stick.

When you are talking to new associates, You should
talk about their reasons for doing the business, not

Once they know why, they are well on their way to
learning “how.” Until next time, make sure you
are prepared if the phone rings and the voice on the
other end asks, “why?”

Dawn and I must be getting old. Have you
ever noticed that the older we get the more
in a routine we become? Every Sunday night
we head to Starbucks. It has become our

Anyway as we were heading to Starbucks
tonight I made the statement. “It is a lot
different now driving to Starbucks because
I know the road and what is coming next”
When we first started driving to Starbucks
Dawn had to tell me every turn because I
didn’t know the roads. Through repetition
I have figured it out.

If you ever hear anything from me, hear this

If you have been reading this blog or follow
any of my other mlm training programs,
you have heard me drive this point home.
In the MLM training DVD “The Road to $10,000
a Month in Network Marketing” I lay out the
entire process that you will go through. You
can see the video at the bottom of the page
here: http://www.mlmhelp.com/Products/PersDev.html

I talk about free lead generation learning
process you will go through in our free
publication 6 D MLM Training at


I have discussed the entire concept of
predictability dozens of times with people
who have been around the industry a long

Once you understand this concept it becomes
a game changer. You quit trying to change
THE WAY IT IS and learn to simply WORK WITH

Our real product in the network marketing
industry is people. I can’t tell you what 1 person
will do but I can tell you what 100 people will
do. “People as individuals are very unpredictable
but the masses of people are very predictable”

We all follow the same path, and the road to
$10,000 a month is no different. After you
understand the road it is much easier to

Below is an email I sent to some of our top customers
and clients this week regarding 2 awesome programs.

I have some more comments I want to share with you
after you have read this:



Thanks for opening this email, you will
not be disappointed!

There are more good marketing ideas right
now than ever before. If you are like me
your email box is jammed daily with different
offers and ideas. Some junk, some good,
some great.

I almost missed a couple of great ideas lately
because I simply didn’t take the time to get
the whole story.

I don’t want you to make the same mistake with
these 2 ideas.

Here are a couple of awesome marketing ideas
that can create additional income streams for

#1 This is probably the Best Free content I
have ever seen online. It is a little advanced
but if you understand words like Aweber and CPA
you simply must see this video. If you don’t
then just skip this and go to #2.

Here is the Video Link:


#2 Is a simple way to make an additional income
stream GIVING AWAY a valuable piece of software
that will save people money. Let’s face it, if
you can’t give this away, you should forget making
money online. I am serious!

Here is the link:


I value your time, and I appreciate you opening my
emails when I send them to you.

Yes I am a marketer, Yes I want to make
money. However, I really do understand
that my success is in direct proportion
to the number of people I help.

I never want to take advantage of our relationship
& your trust in me and my recommendations. I know
that sometimes I send out emails
that are not applicable to everyone. That is
why I pre-qualify the best I can.

I don’t have just 1 Giant email list. My list are
segmented into over 100 sub-list.

If you are reading this there is a good chance that
you have an interest in online marketing, affiliate
marketing and creating additional streams of income.

I KNOW the above 2 programs can do that for you.

Have an awesome Wednesday.

To your Success,



It appears to me that the gap between
marketers in a rythm and marketers that
are confused and frustrated is growing.

Today I have listened in on 2 recorded webinars
and visted a website that all 3 had products I
invested in. Yes, I buy everything because I
believe strongly in the concept of “Personal Education”.

I believe that we should all try to develop a BASE
of Knowlege as it relates to marketing online and off.

If you do this with out understanding the “Pardox of
Knowlege” you will go crazy. The Paradox of Knowlege
simply put is the MORE WE LEARN the more we realize

Don’t let this truth stop you from learning all you
can learn.

There truly are more opportunities right now than ever
before, the sad thing is many people who call themselves
marketers don’t have the BASE KNOWLEDGE to recognize
opportunity when they see it.

There is more of a victim mentality right now than at
anytime because people have invested in products and
courses that haven’t instantly MADE THEM Successful.
Don’t fall into this trap, keep learning, growing and developing
your base of knowledge.

Here is a frightning example. I am shocked at the number of
people who have been online for several years and never
developed a list. THIS IS STEP 1 to online marketing success.

How can you miss STEP 1 ??

Before you ask, my primary list are with:


If I could do things over I would have started with them for
multiple reasons, but that is another topic for another time.

You have to do the basics if you ever expect to
create long term success online, and that ALWAYS
HAS BEEN AND ALWAYS WILL start with a building
a list!

The key word in the title is “WORKING”. Most network
marketing organizations are filled with what I call
“Social Club Members”. They like hanging out with
the crowd, but have never really, CONSISTENTLY
worked their business.

This stage is predictable. It usually happens after
a distributor has been working for 2-3 years. They
have a group of 50-100 distributors or more, but very
few are producing.

These people have worked hard, but usually
feel over come with the question:

“Is it ever going to happen for ME?”

I recently read a Facebook post by a well known
network marketer who made the statement, “In
network marketing you get paid exactly what you
are worth”

I respectfully DISAGREE. That is simply not true. You
must understand the reality of the Time & Money
Chart that we have shared on various mlm training

In the BEGINNING you do a lot of work YOU DON’T GET
PAID FOR, but Later on You get paid for a lot of work you
don’t do. THAT IS THE TRUTH!

Let me share an email I received last week.


Mr. Calvert,

I just wanted to let you know that your Frustrated &
Anxious Training on CD along with your Power of a
Dream DVD, stopped me from making the worst decision
of my life and quitting my business.

I had worked hard for 31 months and felt I had little to
show for my efforts. I was ready to quit. I had a talk
with my upline and told them of my intentions.

They made me promise to watch 1 DVD and listen to
1 audio CD before I quit. They sent me your Frustrated
and Anxious CD from your Pure Motivation set and your
Power of a Dream DVD.

I decided to give it one more year, to make 4 “90-Day Runs”
as you teach in another CD from the set. My 3rd 90 day run
I recruited a lady, that wanted it bad. I start her right
because my upline has incorporated your Start Right program
throughout his entire team.

To make a long story short, her organization is growing and
more important duplicating. I have also recruited a young
man (he came from a $100 Bill Drop Card) that is also doing
a fantastic job and building quite a team.

You are so right, after you finally find your 1st person that is
willing to work and be teachable, EVERYTHING DOES CHANGE!
I am truly excited about my business, and please let everyone
know that the Frustrated and Anxious training is worth 100X
the investment in the entire Pure Motivation Set.

I look forward to meeting you personally someday.

Nancy Withrowe


Ladies and gentleman, you have heard me
say it 1,000 times, but we all do follow the
same path to success in network marketing.

I also like to call the Frustrated and Anxious stage
the “How Bad do you REALLY Want it Stage?”
Persistence, is probably one of the most
overlooked factors of success.

Understand, that if you persist you succeed!



This ends at the end of August, and is not
something I am going to promote, it is only for
those that read this blog post.

For the month of August we are going to
include my “Power of a Dream” DVD, a $29.95
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10 CD Pure Motivation MLM Training Program.

You can read all about this program here:


Every competent upline, should have this set,
because I promise you, there will be people on
your team that need to hear at least one of these
training CD’s throughout your career.

In fact, you probably have people right now
that need to hear the Frustrated and Anxious
CD or one of the other 9 trainings in this set.

You don’t have to do anything special to receive
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