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First I would just like to say, we all need to remember his family in our thoughts and prayers.  He was only 65 years old and for many of us, we realize how young that really is.  That is same age of Colonel Sanders when he STARTED Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I am sad because I never had the opportunity to shake Mark’s hand.  Several years ago we both spoke at an event in Dallas, but I flew in on Friday, spoke and flew out and he was on the schedule for Saturday.

When I think about it, these are probably the 3 reasons I appreciate Mark the most.

  • He was an encourager. In his book Your First Year in Network Marketing
    Mark encouraged distributors to hang in there and be a learner.  He did a good job of preparing people for the emotional highs and lows of the industry and creating realistic expectations.


    • He was a worker. He understood the game is sorting through people.


    At some point over the past 30+ years I remember hearing how Mark went to the Dallas airport every week and handed out drop cards.   That was back in the days when they let everyone go to the gate.  As I remember it, he would walk up to business people and say something like, how often do you travel every month, are you tired of it?  Then he handed them a drop card with a recorded message line.  He did what he could do to get in front of as many people as he could.


    The people who make it in the industry understand it’s a numbers game, and are not looking for shortcuts or a company or product to “make them successful”.


    • He was not driven by an inflated ego. He could admit he didn’t know it all. Over the past 15 years if you have been on one of my training webinars, or attended one of my live training events there is a good chance you have heard me reference Mark’s article –  I THOUGHT I KNEW WHAT MADE ME SUCCESSFUL BUT I WAS WRONGIn my opinion it is one of the top 2 articles I have ever read.  If network marketing leaders were able to check their egos and implement what he talks about in the article companies would start to explode.   I said that 15 years ago when I first read the article, and believe it even more today.  If you have never read the article, I will say it is not just a must read, every leader in the industry should be required to memorize it, word-for-word.   You can read it here.


    Those are my perceptions of Mark Yarnell.  I always believed he was one of the good guys, who had a heart for people.  Over the past couple of years we  have lost Zig Ziglar, Bill Britt,  Jim Rohn, and now Mark Yarnell.  These people made a positive impact on people all over the world, and when it is all said and done that is really what this industry is all about.


I have always believed the # 1 benefit of being involved in network marketing is the personal growth you experience and the #2 benefit is the friendships you develop.


I am so thankful to have been able to get involved in the industry at age 20 and discover awesome mentors like Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar, Art Williams, Jim Burke and the list goes on and on.


The industry exposed me to books like “The Magic of Thinking Big”, “Think and Grow Rich” and hundreds more.


Thankfully I was young enough to take the message of those books and audio program to heart and at face value.  Truth is Truth.


I am even more thankful that I was able to help my 3 daughters understand and apply what I call “The Wisdom of the Ages” in their life.


I have said all of that to say this.  When my first grandchild was born, Chapel Grace Brown it had a profound effect on me and my responsibility as a grandparent.  Many of you know exactly what I am saying.


As you know, over the years we have personally produced hundreds of hours of audio training CD’s for the network marketing industry.  I have been amazed how many times parents have told me that their kids pick up more than they do.  We are currently running a new generic cd of the month program at www.MLMTrainingClub.com and many of you are members.  The testimonies on what this program is doing for people not just in their business, but in the life of their family is very humbling.


Many of our past team members will tell you that the #1 benefit of being involved in the industry has been the positive effect  the books, cd’s and meetings had on their kids and grandkids.


So because of all of this, I wanted to let you know about a new book I have written with my granddaughter.  It is a children’s book and it is on free promotion on Amazon, today through Thursday January 24th.  


It is titled “Mean Kids Can’t Get Your Goat, if They Don’t Know Where It’s Tied”



Here is the link:


hope you will download it, and read it to your children or grandchildren.

This is the first book under a new division of our Amazon Publishing company we are calling LIFE LESSON BOOKS.


If you don’t own a Kindle, you can download a free kindle for PC program here:



Please leave your book reviews on Amazon and let us know what you think. Your positive reviews mean more than you can imagine in determining the ultimate success of this book, and you can help us get this important message into the  public.


Have a great week.


I appreciate your support.

I see this pop up on Facebook from time to time.


You have probably seen it as well.



Just to set the record straight.

Trump was asked the question by Johnny Carson
on the Johnny Carson show.

Trump said, (As a Joke)  I would join Amway.

That is what really happened so network marketers
have butchered this quote ever since.

Yes Trump the Master Pitchman purchased a fledgeing
mlm company and put his name on it. 

You can read more about that here if you want.





Don Lapre Update During the end of June this year, I shared some thoughts about Don Lapre going to jail. Not knowing the facts, but from the outside looking in, it appeared that losers were looking for someone to blame, as they always do.

You can read my comments here if you want: here:



Today, I just received a text from my friend, asking me if I had heard that Don was found dead in jail of an apparent suicide, I had not heard. That is heart breaking. I don't know what he was facing in jail. Like many of you I know what it feels like to be accused of something you didn't do for reasons you never felt.

This is from www.DonLapre.com


Never Stop Dreaming…. I tried to create the best product on earth, paid out millions, made very little trying to make it a success, had attorneys review my entire company, paid out millions in refunds, tried to make the commission and products better every single year, and in spite of all that, I have been accused of something I did not do. I did not have the perfect company but never once did I allow one thing to be done that would violate any law. Nevertheless, because the majority of people did not make money, in spite of everyone of them being able to make as many $1000 checks as they wanted, I am left to fight a battle that will for sure destroy what energy I have left inside… I hope the pictures below motivate you to take a chance in life and try to do the impossible… It did not work out for me with my vitamins but I believe that being willing to fail is part of having a chance at success…. Never stop dreaming and for all those who sent me testimonials of what you did because of some of my help, I am grateful I made a small difference in your life…

DL donlapre2000@yahoo.com

It just sickens me that we have become a culture where every failure, accident, or bad decision, always has to be somebodys fault. We have to all learn to take responsibility for our own mistakes. Live, learn and move forward and most importantly take responsibility. Please remember Don's children and family in your thoughts and prayers.


The news story is here: http://www.nj.com/entertainment/index.ssf/2011/10/tv_pitchman_don_lapre_found_de.html

I just returned from a trip to Budapest, Hungary.
I did 3 MLM training seminars in 2 days.

I did my best to teach and inspire the people in
attendence. When I travel, especially outside of
the United States it seems that I learn more than
I ever expect.

In my next issue of my monthly “No Fluff” MLM
Help newsletter, the entire issue will be dedicated
to this trip and be called “Lessons from Budapest”.
If you don’t subscribe to this content rich newsletter
you can right here:


The friendships you develop in the network marketing
industry are one of the most valuable benefits of being
in this industry.

Before I left for Budapest I got word that a former
downline member Barry Tiller had died in an automobile
accident. He was 44, and left his wife and 3 children.
In the mid-nineties Barry and I spent thousands of
hours together at training meeting, events and
meetings after the meeting. He was a good man.

The sad part is over the year we had lost contact. I
can only be thankful that our paths crossed and we
were able to make so many good memories.

While in Budapest I had a very interesting and unique
experience that reminded me of the importance of
friendship. I will talk about this and a lot more brain
tweaks I received on my trip in our August newsletter.

I hope you will enjoy it.