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Here is your special gift – from me to you. This has helped
me build a great organziation and I hope it can do the same
for you.

Fish Bowl Prospecting!

To your success,


Dale Calvert




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2 Responses to Fishbowl Prospecting

  • Connie Dellafave says:


    I had the opportuntiy to sit under your teaching at Ameriplan in January. You are truly a blessing to the MLM industry. Thank you for sharing.

  • Tony Barnes says:

    Dale, I was priveledged to attend your Ameriplan teaching in February, and it has changed my entire attitude and belief system! I am on fire, and as a result so are my team members! They are all driving towards making SRSD so they too can sit at the feet of the greatest MLM teachers I have ever heard in my life! THANK YOU DALE!!

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