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Internet Marketing

If you missed the segment and interview with Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos on 60 minutes last night, it is something that every entrepreneur should see, so here it is:

As many of you know we have been recommending that marketers find a way to tap into the power of Amazon for several years. We always try to practice what we teach and preach. When I first started publishing some of our MLM training manuals on Amazon’s Kindle platform there were only a handful of Kindle books available on Amazon. At the time of this writing there are hundreds, in the near future there will be thousands.

We have been selling some of our training DVD programs, like Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire on Amazon for several years.

For the last three to four years we have been having Amazon Affiliate websites built, make them profitable and then selling the entire website. Over the past year we have tapped into the fulfillment by Amazon business model and the results have been staggering, the Amazon FBA business model alone, has six figure monthly potential.

So I am a big believer in Amazon and have always felt that as marketers we need to learn go where the traffic already is. As I watched the interview last night it became obvious to me why Amazon is basically taking over the online marketing world. I have heard it said that 1/3 of ALL online sales in the US are done on Amazon.

As I watched the interview, a couple of quotes really stood out and were so good I don’t want to forget them and are applicable to network marketing and all business. I remember years ago when I had the paradigm shift that “all successful entrepreneurs think the same way and have basically the same thought patterns”. I use to love to watch the A&E show Biography because this idea was confirmed over and over.

Powerful quotes from Jeff Bezos on 60 Minutes


“The long term approach is rare enough that it means you are NOT competing with very many companies”

I have always tried to teach that network marketing is not about the income you can generate next month, it is a 3-5 year game plan to success as we harp on over and over in our MLM Training Club program. As network marketing leaders one of the best things you can do is teach your team to have a 3-5 year game plan. If you want to make an extra $500 a month there are easier ways. Network marketing is about wealth creation, and that is not going to happen in 90 days.

“Just the change in timeline can be a very big competitive advantage”

As a network marketing leader, prospects and business minded people appreciate hearing the truth. Yes the masses foam at the mouth at the hype, and the thought of doubling their income in 90 days, or getting rich while watching TV, however business minded people respond to logic, facts & numbers.
If you tell people the truth, and tell them up front you are working a 3-5 year game plan to wealth, and avoid the get rich quick pitch, it will give you a competitive advantage with the right type of people.

“You have to Earn Your Keep in this World”

Most people have the philosophy “If first I don’t succeed, fix the blame quick”. However business minded people understand that success starts with responsibility and every business model requires mindsets and skillsets that can be developed over time.

“Complaining is not a Strategy”

All I can say to this is Amen!

One final thought. In the video they make the statement, “After products arrive to Amazon” keep in mind that 95% of those products are being sent to Amazon by people like you and me that are tapping into the FBA Amazon business model. (Success leaves Clues)



I have had several people ask for my opinion on Pure Leverage.

My question to them  is as a business opportunity or as a product?  


90% say as a business. 

So let me sum up my thoughts in one sentence and then I will expand.  As a product, Pure Leverage is the best of it's kind in the market, as a business opportunity there are simply too few potential customers for most people to ever make a significant income.


Pure Leverage
Click Here to Watch the Video


I have been using GVO for hosting, the company behind Pure Leverage, for nearly ten years.  They have always offered the best website hosting options for marketers like myself with multiple websites, Now with the introduction of Pure Leverage they offer the best option for newbie marketers, by allowing them to combine hosting, autoresponders and other essential tools into one low cost package.  If you are getting started marketing online,  or plan to, Pure Leverage is an option you should look at.

When evaluating any business opportunity, the first question you should ask is,  What is the true market potential of the product or service?  The most valuable asset any of us have is our time.  It takes the same amount of time to promote a product with limited market potential as it does a product or service that appeals to the masses.  As I see it, Pure Leverage is the best product of it's kind for those that want to market products online via a website.   That  is not 97% of the POPULATION!

So yes, I will recommend Pure Leverage to customers that are setting up an online presence, but  I will not be running online promotions for Pure Leverage when there are so many other products and service in the market that have much greater mass appeal.

list building

If you have been around Internet Marketing anytime at all, you have heard dozens, if not hundreds or thousands of time, "The Money is in the List".  I disagree,  the money is in the "relationship" you have with your list.  

I personally have many websites and mailing list in specific niches that I have no relationship with, and honestly no interest in.  Organic gardening is one of them.  Now there is nothing wrong with organic gardening, it is a lucrative niche market, it is just a market I have no real interest in or knowledge about.  I have made money in that niche, but it does not really interest me.  I am in the process of getting out of many niches and selling off several websites. It has taken me awhile to learn that if you aren’t passionate about what you are doing, you will not promote at the level your should. Even though I have many niche websites that make money with awesome domain names, I would rather pass them on to someone who has passion about the niche and a real desire to help people and share their passion.

I want to focus on the markets where I have personal expertise, and clients and customers that know me, know my training style and and understand my "No Fluff" philosophy.

With all that said.  If you are going to be successful marketing online, you absolutely must build list.  You have heard this over and over, yet many people who call themselves marketers have never consistently built and maintained list.  The time to start is NOW!


This webinar will help you.


MLM List Building Workshop

It is a common belief  in the marketing world
that Google hates entreprenuers and cators towards
big bussinesses with deep pockets for advertsing
Google just added a new element to their search
.  The best we can tell these started last
It's called the EMD update.
EMD stands for exact match domains.
This means if your domain matched your keywords exactly,
Google no longer gives you any credit for the domain.
So internet marketers who were  lucky enough to
own teethwhitening.com and got to sit on the top of
the pack for a long time, those days are -or soon
will be over. In general this can be a good move
for the consumer when websites offer no real
Many of my marketing friends with exact match domains are
reporting some down movement in their sites.
Personally some of our niche websites with excellent content
have been hit as well.  There really doesn't seem to be any
guidelines, rhyme or reason to their actions.
Over the years I have spent hundreds of hours and a lot of
money on search engine optimization strategies.  NO MORE!
I give up!
Three times in the last 5 years or so google has come in and
wiped websites off the map.  Granted, many of them deserved
to be, even some of mine.  
I have had the website  www.LocalMLMLeads.com  since
2003.  It took me forever and a lot of work to get this website
ranked.  I added a blog to the website, a ton of videos and
put hours of work into the website.
It is a great website that promotes an awesome course to
teach network marketers how to create leads in their local
market.  We also provide a FREE 7 part video series to share
local mlm lead methods.  The last 3 years it has been #1 on
Google and #1 on Bing for the search term Local MLM Leads,
as it should be.
I am the only marketer that has a course on this, and I have
been teaching these methods of years.
Today if you go to Bing and type in Local MLM Leads, this
website is there right at the top.   On google?  Because it
is an Exact Match Domain, we have gone from the Top of
page 1 to I don't know where???  We aren't even in the
top 30 listings now. 
Thankfully my business does not depend on the search
engines.  However this latest move by Google will cost
me several thosuand dollars a month, and I am not real
happy about that.
I guess my point is in life and business there will always
be things that happen that are 100% out of our control.
We can stew over it for hours, days, months, or years,
or we can learn what we need to learn, and move forward.
I have learned not to spend another minute or penny
on search engine optimization.  All I can do is provide
the best content I can and let the chips fall where they
For all of us our success or lack their if depends on
our ability to focus on what we can do and not worry
too much about that which is out of our control.
It  is easy to blame the things that are out of our
control, but when we do, many times we lose sight
of what we can control.
  Stay focussed on what you
can do daily to move towards your goals and dreams.

If you are not in the Pinterest Loop, Now is the Time!


*Just Launched* Pinterest Posting Software
This will Pin Your Interest Now-Tested

Dawn & I Have Been Testing This over the weekend, ok mostly
Dawn, but it is Simply Superb

*Just Launched* This will Pin Your Interest Now-Tested

Some of you may have noticed that  Dawn & I have got
involved in Pinterest in a big way this past weekend.



Because people love pictures and you can
make your pictures go viral very fast at
Pinterest and create a lot of traffic to any
website you choose.

How many people in Ashburn,Virginia
do you think have a Pinterest account?

Well… let me take that back a moment.

If you have the right software, you can
make your pictures go viral very fast.

This just launched and it is getting rave
reviews and boy is it cheap right now
at launch. (Simular software is in the
$200 Range)

We tested it  Saturday and Sunday
and we are hyped about it.


As we speak I am running this software
in the background and it doing this for me

Automatically pinning relevant pictures for you
Automatically commenting on those pictues
Automatically liking relevant pictures
Automatically repinning pictures for you
Automatically getting you followers

Get your hands on this right away.

You will need this tool as you get involved
in Pinterest.

And if you are not involved. Where the heck
have you been?  This is the fastest growing
website online right now and as I have always
taught, go where the traffic already is!

Follow us here
Dawn:  http://pinterest.com/CollectHallmark
Me:      http://pinterest.com/DaleCalvert

And watch what we are  doing with this
amazing software.

Pinterest Software

Pinterest is poised to be one of the most
important ways to advertise online the
remainder of this year and beyond, and you
need to get in early!

If I can do this. Anyone can do this
As many of you know, I am a complete tech
idiot but I set up Pinterest all by my self
No help from Dawn at all for which she is

Get this software which you will need to
work effectively at Pinterest and get it
now while it is dirt cheap.

Pinterest Software

Get the software. It comes with complete
training in the members area, easy to follow
step by step instructions.

If you buy nothing else this year, get your
hands on this software now for under
20 bucks.  I believe you can make that back
in a day or two.  (We already have sales from
this in our first two days!) 

 Pinterest Software
Gotta Run. I am playing around with this
new tool and I love it.

Dedicated to Your Success,



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