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As you probably know, way back in 2000 I owned the
first online webinar company called Orbitalk. It is a
long, long story, but when it was all said and done I
lost about ¼ million dollars on that project.

I am not going to go into all the horrific details at this
time, but the bottom line is I was a couple of years
ahead of the curve.

The good news is over the years webinars have probably
been the best use of my time, and they are the best way
to connect with team members and customers.

If you are involved in marketing the good news is today
virtually everyone knows what a webinar is.

If you are doing webinars, or ever plan to you probably
know the #1 software (GoToWeinars.com) charges $499
a month for a 1,000 seat room.

Yes, it just a cost of being in business, but today a couple
of guru marketers have launched a brand new system with
many advance bells and whistle for just $297.00.

Not $297 a month, $297 a year, so needless to say if you
if you are doing webinars in your business or plan to, this
limited offer is worth checking out.

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In today’s world, why would you continue to use conference calls?

We all know that webinars are more engaging when sharing information.

Yes they are more time consuming.

But the question we always have to access is the extra time worth
it? I believe it is!

Sooner or later every marketer must bite the bullet and
and take the time to learn how to conduct webinars. With
this new webinar system, maybe now is the time.



Thanks for all the messages. Yes, I am alive and well, thanks for asking! :)

Every tournament team in college basketball has their season end with a loss accept ONE. This year was KENTUCKY’S year.

Last year, we went to the final game. We went on an Epic Run at the end of the year. No Kentucky fan really thought we would win the tournament, but we enjoyed the run.

Connecticut won the national championship in 2014, but there is not a basketball fan in the world that really believed they were the best team. Sometimes in basketball, like life, that is just the way the ball bounces.

When you know you had the best team, and you lose it is heartbreaking. This has been a special year to be a Kentucky fans. I will go to my grave knowing, they had the best TEAM in the country in 2015.

What made this year so special was the players. They are good kids, who set an example daily for all that were really paying

Coach Calipari’s statement kind of says it all.


I know he is right, but the truth is losing is never good. This years team will always be looked as as the kids that should have won it all.

Yes, I am a sore loser.

I have never believed, “It is not if you win or lose, it ishow you play the game” That sounds good, but honestly I don’t believe that!

I have gone from Numb after the loss to just Disappointed for the players and the fans.

If winning is not everything, then don’t play competitive sports. If you want to have fun go to an amusement park. Life rewards those that play within in the rules, give it all they’ve got, leave it all on the floor and WIN. Winning and losing becomes a habit, as well as excepting mediocrity or good enough. Kentucky has been to the Final Four four of the past five years because we expect to win.

Talented kids come to Kentucky because they have a dream of going to the next level. The right kids are attracted to top level coaches in sports. In business you have a lot of followers, but winners are attracted to leaders that can help them get where they want to go. That should be your goal, become the kind of leader that can help people get where they want to go.

One final thought regarding sports. Being involved in competitive youth sports has been a very important part of many of our lives. It helped us learn to work together as a team, and teaches us how to practice, work hard, appreciate other people’s talent and how sometimes in life when you do everything right you still LOSE. You don’t have to like it, but it happens, it is called LIFE.

Freshman Basketball.htm

Today we seem to want to protect our kids at all cost, and when we don’t give them the opportunity to work hard and lose, don’t we take away valuable life lessons? I was reading an article today talking about how psychologically more twenty something’s have a deeper feeling of entitlement, more than any other generation in history according to this article. Is that because we didn’t allow them to lose?

Let me ask you a question. How many of you think PARTICIPATION TROPHIES Are a good idea? Doesn’t this reinforce a negative philosophy? Think about the 7 key areas of life; mental, physical, financial, family, social, career, & spiritual. We don’t get participation trophies in life just for showing up? Rewards come from commitment, dedication and developing our skills and talents to the best of our ability. That is the lesson I hope my children and grandchildren and those I love learn. Do just show up and expect great things to happen, you have to go after it!

Participation Trophies

Kentucky basketball got me through another cold winter, it always has. I will always look back on this team as my favorite group of young men, an unselfish team, and model citizens ……………….. who should have won it all …….. but LOST. Losing when you should win, is one of the hardest lessons in life to accept. Thankfully when you deserve to win, you normally do, but that is not always the case, so all we can do is live, learn, and keep moving forward.

PS Before people start asking. Yes, anyone can get in the Tee Shirt Business. Our goal is to have 5 shirts a year designed, and average $5,000 profit per shirt. Click here if you want to learn more HOW TO GET IN THE TEE SHIRT BUSINESS


When I first introduced The 7-Lies of Attraction Marketing a couple of years ago the network marketing industry was bombarded with self-proclaimed “gurus” and “consultants” trying to teach people how to do something they had never done, or taught anyone else to do. Honestly it was embarrassing, not only to the people on video talking about something they obviously knew nothing about, but also the industry.

Thankfully these worthless, time wasting, methods have diminished drastically. Unfortunately many people wasted a lot of time and money playing the I AM A GURU SO LISTEN TO ME game.

I understand, people do business with those they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST. However when it comes to network marketing or any business I have always looked for people that are Pinnacle Leaders who have a proven track record of TEACHING others to do what I want to do. Let’s face it, $10,000 a month income earners in network marketing are a dime a dozen, however there are not that many people who have ACTUALLY T A U G H T, others how to do it.

I want to thank those of you that have helped spread the ATTRACTION MARKETING IN NETWORK MARKETING IS not duplicatable and BS … message.

This book has been downloaded from virtually every country in the world, and many leader require that their teams read this books before they start working with them. The sooner the attraction marketing in network marketing illusion is exposed the better off we all will be.

The truth is this:

Network Marketing is About Developing Leaders

Internet Marketing is about building List, and more importantly developing a relationship with that list.

There is nothing wrong with participating or being involved in internet marketing, or affiliate marketing. The destruction comes when network marketing gurus try to teach people that the internet is a replacement for the proven prospecting and lead generation methods of the past.

Yes, there are some programs that make more sense to market online than others, and knowing the fundamentals of marketing online is important for all businesses. Please don’t misunderstand what I am trying to communicate. Many of us just got sick of the same old, my upline and company are messing over me stories it hurt. The old school – new school ware was started by savvy marketers, telling people exactly what they wanted to hear, it is not your fault, it is your companies and uplines and we have the internet marketing fufu dust for only $197.00 a month.

It was the same story old lead companies like Pro Step and others were selling 20 years ago. It is not your fault, your skill sets and mindsets are not the issue, you just need to buy our leads!

Let me stop, before I really get off on a soap box.

If you aren’t actively using at least 5 ways to create leads in your local market, you probably are having difficulty finding and developing leaders on your network marketing team!

Our team creates hundreds of leads online each day for our business, so I believe in the Internet. I will say it one more time, network marketing is about developing people, LEADERS. Internet marketing is about developing list and a relationship with that list.

Please help us continue to spread the truth, and we provide 100% Commission for every book you share!

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Most people who have "15 Years of Network Marketing Experience" really  have one bad year, repeated 15 times!   DON'T BE THAT GUY or GAL!

Five years ago I was the corporate trainer for a company called My Premier Business.  Unfortunately they went out of business, but thankfully we met a lot of great people.  During one of my training webinars for them, I covered an idea called MPB Mastery, which could have just as easily been called MLM Mastery.

I wanted to share this information with the readers of this blog, because I had the opportunity to be exposed to it, 10 years earlier and I missed it.  I don't want you guys to miss this, so here is a replay from that closed corporate training webinar I did several years ago.

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UK 2015

As most of you know, I have been sending emails during March Madness and offering some special discounts.  I receved this email from one of our subscribers and found it interesting.  I understand that many people who listen to the talking heads in the media have this perception.  However perception has nothing to do with reality.


Sorry i don’t call a school that recruits players to play one year a college basketball team. Just a minor league team for the pros.


This email reminded me that as human beings, we see things not as they are, but as we are.

Here are the facts.

#1 This team has 16 players.  Only 4 freshmen that could possibly leave for the NBA after one year.  A couple of them will probably go to the NBA at the end of this year, and a couple will probably stay in school.    Duke and several other top level schools have one and done players every year.  It is not the colleges fault, they are playing within the NCAA rules.

#2 There is not a college in America that would not have offered a scholarship to our 4 freshmen or any player that has played at UK over the years.  The real problem is elite players want to go to elite basketball teams.

#3 Kentucky is a players first program.   Kids come to Kentucky because they have dreams to play in the NBA someday, and coach John Calipari’s track record speaks for itself.

#4 Kentucky only recruits good kids. They don’t attract ego driven kids that have to be the star of the team. They are good citizens that support the community and want to be part of a winning tradition.

#4 More than anything, this years Kentucky team is the definition of a TEAM.

T ogether
E veryone
A chieves
M ore

They are playing less minutes than they would at any school in the United States. They have multiple players averaging 10 points plus a game, and our #1 scorer averages only 15 points. but only averages 22 minutes a game.

Network marketing organizations can learn a lot from Kentucky. The thing that destroys most companies and organizations is greed and ego. There is nothing more powerful than a unified team. The whole really is greater than the some of it’s parts but ego prevents most leaders from unifying and working together.

One final point. When most people join a network marketing company they consider the products, the comp plan and the person who is sharing the opportunity with them. Why don’t we pay close attention to the upline, and their proven ability to help others reach their dreams?

Worth thinking about!