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Network Marketing

None of the companies listed in this most recent FTC Claim are direct sales or network

marketing companies.  But as it relates to testimonies, make sure it is your own and it is

factual.  Don’t say my aunt in Kentucky lost xxx number of pounds on a public webinar,

conference call or live event.  Make sure the testimony your giving is always your own .

The headline of this article said FTC Gets $34 Million from Weight Loss Scams, personally

my experience has been it is normally more like ..

(FTC Extorts 34 Million from Weight Loss Companies)



U.S. regulators said four companies would pay $34 million to settle charges of running deceptive advertising about weight loss products. The Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday the four companies were targets of the “Operation Failed Resolution” campaign that is the agency’s “ongoing effort to stop misleading claims for products promoting easy weight loss and slimmer bodies.”

The FTC said it charged skin cream promoter L’Occitane, HCG Diet Direct, LeanSpa LLC and marketers of food additive Sensa with deceptive advertising.

cream the company says helps users obtain slim bodies “but had no science to back up that claim,” the FTC said.

HCG Diet Direct markets a human hormone as a weight loss program. The FTC said it was “touted by hucksters for more than half a century as a weight-loss treatment.”

Marketers of Sensa “exhorted consumers to ‘sprinkle, eat and lose weight,” claiming the food additive would help dieters, the FTC said. The bulk of the settlement, $26.5 million, would be paid by Sensa. L’Occitane Inc. was fined $450,000, while LeanSpa in what was called a partial settlement, had agreed to surrender $7.3 million in assets A settlement with HCG Diet Direct was suspended, the FTC said, “due to their inability to pay.”

The FTC said it would make the $26.5 million Sensa penalty available to compensate Sensa customers.


I don’t feel there is a better marketing to be involved with in network marketing than weight loss.  However,  a great product alone, will not guaranteed your success.  You also need to make sure your company and distributors are not providing documentation or testimonies that can be  a red flag for regulators!    A company with a hot weight loss product and ownership and field leadership who want to do it right is always a recipe for success in network marketing!




Get Rich


I have been doing some keyword research this morning, and just had take a break and share this with you guys.  I am in the process of scaling my business way down to focus more on seminars and consulting and 6 other business models instead of dozen or so we are currently involved in.   A few years ago I remember my pastor saying in a sermon that you should pray that God will give you "Creative Ideas".  I remember thinking at the time, that is the last thing I need.   Ideas are not the issue, it is the time to implement the ideas.  I know many of you can relate to what I am saying.  Some of the best advice I have ever heard is "You have to say NO to a lot of good ideas, so you have TIME for the Great Ones".

Anyway, part of my scaling down includes selling off many of my niche websites and domain names.  One domain I own is GetRichBook.net.   My intentions were to have a website built that offer my book, How to Get Rich Without a College Education.  Unfortunately this has been on my "To Do List" with hundreds of other projects for over a year. So I decided to go ahead and sell the domain name, but before I do, I thought it would be smart to do a little keyword research.

My results were disturbing, but just verified what entrepreneurs like you, already know but most of the population miss …

"Formal education will make you a living, but if you become "self educated" you can create a fortune"
Jim Rohn


* GET RICH  is a very popular search term online with 550,000 searches in the United States alone!




* GET RICH BOOK  Yes, people want to get rich, but based upon the number of the searches the last thing they want to do is read a book to learn from someone who has already done it. Only 22,000 monthly US searches for this term.



In reality people would rather learn HOW TO WIN THE LOTTERY with 10 times more people (246,000) searching for this term every month than GET RICH BOOK.




And if they don't win the lottery they would settle for finding a MAGIC LAMP with 3 wishes in an antiques store, evident by the 74,000 online searches for this term every month!





Don't even think about the terms  WEALTH EDUCATION,  OR  GETTING RICH EDUCATION,  there are not even enough people in the United States that search these terms to collect any data!  Sometimes we miss the obvious.  We don't need to invent the next "Pet Rock".   Success comes from duplication, not innovation!  Learn proven business models from those that have gone before you!  

Learn from Papa Johns & Little Caesars, they just copied Domino's and added their own twist.  Domino's would have probably never existed if not for Pizza Hut.  

I am trying harder and harder to understand that all of us walk different paths in life and I shouldn't belittle those who want to Get Rich without learning.  Unfortunately we are at a time in place in history where that mentality has now been handed down from generation after generation.  However,  the "Wisdom of the Ages" has not changed and it is there in plain site for all of us to discover once we DECIDE to create change.  As entrepreneurs it is our responsibility to continue to inspire people, keep them on the right path and lead by example!   Thank you for letting me vent a little, if you enjoyed this, please share it, by clicking one of the buttons around this post.





Daily, I receive over 1,000 emails in my in box even with every spam filter known to man in use. Text messages on my phone pop like pop corn constantly from people I don't know or want me to take a look at XYZ company.  That is why I try to encourage our clients to contact support@mlmhelp.com when they need help.  That is also why many times you will get a response from one of our staff members from one of my personal email boxes.  Normally they respond to as many as they can daily and leave the ones that they think I need to see, but that is not the purpose of this post.

As a marketer, I understand that if your email doesn't get opened, it can't get read, and if doesn't get read then you are not going to be able to help many people.  Your income is direct proportion to the number of people you are able to HELP over the long term.  As Jim Rohn said, "Your income is based upon the value you provide to the market that you serve".  I believe that!

So if you are offering a great opportunity, product or service that can make a positive impact on someones life, then you should do everything in your power to make sure your email or postal mail gets opened!   Last week I send out 5 personal direct mail pieces.  The envelopes were all hand written, in the bottom left hand corner it said Personal and Confidential and those handwritten words were highlighted in yellow.  Do you think a secretary is going to open that envelope?…I don't because I have already heard from 3 of the 5 people directly.   I don't think the steps I took to make sure those letters got to who they were intended to go to where deceptive, but creative.   That is not what I am talking about.

However this morning, I received an email from a well know marketer who wanted me to send out a very deceptive email to my emal list.  I couldn't believe what it said ……. well here it is:


Subject: Unclaimed Commissions for EMAILTAG



Our records indicate that you have exactly
$1195 in unclaimed commissions…

=> http://2c770b-dv1dodn97t2v0mw8k3k.hop.clickbank.net/

Please click here to claim your commissions

=> http://2c770b-dv1dodn97t2v0mw8k3k.hop.clickbank.net/

You only have 30 minutes left to claim them.

=>  http://2c770b-dv1dodn97t2v0mw8k3k.hop.clickbank.net/



PS Secure your $1195 in unclaimed
commissions immediately…

=> http://2c770b-dv1dodn97t2v0mw8k3k.hop.clickbank.net/




Here is the thing.  the course they offer is very good and insightful and I have promoted it successfully for them in the past.

However, I cannot imagine sending out an email telling people they have unclaimed commissions when the whole world knows that is a lie!

It seems like I am seeing more and more of this online and it turns  my stomach, I don't get it!  I don't understand why credible marketer send this junk to their email list, and why people with great products feel this is necessary?

Am I missing something?

History tells us if this type of marketing behavior continues people will not be able to distinguish between the good and the bad, the truth and

I am all for creative marketing!  However if your name is on a product or service, that content needs to be proven and valuable.  If it's not, leave it alone!

One bad apple really can destroy the whole bunch.  As consumers, when we receive these type of blatantly deceptive emails, we should opt out of that email list immediately!


One Bad Apple

Have a wonderful week!

Dedicated to your Success!




For the last few years I have been encouraging our newsletter and blog readers to become “Facebook marketing educated”  and learn how to effectively create leads on Facebook.

A couple of months ago I attended a webinar that was awesome and well worth my time.   The gentleman conducting the webinar has developed a piece of software that marketers are using to create thousands of dollars in monthly income generating thousands of leads weekly with Facebook.

So I bought the software immediately following the webinar, but have so much on my plate I went to bed and honestly forgot all about it.  Thankfully, yesterday a friend of mine from Memphis, Bill Basinger sent me an email talking about the software.  So at about 8:00 last night, I started going through the training and it was blown away, then I started experimenting with the software until 4:00 this morning.  The leads have been rolling in all day, heck I have already made my small investment in the software back in less than 24 hours.

In the training some very important Facebook stats were covered that I will go over with you. This data has been collected from multiple sources and something all Facebook marketers should be aware of.




Post Between 8 PM & 7 AM creates 20% more on engagement on Facebook.  Wednesday is the Best day to post with 8% more engagement Friday is the worst, Sunday evening is also very good.



 Engagements with your friends and fans  are 40% higher with less than 3 post per day. You receive 32% higher “Like Rate”  and 72% higher “Comment Rate”.  So 2 post a day are ideal for most businesses unless you have some type of special or promotion going on.



Evenings after 8:00 PM, this is because many people are on their laptops scanning Facebook while they watch TV.




The shorter the better.  Post with 80 characters receive 66% more engagement. Concise Post between 1 -40 characters produce 86% more engagement.  (Notice, we are talking about characters, not words)



Friday produces the least amount of engagement.


Do you see how knowing these stats can give you much more value for the time you invest marketing on Facebook?  If you would like to learn more and discover how marketers are using the software I mentioned to create thousands of leads on Facebook every week and thousands of dollars in income, you can watch the video here: http://www.DaleCalvert.com/FBLeads I hope you get as much out of it as I did.


Dedicated to Your Success!



PS  If you enjoyed this information and you think it can help those you know, please use one of the buttons above this article to share it .


If you follow this website, receive our newsletter, attend our webinars or have heard any of our recorded training's over the years, you have heard me say …  "Your time is the most valuable asset you have".  Jim Rohn said "Time Management is the best kept secret of the rich"

Last night I was on a well know marketing forward and just had to leave a message (See below).   I spend as little time as possible on forums, Facebook, etc.   Normally when I am on social media websites, or forums, I am looking for a specific person, or specific information, and I just want to accomplish whatever task I am there for and move on.

The internet has become over run with people that feel that it is necessary to share their opinions on topics they know nothing about.  It is beyond exhausting to try to wade through this maze of misinformation.

The first thing I always ask myself and suggest you do as well is "Who is this person, and why should I be listening to them?".   

Asking yourself this question will save you hours of your valuable time every month.

Last night on the forum I was on, a gentleman had asked about the new Amazon Selling Machine course and was looking for feedback from THOSE THAT OWNED THE COURSE!

With that said, here is a post that I wrote last after wasting what seemed liked hours reading post after post  from people that didn't own the course, would never consider spending money on their own personal education, yet felt compelled to respond to this gentleman's message.


I rarely take the time to comment on forums, but sometimes the "Lack" mindset of "Warriors" is just too overwhelming.    Why some people feel they need to comment about that which they know nothing about is perplexing. 


Membership for the first course was opened in March of this year, They shut it down after about two weeks & stopped accepting new members.  In a couple of weeks they sold about six million dollars worth of the course,  so obviously a lot of people feel like I do.


This course will be the answer to prayer for some people. Just because  you don't have the discipline or motivation to put the information into action, or the money to invest in the training, does not give you the right to try to discourage others from making a good business decision that could change their life.


If it doesn't take food off the table, and you are willing to devote time to this business model, buy the course, I bought the original course and the information is superb.


$3,500 for a well designed course in a very hot upward trending business model, taught by two guys that are earning six figures a month is really a no brainer, isn't it?


Anyone who is willing to take the time to learn the process can earn a full time income with Amazon using the concepts taught in various books and training programs that have been mentioned throughout this post.


However this course teaches an entirely different way to use Amazon to sale your PRIVATE LABEL Product as a few members on this post have tried to explain.


The truth is, anyone can make enough money in one month using know Amazon FBA methods to cover their investment in this program.


A big part of being successful with any business model is TIMING.  Buying on Amazon is becoming part of the American culture, and the upside potential from 2013 on is more than obvious to business minded individuals.


You have to stop and realize it has been reported that …. up to 1/3 of all online sales in the US are done on Amazon.  If those numbers are even close to being true, as a marketer, to not learn how to tap into that market makes no sense.


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.




For those of you that haven't heard what all the Buzz is about, you can watch the videos and downlaod the free PDF's here.

For the rest of you, understand, your time is the most valuable asset you have, use it wisely …. cherish it!