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MLM Training 2

Henry Ford said it best.

“If YOU THINK you can, or YOU THINK you
can’t, your RIGHT!

My dad, brother and I attended the Boys
Kentucky State Tournament at Rupp Arena
again this year, I think it was our 12th straight
year. If you have ever seen the movie Hoosiers
that is what it was like.



Our local team, Scott County did not make it
this year. So our philosophy is we root for the
smallest school and any school that is not from
Louisville. Owensboro won the championship. The last
time they won the boys state tournament was in
1980, and the current coach was actually a player
on that team.

Nobody picked Owensboro to win it all, but you
can tell, from the first time they walked on the
court, THEY BELIEVED they were going to win.

“As you Believe, so shall it be done unto you”
What do you believe about your business?


The University of Kentucky won against Cincinnati
Ohio, they are now 36 – 0 only 4 more games to
a National Championship and a history making
40-0 season!

So I am going to continue the celebration, offering
our friends, clients, and customers another very
special offer.

TODAY I am proud to offer my DOUBLE CD SET
MLM MINDSETS. This Double CD Set is available
on Amazon for $22.00. In celebration of
Kentucky’s victory over Cincinnati 64 -51. I am making
this double CD set available for only $10.00
shipped to your door!


I have never advertised this CD through our company,
the only place you can get it is on Amazon or when I
speak at live events.

The testimonies I have received on this DOUBLE CD
SET has been phenomenal. In this CD I share with
you the 10 most important Mindsets that you must
develop in yourself and your network marketing team
to increase your odds for success.

I cannot and would not tell you that if you internalize
these concepts network marketing success is 100% guaranteed.

However I can guarantee you that internalizing these concepts
they will help make your journey more predictable and much less

Here is the contents of CD 1
1) Introduction
2) Learn to Work with THE WAY IT IS
3) Personal Education is Required
4) What Kind of Business are You In?
5) Time Management, The Best Kept Secret of the Rich
6) The Law of Averages Works for Everybody

Here is the contents of CD 2

1) Fear of Rejection
2) Fear of Loss
3) There Ain’t No Fu Fu Dust
4) Beware of the Social Club
5) Three to Five Year Game Plan

To order this CD for only $10.00 and receive
50% off our normal $22.00 Amazon price
Click here now.

THURSDAY 3/26 at 7:00 PM

Don’t miss out on this special offer.


P.S. After you listen to this double CD set,
I would appreciate it if you would find it on
Amazon and leave and honest review, it helps
more than you know.

Here is the Amazon Link

I hope everyone is having a good summer. We just got back from spending a week in Kentucky with family and friends.

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post called THE ONE MLM TRAINING CD EVERY NETWORK MARKETER MUST MEMORIZE.

Today I want to share with you two articles that I feel are the two best training articles that have ever been written. I honestly believe that if every network marketer would read, internalize and act upon the concepts in these articles the positive benefits the industry would receive would be beyond our imagination.

The first is: I thought I knew what Made Me Successful, but I was Wrong by the legend Mark Yarnell. This article identifies the #1 challenge of developing a duplicating mlm organization, but very few have the guts to talk about!


The second is: The Land of 10,000 Unrecruited Heavy Hitters by Len Clements. This article was written almost 20 years ago and the problem has only compounded since Len wrote the article. The truth is, for the past 15 – 20 years all most network marketers have done, is recruit each other. This article will create a major mind shift for all network marketing “leaders”.


You can find both of these articles on this website if you use the search box, and I also included them in this FREE PDF.


Download Top MLM Training Articles Here

While we are on the subject, I believe the BEST BOOK ever written on building a MLM Team is Raising a Giant by Bob Crisp, you should be able to find it on Amazon.

Many times after people visit our website directory at DaleCalvert.com they will contact me and ask me which of my training programs and books I would recommend they invest in. That always depends on the individual and where they are on the network marketing road to success.

However the above articles should be internalized and Bob’s book should be read by ALL Network Marketers. They will help you develop a good foundational understanding of what it really takes to build a growing, duplicating organization.

Become a student of the principals, because they never change. Prospecting and recruiting methods have evolved over the past 30 years and they will continue to evolve with technology however the foundational “Wisdom of the Ages Success Principals” will never change. Study them, learn them, and make them part of you.

For the record the two training programs that I have done, that I wish every network marketer would have as part of their training library are.

Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire DVD Training


and the booklet Why the Masses of Network Marketers are Frustrated, Confused, and Don’t Have a Clue What They are Doing.



The good news is only about 3% of the people that enter the network marketing industry have the natural skills sets and mindsets to build a business, and whatever they do build cannot be duplicated. Personality is not duplicatable, only systems are. The rest of us have to rely on developing the proper skill sets, mindsets, and have the proper systems in place that can be duplicated by the majority of people on our teams.



Dawn and I just got back from an awesome 7-Day Caribbean cruise.  Yesterday was our wedding anniversary; we actually got married four years ago on a cruise ship.


Dale & Dawn Cruise Pic


When we got married I told her, I only spend money on two things… memories and personal education.


Years ago I bought into the concept that you should learn to live on 70% of your income, Tithe 10%, Save 10% and Invest 10% on your own personal development and education.


When I look at the network marketing industry, it is shocking to me how many “leaders” don’t invest in their own education.  Maybe network marketing leaders should be forced to have continuing education as doctors, financial planners and other professionals are required to do.


I have the opportunity to train at different Super Saturday events and corporate conventions every year.  I normally have a sales table set up where we offer some of our training programs.  We always sell out, but the interesting thing is I would estimate that 80% of the top income earners in various companies normally don’t spend a dime on training.  Why is that?  No, it is not because it is me :}  every trainer in every industry will tell you the same thing.  I find that fascinating.


I personally spend more on training and personal development than anyone I know.  I believe that many network marketing “leaders” build it with the skill sets that they enter the industry with (3% ers).  The problem with that is there will be many people on your team that will need more support and direction.


I have always believed that is was the responsibility of network marketing leaders to provide proven systems to their teams to help people move and progress forward.   Most people cannot duplicated the skills, attitudes, and communication ability of 3%ers.


As leaders we have to provide the right track for people run on, and understand the network marketing business is not about finding leaders and developing a following, it is about DEVELOPING LEADERS.  If the growth of your organization depends upon finding other 3%ers instead of developing the 27%ers, you will never maximize your success in the industry as I talk about on the MLM  Masses CD Training.


Stay green!   I have heard it said that Knowledge is what happens after you know it all!  I am so thankful that I was sold on the idea of investing in personal develop 30 years ago.  As Jim Rohn said many times

“Formal education will make you a living, if you become self-educated you can create a fortune”    

The longer I live, the more I am convinced that "self educated"  people, all come to the same conclusions, or maybe we just all studied Jim Rohn.  Regardless, I was doing some research today on a future project and I came across the article below from CS Hughes.  I thought it was awesome and I wanted to share it with our readers.  This explains exactly why those of you have not yet joined THE MLM TRAINING CLUB,  should join today!   :) 

I hope you enjoy the article,  truth is truth and when was the last time you heard the term "University on Wheels"?  I can remember a time when  you could not attend a training event without that phrase being repeated over and over, and as I talk about in the 7 Lies book, it is one of the missing ingredients in today's mlm culture.   Time is the most valuable asset we have, turn off your radio, and use it to improve yourself!



I can remember when I went to the Dodge dealership to order my Dodge Viper when they first  hit the market.  The sales person was so proud of the fact that they came with a CD Player.  This was in 94 when CD players were the new thing.  I told the guy,  I have to have a cassette tape player.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  I said you don't understand,  I have hundreds and hundred of cassette tapes, and if weren't for them, I wouldn't be paying cash for this car!  

Cassettes, CD/s or MP 3's  just put the right message in your mind and the positive results will follow!



For me, the most memorable part of the movie Superman, is the very beginning when, Kal-El (baby Superman) was placed into that crazy little capsule and sent billions of miles away to planet Earth just prior to the destruction of his home planet Krypton. During his trip, his fathers recorded instruction played continuously, teaching Superman everything he needed to know. And this education guided him throughout his life.

It'd be nice if we were all Superman, and our Super-wise and Super-noble Super-dads made us a killer audio to listen to during the commutes of our lives. Unfortunately, that's not the case. So we need to fill that void.

Best selling author and top mobile classroom, can make you a fortune. I can’t even conjure up the possibility in my mind that any honest man or woman who truly desires a better life, could invest 2,500 hours into educating, motivating and inspiring their mind and not find themselves at the very top of the socioeconomic latter. This is the The rules have changed. Today, currency is not gold or silver, or paper funny money. It's knowledge. To make it in the new economy, we need to be learning at a much more rapid rate than ever before, and apply what we learn as quickly as we can. And, turning your car into a university on wheels is an excellent way to do that.

So make it a habit to listen to an educational and positive audio program every day. What do you want to learn? What skills do you want to acquire? Unlike college, you don’t have to take your generals first before you get into the good stuff. You can get into the good stuff right now!

And here’s a tip.

Go to your local library! Less than 3% of our population owns a library card, and yet their free. Recently, I was in my local library browsing their audio section. I was astounded by the number of incredible audio programs sitting on the shelf, just waiting to unleash their power onto and into an open mind willing to receive it. These days, I like purchasing my audios because I value having my own library, however if money’s tight, you have a vast resource available to you in your local library.


The MLM Training Club is a CD of the month program, 
that will guide you step-by-step, SEQUENTIALLY to 
MLM Mastery

MLM Training Club Header




For Immediate Release
February 2013


Americas Top Network Marketing Trainer introduces
new 18 months to MLM Mastery Program


More than 95% of all direct selling companies employ multi-level marketing (MLM) in their compensation package, and that is translated to an astonishing 97% of all sales acquired exclusively using this phenomenal marketing strategy. Hundreds of large distributor organizations worldwide have already embraced the MLM Training Clubs no-fail business magic. Now individual distributors can implement these proven systems.

Dale Calvert and his MLM Training Club have launched an amazing opportunity for people who aspire to be a marketing empire on their own. A program specifically designed to share the secrets and ultimate techniques of multi-level marketing is made comprehensive yet incredibly extensive, leading to its mastery in just 18 months. This program integrates full online capability through a series of 18-month webinar to reach a wider audience and impart MLM’s greatest secrets without taking away the convenience of home learning.

Dale Calvert veers away from pure theoretical marketing webinars that do nothing but share information without developing the necessary skills in applying the theories. By joining MLM Training Club, members are guaranteed to master the necessary mindsets and skills to make their business successful and thriving in no time. Because theories are useless unless properly applied, this program will definitely up the ante in developing well-rounded multi-level marketing experts.

Deserving individuals who also act in search for the secrets of MLM success will find what they are looking for. Upon joining, Dale Calvert will share the two secret concepts in network marketing as a whole that no one does. That, and all the things you need to know, will be shared in this comprehensive 18-month program.

Joining is easy. Individuals who do not want to miss this great opportunity need only to sign up in MLM Training Club website and complete the required information. For 18 months, they can experience a no-fluff, no-nonsense multi-level marketing mastery programs that no other experts have ever offered before.

Experience a totally new way of practicing multi-level marketing. Let Dale Calvert guide you to success on your own. Don’t deprive yourself of this one great opportunity. Remember that although formal education might be the way to make a living, self-education will still give you the fortune. You can get all the inside information on this program by visiting www.TheMLMTrainingClub.com

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