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Dawn and I just got back from an awesome 7-Day Caribbean cruise.  Yesterday was our wedding anniversary; we actually got married four years ago on a cruise ship.


Dale & Dawn Cruise Pic


When we got married I told her, I only spend money on two things… memories and personal education.


Years ago I bought into the concept that you should learn to live on 70% of your income, Tithe 10%, Save 10% and Invest 10% on your own personal development and education.


When I look at the network marketing industry, it is shocking to me how many “leaders” don’t invest in their own education.  Maybe network marketing leaders should be forced to have continuing education as doctors, financial planners and other professionals are required to do.


I have the opportunity to train at different Super Saturday events and corporate conventions every year.  I normally have a sales table set up where we offer some of our training programs.  We always sell out, but the interesting thing is I would estimate that 80% of the top income earners in various companies normally don’t spend a dime on training.  Why is that?  No, it is not because it is me :}  every trainer in every industry will tell you the same thing.  I find that fascinating.


I personally spend more on training and personal development than anyone I know.  I believe that many network marketing “leaders” build it with the skill sets that they enter the industry with (3% ers).  The problem with that is there will be many people on your team that will need more support and direction.


I have always believed that is was the responsibility of network marketing leaders to provide proven systems to their teams to help people move and progress forward.   Most people cannot duplicated the skills, attitudes, and communication ability of 3%ers.


As leaders we have to provide the right track for people run on, and understand the network marketing business is not about finding leaders and developing a following, it is about DEVELOPING LEADERS.  If the growth of your organization depends upon finding other 3%ers instead of developing the 27%ers, you will never maximize your success in the industry as I talk about on the MLM  Masses CD Training.


Stay green!   I have heard it said that Knowledge is what happens after you know it all!  I am so thankful that I was sold on the idea of investing in personal develop 30 years ago.  As Jim Rohn said many times

“Formal education will make you a living, if you become self-educated you can create a fortune”    

The longer I live, the more I am convinced that "self educated"  people, all come to the same conclusions, or maybe we just all studied Jim Rohn.  Regardless, I was doing some research today on a future project and I came across the article below from CS Hughes.  I thought it was awesome and I wanted to share it with our readers.  This explains exactly why those of you have not yet joined THE MLM TRAINING CLUB,  should join today!   :)  

I hope you enjoy the article,  truth is truth and when was the last time you heard the term "University on Wheels"?  I can remember a time when  you could not attend a training event without that phrase being repeated over and over, and as I talk about in the 7 Lies book, it is one of the missing ingredients in today's mlm culture.   Time is the most valuable asset we have, turn off your radio, and use it to improve yourself!



I can remember when I went to the Dodge dealership to order my Dodge Viper when they first  hit the market.  The sales person was so proud of the fact that they came with a CD Player.  This was in 94 when CD players were the new thing.  I told the guy,  I have to have a cassette tape player.  He looked at me like I was crazy.  I said you don't understand,  I have hundreds and hundred of cassette tapes, and if weren't for them, I wouldn't be paying cash for this car!  

Cassettes, CD/s or MP 3's  just put the right message in your mind and the positive results will follow!



For me, the most memorable part of the movie Superman, is the very beginning when, Kal-El (baby Superman) was placed into that crazy little capsule and sent billions of miles away to planet Earth just prior to the destruction of his home planet Krypton. During his trip, his fathers recorded instruction played continuously, teaching Superman everything he needed to know. And this education guided him throughout his life.

It'd be nice if we were all Superman, and our Super-wise and Super-noble Super-dads made us a killer audio to listen to during the commutes of our lives. Unfortunately, that's not the case. So we need to fill that void.

Best selling author and top mobile classroom, can make you a fortune. I can’t even conjure up the possibility in my mind that any honest man or woman who truly desires a better life, could invest 2,500 hours into educating, motivating and inspiring their mind and not find themselves at the very top of the socioeconomic latter. This is the The rules have changed. Today, currency is not gold or silver, or paper funny money. It's knowledge. To make it in the new economy, we need to be learning at a much more rapid rate than ever before, and apply what we learn as quickly as we can. And, turning your car into a university on wheels is an excellent way to do that.

So make it a habit to listen to an educational and positive audio program every day. What do you want to learn? What skills do you want to acquire? Unlike college, you don’t have to take your generals first before you get into the good stuff. You can get into the good stuff right now!

And here’s a tip.

Go to your local library! Less than 3% of our population owns a library card, and yet their free. Recently, I was in my local library browsing their audio section. I was astounded by the number of incredible audio programs sitting on the shelf, just waiting to unleash their power onto and into an open mind willing to receive it. These days, I like purchasing my audios because I value having my own library, however if money’s tight, you have a vast resource available to you in your local library.


The MLM Training Club is a CD of the month program, 
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Media Contact
Calvert Marketing Group
Georgetown, Kentucky

"When you are green you grow, when your RIPE you Rot"


There are a large number of RIPE mlm "leaders" in our industry.

They have the title of  Crown Ambassador, Quadroople Diamond,
Master Ruby Pearl, or whatever and they get to tour around like
Elvis and try to explain how they did what they did, when in
reality they don't even know.


There is nothing worse than having a leadership title in a
network marketing company, but really not understanding how
you achieved it other than hard work & determination.

Network marketing is a very complex yet simple business.

The majority of people that I work with one-on-one are great
people, hard workers, who sincerely want to see their people
do well.

However they know that what they do and how they do it can
not really be duplicated, there for it cannot be taught.

It is very hard for someone who is making $10,000 a month
come to the conclusion that they need help to get to the next
level and pay someone like me to help them do it.

The truth is they have already accomplished more than 97%
of the people that have ever entered the industry.

I heard it said once that real learning begins AFTER you know
it all.   I love working with $10,000+ a month earners who come
to the reality that success in network marketing is not about
me earning $10,000 a month, it is about how many of my
people are earning $10,000 a month?!?!

As every network marker can quote "You can have anything in
life you want, if you HELP ENOUGH OTHER PEOPLE get
what they want"  from Zig Ziglar

In today's complex marketing world, leaders have to continue
to learn, grow, and develop, not for themselves, but for their

We have to stay green, and follow proven systems that can
easily be duplicated by the masses.

Having an attitude of learning
is NOT a sign of weakness, it
is a sign of a true leader!


John Maxwell on SUBMISSION


At the Top of every network marketing organization you
will find 3% ers.  The challenge is most of their team are

They think different, they need a different kind of direction
and suport than those that are trying to teach and direct
them needed.

Leaders need to really come to grips with this concept
before they will ever be able to help their team progress
consistently and move forward.

The truth is, most large organizations have 3%ers, stacked
upon 3%ers and the masses, the 27%ers are in a state of
confusion, and a confused mind does NOTHING!

That is an entire training in and of itself.  You can learn
more about this concept if you would like here:




I know as humans we take for granted that which comes
to us.  You do it, I do it, everyone does it.


I find it fascinating that there are people walking among
us that have the ability to play musical instruments by
ear.  That is fascinating to me, but to most of them it
doesn’t seem like that big of a deal.


I also understand that we see things as we are, not
as they are.


We have all heard the cliché, see things through rose
colored glasses, or see the glass half full.  That basically
saying people see the good or the positive sides of a


So yes, negative people always see the glass half empty
and positive people see the glass half full, but that is
really not what I am talking about here.


When I say “we see things as we are, not as they are”


I mean we see opportunities based upon many factors
most of which has nothing to do with the opportunity


It has been my observation that most people judge
opportunities this way.


In my early years of network marketing I heard quite
often, “that looks like a pyramid scheme”.  That objection
changed to “that looks like Amway”.  Today most people
think they understand network marketing and
have had a couple of untrained friends (who didn’t have
a clue)
try to talk them into joining a program. Network
Marketing has become mainstream, but again that is not
really the point I am trying to make either.  Yes I know,
Dale get to your point.


My question again is how do you see (or judge) an
opportunity?  I am not just talking about in network


I have shared with people  hundreds of times over the
years is just because Joe Blow is making $100,000 a month
in XYZ company is no indication that XYZ company is a
good opportunity for the most people. Many times
we judge an opportunity based upon the incomes that
others have made.


The opportunity itself must have the right factors in it’s


For all we know Joe Blown was given a special deal to
bring his 50,000 downline followers from ABC company to
XYZ company and the owner of the company decided to
put everyone in the company in his downline so the
company could have their own “Poster Boy”.  Yes it happens
that way more than you would want to know.






Let me change gears for a minute. If you were given
$125,000 and you had to buy a franchise within 30 days
how would you choose the franchise?


Most people would look at make a list of franchises they like,
how much it cost to start them, and then make their decision
based upon that list.


Personally, I think this makes no business sense at all.


As in network marketing YOU ARE NOT THIS ISSUE!


Using this logic, I would personally buy a Gold Star Chilie
or Larossa’s Pizza Franchise.  Most of you have never had
the pleasure of exerperiencing either of these resteraunts,
because they started in Ohio, and only available in Kentucky
Indiana and maybe one or two more states.






So if I wanted to expand my business, choosing a franchise
that is not even available in most states would probably not
be a great idea.


The other factor is Gold Star Chilie is a product you either love
or don’t care for.  Most people really don’t care for it when they
first try it.  Not because it is not fantastic but because it is not
really what they are expecting, it is not Chilie as most people
know it.  It is, as they say, an acquired taste.


So the point is deciding what kind of business or opportunity to
be involved in based upon our own experiences, failures, likes
and or dislikes really makes no sense.


The past couple of years I have been talking a lot about becoming
personally educated on trends like Twitter,  YouTube,  Kindle,
Mobile Text Marketing, and how you can use these trends to
grow your business.


As most of you know my wife and I operate multiple businesses.


Consulting and training in the network marketing
industry is my bread and butter.  It is what I understand
and know like the back of my hand. 

But after semi-retiring at age 40 I had many other business
interest and the question I have always asked myself is how
can these new trends be used to help someone expand their
network marketing organization?

Many of my readers give me heck for talking about Ebay,
Kindle Publishing, Mobile Marketing, Website Flipping,
or some of the other businesses we are involved in.  I have
never considered myself an Ambassodor for the network
marketing industry.  I have tried to stay focussed on one thing,
helping people.  If I see someone who needs to make $1,000
extra a month now, and I think they can do it quicker with Ebay
than with XYZ company, I will tell them.

I have always believed that telling people the truth and
providing value in the market place is more important
that being a member of the MLM Good O'Boys Club.

What people miss is when I first starte teaching Ebay
and other business models it was to share methods
for network marketers to generate leads or expand
their mlm business.


Over the past couple of years it has become crystal
clear to me that most people do not have the ability
to recognize a real opportunity from a mediocre one. 
It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a network
marketing opportunity, a franchise opportunity, or new
marketing trends.


The ability to evaluate an opportunity is like me
sitting down at a piano and being able to play by
ear like Jimmy Swaggert.







I see a lot of really smart people involved in really
bone head opportunities. 


So when looking at any marketing trend or opportunity
here are a few tips that may help you.

5 Tips to Evaluating an Opportunity


#1  Ask yourself, what is the TRUE Market Potential for the product?
What percent of the population uses this product every month,
every week, or better yet, every day?


#2 What is the real competition in the market, and can
we honestly go head to head with them?


#3  What is the loyalty factor of the existing customers
in the market?

Many times people never consider this question.  That is
one of the reasons the distributors for coffee mlm companies
are having trouble creating a customer base.
  Now that I have
have upset all the coffee company distributors, the same can be
said for the “Wellness” industry.  Here is the reality about the
“Wellness” industry.  Those that are not taking vitamins in today’s
world are going to be a very tough sell.  With all the research and
information in the market regarding supplementation
it is hard to believe that everyone is not taking at least a


On the flip side, most people that do believe in nutrition
and take supplements, have Brand Loyalty which is another
very tough nut to crack.


The reason weight loss companies have always been
successful in MLM is because of  VISUAL RESULTS as
talked about in the CD Vanity Wealth.



#4  This is probably the most import, is the product
or service in front of a trend?
  Is it in front of multiple
trends?  Is the trend supported by TV or the media?  All
opportunities don’t have to be in front of a trend
to work, but it sure helps.


#5 What is the true upset income potential?  I am
amazed at the numberof smart people who start businesses
with apparently never asking themselves this question.  I have
a friend who invested $70,000 in a cookie franchise.

She works 8 -12 hours a day on average sitting at the mall
waiting for someone to walk up and buy a cookie.   She works
more hours than she has ever worked, she struggles every
month to pay her rent, her franchise fees and a couple of
employees.  If there happens to be a little left over that is
hers to keep.

She loved the cookies, the window was open in her life and
she was ready to do something new.   She told me the other
day,  Dale, I just wish I had taken the time to get out a calculator
and figure out exactly how many cookies I would need to sell each
month to make $100,000 a year.  It would have scared me
to death, and maybe I wouldn’t have gotten myself into this mess.


Network marketers are notorious for lying to themselves,
and trying to make square pegs fit in round holes.  We have
probably all been guilty of that in some point in our life.

Bookmark this page, and in the future when the next too
good to be true opportunity comes your way, ask yourself
these 5 questions and more important honestly answer
those questions
, they will help you.






When you decide to move forward with any opportunity, don’t just stick your
big toe in the water!  Move forward with all the energy, determination and
passion you can!