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Monthly Archives: January 2011

I had this question come in after Kent watch my MLM Minute
Video Training on Geneology Leads.

Hello Dale,

I’m using purchased leads it seems from the leads
I’m getting the voice leads and the interview leads a
wide range of personalities from folks who don’t even
have a computer to folks who have and operate their
own businesses and are looking for something additionally
to suppliment their current financial condition. I also
bought “radio spot leads” which will begin Jan. 31 where
a short spot will run on thousands of radio stations and
this is a generic ad because they don’t mention any
specific company but puts out there a business
opportunity waiting to hear from listeners.

So far for me some of the folks sound like there
may be prime for a close but these numbers are few,
quite possibly 3.5 % (of 27 voice leads maybe 3 seem
good prospects) is this good or not

I also purchased “interviewed leads” and it is truely
stupefying that a person would be interviewed and
asked very specific questions about intent, desire contact
info because “someone will be calling on you either by phone,
or e-mail” and best times to be reached and when
contacted by me or anyother subscriber their response
is “I’m not interested” before I ever get beyond
“Hello my name is Kent”

I must say however, I think the interview leads are
slightly better maybe 4% seem interested and want more

Whatever feedback you can give me is always
greatly appreciated and highly respected

Thank you

Kent Leroy Gardner


Hi Kent,

I have always believed you need to generate
your own leads (http://www.LocalMLMLeads.com)

However when calling leads

I think the first statement out of your mouth should be.


This is Dale Calvert calling your from Lexington Kentucky and
I have information here that at one time you were interested in
creating an additional income stream is that still the case?

The problem with leads is many times the leads have been sold
dozens of times. Vendors sale to vendors who sale to other

The bottom line, it is a numbers game. We are all looking for the
right person at the right time in their life.

I hope this helps.