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Monthly Archives: April 2011

The MLM Sequential Learning System

We are constantly receiving calls and emails at the office
about the subject of sequential learning.

Most want a list of courses and programs that they should
go through in a sequential step-by-step system.

Here is what I recommend.

6DMLMTraining.com Free 35 page PDF report, that explains the
concept of sequential training.

Masses Book and CD that takes this concept to a new level of
understanding. http://www.MLMMasses.com

Start Right MLM program. You will find a recorded webinar here.


Proven MLM Scripts
Free download at http://www.ProvenMLMScripts.com

Local MLM Leads


Funded Proposal System


Newspaper Sponsoring


Create Online MLM Leads


I would also check out implementing the
FREE RK CD SYSTEM. http://freerkcd.com/affiliate.html

At this point you should have the methods, to create a constant
flow of leads to your business. Your goal is to personally
sponsor 3-5 per month.

Now you most have what I call the Leadership Development
Paridgm Shift. It is no longer about you, your mind set, and
your skill sets. It becomes about developing leaders on your

I would go through these 2 courses next.
Read Free PDF at www.PinnacleMLMLeadership.com

Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire


Pure Motivation


As your organization continues to grow you need to implement
the Streak When You Slump System .


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newsletter here at: http://www.MLMHelp.com and at


I wish I could get in more detail, but most of our readers
who make this request ask for “A List”. Now we have an
article we can send them to.


Dale Calvert