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Monthly Archives: March 2011


I just received an email from one of our team members after
I sent out an update email about a training webinar we are
doing this week.

This is what the person said:

“As soon as this makes enough money and I can quit my job,
you can bet i will be on every seminar available”

On the surface this may seem like a real upbeat positive
message. However our words always reveal what is really
going on in our minds and hearts.

“this makes enough money”

It will never happen.

“This” or any opportunity, comp plan or product will never
make you a penny. Only YOU Developing the SKILL SETS
AND MIND SETS for success will create Success!

Success starts with taking responsibility and understanding.

You are where you are in your life now, good or bad
because of the choices you make. The only way for
things to change is for you to TAKE CONTROL and
RESPONSIBILITY for your own future!

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See ya soon, -

Dale Calvert




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