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Monthly Archives: November 2011

“Formal education makes you a living if you become
Self Educated you can create a Fortune”
Jim Rohn

I try to schedule time every day for “Self Education”

I normally take one topic at a time, like Facebook
Marketing, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon Kindle,
or whatever and read and study as much as I possibly
can on that 1 topic. Then put into action what I
learn, tweak and move forward. Over the years this
has become part of my rountine. At any time if you
ask what subject I am focussing on, I can tell you.

Sometimes a spend a few weeks on a subject, sometimes
months. I know that if I

“Knowledge without action leads to self-delusion”

I have heard it said that we are all 5 books away from
becoming an expert on any subject.

So my question to you is what are you going to be
learning over the holidays? Most people that have
full-time jobs, get a little more time off during the

How are you going to use that time? Are you going
to be spending it all watching football, or will you
use some of that time on your own personal

For the past year I have encouraged readers to learn all
they can on these 3 marketing trends.

Mobile Marketing

It doesn’t really matter to me, what you are learning, for
me it is more about getting into the habit of “self education”.

You can do anything you want in your life, and you can learn
anything you want to learn with focused effort. I only listen
to those that have actually done what I am trying to learn
to do. The internet is full of people trying to teach how to do
something they have never done.

I see way to many network marketers that learn a few skills
and then attempt to ride those skills for as long and far as
they can.

That philosophy eventually will put you in a situation where
you will wake up one morning and realize the marketing world
has past you by.

So I want to encourage you guys to use some of your Holiday
time to focus on self education and get in the habit of learning
again. 2012 can be the best year of your life, when you focus
on getting better every day.

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