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Multiple Streams Of Income

MLM Wealth Creation


Make no mistake about it, I believe network marketing is about “Wealth Creation”, and has very little to do with making extra income. I have always advised people that want to make a few hundred extra dollars a month go sell hammers and tools at the flea market or something. In other words there are easier ways to make a few hundred extra dollars a month than trying to learn the skill sets and mindsets it takes to build a network marketing team.

When I say things like this it infuriates many network marketing Ambassadors. However I have never seen myself as someone who is “sold out” to the network marketing business model. I understand that it is not for everyone. I also believe my obligation is to help people break the 9 -5 rat race if that is their desire however I can help and support them.

I have seen a lot of good people that are simply pounding their heads against the wall because they were trying to learn the wrong business model based upon their personality, time constraints and ultimate goals.

As my granddad use to say “Their is more than one way to skin a cat”.

I also understand that many up and coming network marketers need to generate cash now.  Thankfully there are still many companies in the network marketing industry that offer lucrative cash now opportunities by simply marketing their products.   However, if I can help them do that by teaching them how to make now cash selling on Amazon or Ebay, or another business model, then they may be able to stay in the network marketing game long enough to become a lifetime leader in the industry. and ultimately lifetime leaders is what the industry needs now more than ever.

In 30+ years I have never seen a business that offers the upside income potential and time freedom that network marketing can provide. However you have to build your team on solid “Wisdom of the Ages” success principals for it to stand the test of time. Leaders also should have the ultimate goal of investing their commissions wisely so they can put themselves in a situation where they don’t need the check from their company to live a comfortable lifestyle. Wealth is created when you learn how to get your money to work for you, instead of you working for the money.

I have looked at hundreds of business models and I believe every model should be judged based upon two factors.

#1 The upside income potential
#2 The time it is going to take to master the business.

We all have to learn to say NO to many good opportunities, so we have time for the GREAT ones. You know if you are on the right track or not. If you are not, sometimes you just have to stop and start over because if you continue to do what you are doing, the results are not going to change. You are either moving forward or your not. If your not ….. CHANGE!

With that said,most of the people who are reading this have been with me for a long time. Many of you are on our CD of the month program, have been on our webinars or attend one of our live events. so you might have heard about this super-simple business model that I’ve been using to make easy extra cash every single month for several years.

A lot of people see me as a “MLM Consultant & Trainer” and that is my expertise. However, I am an entrepreneur first, and my real desire is to help people create cash flow and break the 9 to 5 rut if that is their desire.

Today I am going to let you in on what I call My “Weekend Money Maker”

These simple websites do NOT make me rich… but an extra $10, $20 or $50 per month with absolutely no effort is always welcome. It’s so easy. I thought my system was simple enough as-is. It only takes a couple hours of setup, one-time, per website and I can do several of these in a weekend.

Well, someone has totally blown me out of the water. They’ve created a plugin that essentially takes my WMM system to a new level and 100% totally automates it for you.

Now, you can setup an entire money-making WMM website in 10 minutes or less:


IT BLOWS ME AWAY…this nifty little WordPress plugin has some crazy features built right into it…

My favorite feature is the fact that it auto optimizes your best-performing (a.k.a. TOP PAYING) product posts so they appear at the top of your website, making you the most money per visitor possible.

The ONLY thing this plugin doesn’t really do is get you traffic (actually, it even kind of does that – it has a LOT of viral social media features built into it using Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+)…

…so, I’ve decided to do something that I very, VERY rarely do.

I am going to reveal a couple of my Amazon affiliate websites.



All of these websites sell Amazon products and Amazon sends me commissions. It is that simple. I don’t stock products, and once these websites are set up the run by themselves.

I will probably never sell WildcatGifts.com and if you know me, you know why, but the other two will be listed and sold soon.

I have about 20 websites like this at all times, and when sell one, I build another one.

When a site starts making money, I put some promotional efforts behind it. My goal is to get it to at least $100.00 a month in income, then I sell the website, for $1,000 – $5,000.

I have averaged selling about one of these Amazon websites every month this year, with very little promotional effort. With the plugins available now, even coding and html dummies like me, can build these cool looking websites from just pointing and clicking.

Important: The price for this plugin is dirt cheap for right now, soon it shoots back up to the normal “everyday price” of $97.

If you want to take advantage of this stupid simple business model and add another stream of income to your portfolio, you will absolutely want to grab this.

This possibly could be a major opportunity for you, and I wanted to make sure that you grabbed it before they jack the price back to $97.00

Go check out the plug in and the bonus package
now at:


Dedicated to your Success,


P.S. Every time I do a post like this I get a backlash from people telling me “You have made millions of dollars with the network marketing industry, why do you speak against it” etc. etc. Listen, I don’t know what else to say that I haven’t already said. I love the industry, I am thankful for it, however it is not THE ANSWER for everyone. My goal is to help people move forward in their life and their business and keep the entrepreneurial fire burning!

I am reminded of this quote I heard years ago.

“Never try to explain yourself, your enemies won’t believe you anyway and your friends don’t need an explanation”

P.S.S. Thanks for being my customer, subscriber, and reader of this blog, and more importantly, THANK YOU for taking action. When you succeed, I succeed. I truly mean that. Thank you. :-)



As a member of the human race our obligation is to help people and never take advantage of them. Many times over the years I have spoke at Super Saturday events that are full of what I call 70%ers which simply means people that don’t have a chance in the world at ever building a significant network marketing organization without major personal development.   My thought is always, who sponsored this person? We don’t have to sponsor everyone! Dozens of times over the years I have given people the book THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG as a gift, thanked them for their time, and told them, “I don’t think this opportunity is a good fit for you”.

You are only looking for 3-5 good people a year, and every person you sponsor takes time and energy from you. You are building a team, and the people on that team are a reflection of you as a person and as leader. With that said, once you find the right person that has the foundational skillsets, mindsets, and people skills that can be built upon, you need to do everything in your power to keep them in and MOVING FORWARD. Because of that we recommend that you have a proven RETENTION SYSTEM in place.

When I ask most network marketing leaders What is your Retention System, the look at me like a deer staring in the headlights of a car!


Don’t be this guy!


July 13th


As most of you know I have been encouraging the readers of MLMHelp.com to become educated on several new marketing trends over the past year and a half or so, one of them being Kindle publishing.

The numbers on the number of books being sold now on Amazon Kindle compared to bound books are staggering.  Major bookstores around the country are going out of business.  Will there come a day when a bound book is as obsolete as a record album?

That is what many experts are predicting.  All I know is over the last year and a half Dawn and I have devoted a large amount of our personal education time to learning all we can about Kindle Publishing.  Neither of us are what I would call tech savvy, especially me so to say this entire process has been a lot of trial and error would be a major understatement.

However we have been able to get several books published on the Kindle platform!

If you are not on our Kindle Notification update list and would like to be, you can register at: www.DaleCalvert.com/Amazon


The great thing about publishing on Kindle, is people don't actually need to have a Kindle to download and read your books.  The Amazon reader can also be downloaded on a cell phone or computer.

Our sales from Amazon have done much better we originally projected.  The reason?  Think about it for a minute.  As we have always tried to teach as it relates to creating any kind of lead online is to "GO WHERE THE TRAFFIC ALREADY IS".   Amazon supplies you the one thing all businesses need and that is customers.

Listen, if you have not taken the time yet to seriously investigate the huge marketing potential with Amazon Kindle here is a good place to start:  http://MakeMoneyKindle.com but that is not really the point of this article.  I realize that the majority of our readers are somewhat familiar with Kindle and many of you  have been learning as much as they can.

Some of you have been able to get your books on the Kindle platform, and that is awesome. As you know the number one challenge of uploading a book to Kindle without a doubt is formatting.  It can be an absolutely nightmare.   Some of the early books we published were a mess, heck most of the books published on Kindle a few years ago were a formatting mess.  However today people expect clickable table of contents, pictures, and perfect text alignment.  (Heck I am still trying to figure out how to do that on this blog theme).

Thankfully we have gone through enough training and Dawn has figured 95% of this out, but as many of you know it is very time consuming.  If you have done any publishing on Kindle at all you know exactly what I am talking about, right?

Well, I just watched a video on Kindle formatting that if half of what I am seeing is true, mine, yours, and everyone else's Kindle publishing nightmares are about to end!

You can check out the video here:


Is this mind-blowing or what?

I just think about the dozens of hours that this would have saved us this year, but very thankful to have found it now.  I just had to share it with you guys.  If you are not publishing on Kindle as of yet, but have plans of doing so in the future, BOOKMARK this page and start with this software from day one, it will put you way ahead of the game!

For the last year or so I have been urging my subscribers to stay in front of marketing trends. We have talked about Mobile Marketing, Kindle, and domain and website flipping. We are making good money in 2 of the 3 niches, but we have spent a ton of time in the education mode.

I had a friend and customer send me the email below today and I have received these questions off and on over the past year, so I thought I would share these questions and my answers with you in hopes that I could help a lot of my subscribers at the same time. Remember you are only 5 courses or books away from being an expert in almost any market you choose. (Yes, network marketing is the exception) The way to become successful in network marketing is to follow the free info I share in the book at www.StealYourSuccess.com



Dale, I have learned so much from you over the years. I have couple of personal/business questions I would like to ask you when you get a minute I would appreciate a reply.


QUESTION: You hear so much about multiple streams of income, when should network marketers attempt to diversify their income ?

ANSWER Debbie, this depends on the person. In general this is my opinion. Most network marketers who are talking about multiple streams of income and attempting to work multiple companies, have never made Big income anywhere. They really don't understand the difference between network marketing and affiliate marketing.

In 30 years I cannot name 1 person I have ever met who was making $10,000+ a month in two different companies working them at the same time!  You should never attempt to create multiple streams of income from multiple MLM programs under any circumstance. Network marketing is about residual wealth building. It is not about creating multiple $100 checks, that is affiliate marketing. Network marketing is the most challenging, but most rewarding business model. Leaders must be focused and dedicated to their opportunity, their company and their team. If they can't find a company they can dedicate themselves to then they need to find a new one.

My advice to all network marketers is to don't even think about trying to create another income stream until you have mastered the skill sets and mindsets it takes in network marketing and you get your income to a full-time level.

QUESTION: As you know I am at a full-time income and the business has become easy and systematic for me now (As you said it would). I am ready to diversify my income and spend an hour or so a day learning a new business model. What do you recommend and is there a training program I should start with?

ANSWER That depends really on what your ultimate goal is, remember begin with the end in mind. If you are looking for some quick, extra cash I recommend Ebay, but I think you already sell some items on Ebay don't you? If not this will help: http://www.OnlineAuctionU.com

An addition would be buying and flipping domains and websites. I have some really good info here: http://www.FlipDomainsandGrowRich.com We have been doing this off and on for several years, but now there are some great tools in the market that make this a breeze if you get a little education. If you are looking for another long term residual income stream, then I definitely recommend you learn everything you can on Kindle Publishing. Dawn and I started a Kindle publishing division of our business about a year ago and it has really gained momentum in the last few months. There are several good courses on kindle publishing, these are the ones we recommend:

UPDATE 8/28  We have removed the courses that appeared in this article originally.  We have invested and gone through nearly a dozen courses, and some of the information is out dated, and will even get your Kindle account terminated.  This is the new course on Kndle, awesome, and the only one we recommend at this time. KINDLE TRAINING

And finally Mobile Marketing. This is going to be huge and growing. We have spent a lot of time and money on this, but still haven't quite figured it out, but we will! We have had some campaigns that have done awesome and some that have totally bombed. The best course we have found out their some fare is here: www.MobileMarketingOnline.com Deb, this should put you on the right track. If you have any more questions let me know. Dale JUST REMEMBER …….. In 30 years I cannot name 1 person I have ever met who was making $10,000+ a month in two different companies working them at the same time!

Multiple Streams of Income is a great idea, but focus on business models that create income and leads for your network marketing opportunity.