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THE MLM SUCCESS SYSTEM THAT NEVER FAILS was recorded in studio by Mr. Calvert last month and
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In this thought provoking CD Dale does a take off from the Great Marcus Lemonis talking about PRODUCT, PEOPLE & PROCESS as they relate to the network marketing industry. Fans of the Profit TV show understand what we are saying, I apologize to those who aren’t. This idea was actually shared with us from one of our mlmhelp.com readers.

We believe this CD will provide a deeper understanding for network marketing leaders regarding what it really takes to develop a duplicating organization and growing residual income.

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Entrepeneurial Mindset




Think about this for a minute, who is the perfect prospect for your business?

Personally I have always believed that your goal is  to professionally get your business and products in front of as many people as you possibly can, because when it is all said it done, building a team is not really about a particular person, it is about who they know.  That is why we have always taught to ask for referrals.  If the timing is not right for a person AFTER THEY SEE THE ENTIRE STORY,  we simply say, no problem, if you were going to do this business who would be the first person you would talk to?

Most people know people who have the work ethic, mindsets, and leadership abilities it takes to develop a network marketing organization, even if they personally don’t process and or have know desire to develop them.  Learning how to properly ask for referrals and teach this skill set to your team will take you along way in this industry over time.

With that said, the Great Art Williams said your perfect prospect is in their 30′s, married, has a family, owns a home and has not made it financially yet, but THEY WANT TO REAL BAD!  I have never forgotten that quote from Art, and that is why in our direct mail training we teach people how to target these types of people.

The question I have for you, is where do these people hang out?

Do they have a business mentality?

When they happen to turn on the TV Set are they watching Lavern and Shirley or Shark Tank?

To find the perfect prospect you need to hang out where they hang out.  One place you can find these people is at Small Business Expo’s.  Again, I believe that it should be your goal to PROFESSIONALLY get your business and product in front of as many people on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis as you can.  However when given the chance to hang out where your perfect prospects are, you should take advantage of that.   Another great place to hand out is infomercial seminars. When I was building my teams I always went to every TV Infomercial Seminar within driving distance.  I always learned something from the presenters, but I also understood it was a great place to surround myself with entrepreneurial minded people.   Of course I also made it a goal that nobody was going to leave the event until they had a $100 Bill Dropcard in their hand.



 I just found a list of upcoming small business expo’s you may want to check out through the remaining of this year and 2015. Here is the list:

Boston - October 2nd, 2014, Hynes Convention Center

LA - November 6th, 2014, California Market Center

Miami - January 15th, 2015, Miami Beach Convention Center

Philadelphia – March  19th, 2015, Pennsylvania Convention Center

Chicago - April 9th, 2015, Navy Pier

Dallas – May 14th, 2015, Dallas Convention Center

NYC – June 4th, 2015, Jacob Javits Center

Seattle – July 16th, 2015, Washington State Convention Center

San Francisco – Sept. 17th, 2015, Fort Mason

Boston – October 8th, 2015, Hynes Convention Center

LA – November 5th, 2015, California Market Center

Atlanta – December 10th, 2015, Atlanta Convention Center

You can learn more about these events here



3 Steps to Finding the Right Network Marketing Opportunity





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“Time management is the Best Kept Secret of the Rich”
Jim Rohn



Every time I consult with a leader or mlm corporate VP  I try to stress the same point.  “Repetition is the key to learning”.

I am shocked at the number of intelligent, successful people who don’t really grasp this universal truth.

In today’s “do everything online” marketing world, it seems that many personal & business development truths of the past are being forgotten.

Methods consistently change, however personal development and business laws never do.   They are the same today as they were 30+ years ago when I started and  they will be the same 30 years from now.  Truth is Truth!

That is why classic books like Think and Grow Rich are as true today as they were decades ago when first published.

Repetition always has been and always will be the key to internalization and learning.

Companies and leadership groups that want to do all their training with webinars (that aren’t recorded) or through back office audio files all have the same argument.

“They can listen over and over anytime they want”

They don’t understand that this is just as much a time management issue for their people as it is an internalization issue.

Every network marketing distributor’s automobile should be a learning university on wheels!

When they are online they should be promoting their products or services.

Most distributors waste hours of valuable promotion time doing the wrong activities while fooling themselves into thinking they are building a business.

Hanging out in “MLM Training” Forums, On Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and MySpace is NOT BUILDING A Business.

Yes, there is a place for these sites, and the right focused marketing activities will
create prospects, but just “hanging out” anywhere or on any website is not a good idea.



While I am on the subject, companies that do 2-3 opportunity calls a week don’t get it either.

Those that are doing 2-3 a day are totally out of touch.  YOU HAVE TO GIVE YOUR TEAM

Most companies have the misconception that the more training calls, and webinars we do
the better job we are doing at supporting our distributors.

This is 100% false!

The more you do the more confusion you create!   Any training that is not systematic
and unified ultimately creates unproductive distributors anyway as we discuss in the
Why the Masses are Confused Booklet.




Regarding opportunity webinars/conference calls you need ONE Opportunity event a week .  You must create a culture, where all team members build for that event each week, with the goal and expectation to have at least one guest on the call with them. 


Other than one Opportunity Overview event  each week you also need a recorded opportunity/webinar that distributors can access 24-7 and a  recorded product/service testimony webinar or call.

Anything more than the above will only create a  distraction for your team.    I know, I know
“MLM Leaders” who enjoy being the center of attention, totally disagree with me on this idea.

You have to understand, there is no money in being Elvis! If you are the one that must be there on stage to make it happen, you have a problem!


Most people who read this understand exactly what I am trying to communicate, because their upline and or company conducts so many online events and conference calls  (that they are expected to attend)  they don’t have time to build the business even if there were clear specific direction from all the training.

Ok back to my original thought. 

Here is my point.  Online back office training is good thing, but don’t neglect providing training on audio CD or MP3 files.

Repetition is the key to learning and providing your training in audio format allows your people to maximize their learning and time by listening on their way to their job, or on their IPod while working out.

I had a consulting call a couple of days ago, with a client who had done 3-4 training calls with his team covering the same information.   He said Dale, they just aren’t getting it, I have even put it online for them to listen to.

My response, they aren’t going to get it until you make it available on audio CD or MP3.

Repletion is the key to learning and people must be able to maximize their time and turn their automobiles into learning universities on wheels.

5 Time Management Tips

*  Work from a To Do List
*  Focus and master 1 business building skill set at a time. * Before you log onto the internet know exactly what you are going to do and allow a specific amount of time for each activity

*Always ask yourself, Will spending time with this activity help me reach my primary goal?

* Do the same business building activities, at the same time every week.    Example:  Sunday night  7-10 PM is follow up phone time,   Saturday morning  8 -11 AM is online promotion
time,  etc etc.

97% of the people who enter the network marketing industry can not escape the learning curve, and the other 3% will never duplicate their success.  The proper focus and time management can drastically cut the time that it takes to develop the foundational knowledge that ultimately leads to success.

Time is the most valuable asset any of us have, rich, poor, or Average Joe, don’t take a minute for granted!


Over 1,000 Members can’t be wrong?



None of the companies listed in this most recent FTC Claim are direct sales or network

marketing companies.  But as it relates to testimonies, make sure it is your own and it is

factual.  Don’t say my aunt in Kentucky lost xxx number of pounds on a public webinar,

conference call or live event.  Make sure the testimony your giving is always your own .

The headline of this article said FTC Gets $34 Million from Weight Loss Scams, personally

my experience has been it is normally more like ..

(FTC Extorts 34 Million from Weight Loss Companies)



U.S. regulators said four companies would pay $34 million to settle charges of running deceptive advertising about weight loss products. The Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday the four companies were targets of the “Operation Failed Resolution” campaign that is the agency’s “ongoing effort to stop misleading claims for products promoting easy weight loss and slimmer bodies.”

The FTC said it charged skin cream promoter L’Occitane, HCG Diet Direct, LeanSpa LLC and marketers of food additive Sensa with deceptive advertising.

cream the company says helps users obtain slim bodies “but had no science to back up that claim,” the FTC said.

HCG Diet Direct markets a human hormone as a weight loss program. The FTC said it was “touted by hucksters for more than half a century as a weight-loss treatment.”

Marketers of Sensa “exhorted consumers to ‘sprinkle, eat and lose weight,” claiming the food additive would help dieters, the FTC said. The bulk of the settlement, $26.5 million, would be paid by Sensa. L’Occitane Inc. was fined $450,000, while LeanSpa in what was called a partial settlement, had agreed to surrender $7.3 million in assets A settlement with HCG Diet Direct was suspended, the FTC said, “due to their inability to pay.”

The FTC said it would make the $26.5 million Sensa penalty available to compensate Sensa customers.


I don’t feel there is a better marketing to be involved with in network marketing than weight loss.  However,  a great product alone, will not guaranteed your success.  You also need to make sure your company and distributors are not providing documentation or testimonies that can be  a red flag for regulators!    A company with a hot weight loss product and ownership and field leadership who want to do it right is always a recipe for success in network marketing!