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Monthly Archives: August 2011

About a year ago I started advertising an affiliate program we market on Craigs List. Some guy calls as if he is a prospect and asked me to call him back. He said his name was Mitch Becker, which appears to be one of many alias's this guy uses. I called him back. He kept saying what are you doing, what is going on, what is this all about etc. I asked if he had seen the webinar we were advertising. He said Dude, I don't have time watch a webinar.

My response was, if you don't have time to watch a webinar, then there is no way you can possibly qualify for me to work with you. You have a good day and I hung up. The guy immediately called back cussing and fussing and talking about how all network marketers were losers and I hung up on him again. Within an hour I receive an email from this guy promoting his press release service. I sent him an email and told him, I would starve before I ever did business with him and that I routinely use press releases in my marketing and had no need for his service. THAT IS WERE THE STORY SHOULD END.

However my upline, who was also running ads on Craigs list had a similar experience with this loose cannon. He did some research on the number and found hundreds of complaints from people on multiple websites. The consensuses is this guy is mentally unstable. I am not exaggerating at all, he is scary crazy. I have talked to multiple people in multiple companies that have had a similar experience with someone calling themselves Mitch Becker. It is really sad how some people can get in such a sad mental state. Many people have had an unnerving experience with this guy. You can find one of Dozens of Websites talking about this Lost Soul here: http://whocallsme.com/Phone-Number.aspx/5125025384/120

Ok, that was about a year ago. Since that time at least once a week I receive a phone call or email from a client of customer member who has had an experience with this guy. This is the latest: Just had a guy call me name Mitch 512-502-5384. He claims to be the best source for leads because he is a core marketer (whatever that is) and that all of us fools that have the igetminefree systems are just generating leads for Dale Calvert. Quote "He is stealing your leads I have proof". He went on to tell me that you sponsored the CEO of MPB in the business and are funneling the leads to him. I had several come backs to his rant and all he would say to my response to him was "dude that's Bull $hit"…so after about the 5th or 6th dude that's Bull $hit I hung up on him. Just thought I'd let you know…I'm sure he is working his way through the classifieds. END OF EMAIL

For those of you that don't know igetminefree.com  is a generic lead capture system we developed.   All of our lead capture pages have been out sourced to a company called Pro Marketing Systems. We have no access to anybody’s leads but our own. I just wanted to get this information documented somewhere so when good ole Mitch Becker comes up I can send people somewhere to get my prospective. I have ignored this thorn in the side for about a year, but felt if I did post this, maybe I can save some people the frustration of talking with this guy. If you have had an experience with Mr. Becker and would like to leave a comment below, please do. I will try to wade through the mountains of spam I get here daily and get your comments posted.