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Personal Development

After 30+ years in the network marketing industry the only thing I know for sure is that most people who achieve a good income do it with the skills, confidence, work ethic and mindsets they ENTERED the industry with. The challenge with that is personality is not duplicatable as we talk about in great detail in the Masses Training.

My message to network marketing leaders has always been YOU ARE NOT THE ISSUE, duplicatable systems are! Unfortunately many network marketers are more concerned about developing a following than they are new leaders.

It seems lately I cannot get off this soap box. Everytime I write an article like this I have friends tell me I am going to upset the “MLM Good Ole Boy Network” you would think by now they would understand that I DON’T CARE! My loyalty is to the 27%ers, good, honest, hard working, teachable people who want to change their families future with the network marketing industry. Every day I see these people manipulated, lied to and told 1/2 truths. It has always been the #1 thorn in my side, and I am realizing at my age, it is not going to go away!

According to an article in Psychology Today Leadership is not a position or title but the ability to provide visions, systems and methods to help others progress and move forward in their career.

The good news for me is people that have that mentality do not read this blog, subscribe to my newsletter or connect with me on any level. Years ago I heard a speaker, Billy Riggs, say “Behind every successful network marketer is someone who wants to prove the teenagers they went to high school with wrong”. I don’t know of a more EGO driven industry than network marketing.

MLM Success Meme

As Zig said “Ego is a terrible disease that makes everyone sick except the person who has it”. Please don’t miss understand me. I am not talking about confidence. Confidence is a great character trait and quite frankly something more network marketers need. And confidence is created from unified systems.


Ok, let me get off the soap box and on to the main message of this article.

Network marketing is a leadership DEVELOPMENT Business. Your real product is people. If you build people, people will build the business.

What does the perfect MLM Leader look like? It has nothing to do with income, it has everything to do with the ability to develop new leaders.

The perfect leader is a LEARNER who willing to invest in themselves. They normally don’t come into the industry with the skill sets and mindsets to be a leader but they develop those over time. They are confident, yet humble because they know anyone can walk the path they have walked if they are willing to learn and put into action what they learn.

The ability to find people who are both willing to learn and teachable — and then giving them a what I call “Wisdome of the Ages” systems to follow — is vital to the future of any ambitious network marketer looking to expand their team.

The challenge is simple yet critical and a MAJOR FACTOR in long term network marketing success: find those lifelong learners, and keep them.

In many instances an ambitious learner is overlooked when they join a network marketing organization. Most network marketers are so shallow they would rather talk about the doctor, lawyer or former pro athlete that recently joined their team. I would always said “I would rather have a housewife with reasons than a name with a sense of entitlement”.

It takes insight and skill to identify lifelong learners and then to commit to their retention and development.

Looking For ‘Learning Agility’

Even some companies in corporate America are starting to buy into this idea. MaryAnne Amato, senior learning solutions manager at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, understands the importance of learning on the job, and works with organizations such as Hormel and Goodyear to develop custom learning programs that provide employees with the skills they need to excel.

“When you’re looking to hire for roles that will help your organization grow and adapt in today’s VUCA environment,” she says, “you really need to pay attention to learning agility.”
Because nearly all industry is affected by rapidly changing technology, companies need only look into the immediate future to see the folly of hiring someone who isn’t an evolving learner.

EvenVision‘s founder and director, Garrett Perks, strongly feels that “the single most important factor to target when hiring team members is their ability to learn.” He offers a practical example: If he hired the person who’s the best in the world at today’s technologies, “then in 18 months their skill set might already be obsolete. But if I hire folks who are the best and most passionate about learning, then in 18 months they’ll be ahead of everyone else we could have hired.”

Amato says that lifelong learners have three key characteristics: The ability to learn, which refers to how quickly and accurately they analyze problems and synthesize information — The motivation to learn, which is more about curiosity and seeking out opportunities — Adaptability, which is the ability to apply learning in a flexible way over time.

You can see the future by looking at the past


Those of you that are members of the MLM Training Club have heard me talk about this subject several times. The perfect prospect is a personal development student who has always done something outside of their 9-5 to create cashflow.

I think network marketing leaders should examine their genealogies every week and contact everyone who is producing that they haven’t met.

Get to know about them, their family, their background, etc. Real leaders have a sincere interest in other people. When you visit team members homes, check out their library. When talking to them ask them if they are a fan of personal development teachers. Ask them who is their favorite, what is their favorite quote from that person, etc. etc.

When you find the right people, learners, give them extra time and directional support. Does that sound difficult? One of the biggest mistakes network marketing leaders make is they spend too much time with the wrong people (squeaky wheels) and not enough time with the right people! READ THAT AGAIN!

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

I never will forget many years ago when I was an employee at IBM in Lexington Kentucky how few people took advantage of the personal growth, and skill programs they offered. I attended the Dale Carnegie course back then and IBM reimbursed me 100%.

When IBM offered the Dick Cavett speed reading program and I immediately signed up. I couldn’t believe I was the only one from department who registered. Imagine my shock when I enthusiastically went to the class and I was the ONLY STUDENT, Yes, in the entire company of over 7,000 employees at the time.

If someone tells you they have not spent much time on personal growth, skill set training, or attending seminars, you can expect they won’t be a long-term leader on your team. If most of their development has been on the hard-skill side with little focus on leadership, they may have a more difficult transition into a leadership role. Their focus on hard skills tells you where they believe their value is. Network marketers need to stop reading the Vitamin Bible and start reading books on leadership.

You are looking for those precious few who understand Formal education makes you a living, if you become SELF EDUCATED you can create a fortune & have sought out new knowledge and expertise independently.

Many EGO driven network marketers think they are students, simply because they have learned a few quotes through osmosis.

Finding The Fit

The more you know of what you’re looking for, the easier it is to be able to identify the right characteristics in team members.

I have always believed you create your culture. Over 15 years ago I wrote an article “Appeal to Mediocrity or Inspire Greatness, that is the Question”

Over the last thirty years in the industry I have seen it over and over. People who think they know it all from the get-go, and make it known that they have little or nothing to learn and won’t be plugging into your companies culture creating events ……. Don’t get that in network marketing THEY AREN’T THE ISSUE, duplicatable systems and programs are!

High performance learners, don’t want to try to work with people who are complacent or comfortable with the status quo. Most network marketing companies want individuals who are driven, who can take initiative and are always striving to that next level but to do this they need people who are willing to push themselves and are open to new ways of thinking and team development. It has to be more than just throw enough mud on the wall and see what sticks mentality.


To provide the kind of internal support necessary to retain avid learners, the commitment to development has to be from the top-down. Owners and field leaders must embrace this learning philosophy as well, so that when new distributors come into the organization, they know that the environment is geared not only to the next months volume but toward their individual success.

The sad, but true fact is most network marketing owners and corporate managers are former distributors who had some level of success with the skill sets and mindsets they entered the industry with. I would guesstimate this is over 50% of the companies in the industry. About 20% are traditional business owners who recognized that the network marketing business model is very appealing especially from a cash-flow standpoint so they start a company with what I call the “If I build it they will come” standpoint.

When thinking about joining a network marketing company or organization I think one of the most important questions you should ask is, “how much of an investment do they allocate to developing their people. If they don’t believe in developing their distributor organization, it isn’t likely they believe in it for themselves?

I cannot tell you how many owners I have set down with over the years, usually traditional business owners who thought if I build it they will come. They learned the hard way, they don’t come, no matter how phenomenal you think your product is. They have the attitude that the distributors are a necessary evil in the process and the thought of investing in their growth and education is repulsive.

At this point in my career I will do one time live events or webinars for any company or organization that is legal, ethical and moral however I refuse to do any long term training with organizations that don’t really believe “If you build people, people will build the business”.


Owner’s like Skinny Body Care’s Ben Glinky are rare. It has been a pleasure working with him, because he sincerely wants his people to get out of debt, stay out of debt and get themselves in a situation where they don’t need their SBC check to leave a comfortable life.

Learning Works Both Ways

“A leader that doesn’t believe in and encourage learning by supporting personal growth, programs like the MLM Training Club, book clubs, webinars and company events won’t last long. Without a culture of unified duplicatable systems and personal growth it will be impossible to stay competitive in today’s market where there is more opportunity outside the network marketing industry than at any time in history.

When you stop educating yourself you stop thinking critically and creatively. That’s why lifelong learners are invaluable to every network marketing companie’s culture.

You need to be able create learning opportunities for those individuals on your team from credible people other than yourself. Most network marketing “Leaders” have a major problem with this and they should ask themselves why?

I do group training webinars every week for organizations that understand the importance of creating a culture of personal growth. When I was building I got my people in front of as many “Wisdom of the Ages” leaders as I possibly could, in and outside of the industry.

Granted, the market is flooded with great speakers who call themselves “MLM Consultants” who have never done what they are trying to teach others to do. Be aware and always ask yourself, who is this person, and why should I be listening to them?

I also think it’s important for companies and leaders to understand that if they’re looking for lifetime learners they have to offer skill set and mindset training to make learning exciting and build a culture where learning is acceptable

Many network marketing companies and “leaders” are often threatened by any kind of transformation, and management can take a defensive posture toward the kind of learning that brings about a fluent and fluid atmosphere, all while giving lip service to those same ideals. Believe me over time they will know if you just talk the talk or really walk the walk.

Creating a progressive learning culture is almost non exist in today’s network marketing culture. Personnel skill set and mindset training is very important to an organizations long term success.

Technology will always create new and innovative ways to create leads for your products and opportunity. You always have to evaluate your business and be prepared for that next step. You have to develop team members who are willing to do that as well. However you can never forget that Wisdom of the Ages SUCCESS PRINCIPLES will NEVER CHANGE. They were the same 50 years ago as they are today and they will be the same 50 years from now!


Your team needs to be built on a foundation of Wisdom of the ages success principles that programs their minds and creates an expectation for whatever their definition of success is. Developing a long term duplicating organization in an evolving market place, with team members ready to embrace new knowledge-based skill sets will put you at competitive advantage. I believe that in the future lifetime learners who want to get involved in network marketing will seek out companies and organizations with personal development and skill set training systems in place much like want-to-be franchise owners seek out a franchise today.


I posted the above article yesterday. This morning in my email box I was sent this video. I remember recording it at a conference in Las Vegas, but I didn’t know it was online, and had never watched it. Please don’t perceive this to be a commercial for a particular company, that is not why I am sharing this. I agree with Johnny that this video drives home the points I am trying to make in the above article. Have an awesome weekend!

Mr. Calvert,

I have heard you say in your trainings over and over “Truth is Truth”.

I think this video drive the points of your recent article home!
Johnny D.


Kentucky wins again  91 – 67  Let’s Celebrate!



You know I bleed Blue!

Dawn and I just finished watching Kentucky beat a very scrappy Auburn team 91 -67 in the SEC tournament.  If you are an Auburn fan you should be proud of their SEC tournament run, they left it all on the court.

Anyway I told Dawn, I need to do another celebration deal for our subscribers.  After yesterday’s game we offered our new MLM Profit CD  & it sold out on Amazon!  (Thanks)

So on short notice, here is what I have come up with.  If you guys take advantage of this, I will plan on doing 7 more deals after KY wins each game on the way to their perfect 40 – 0 season, sound like fun?  This is history folks the odds of any team doing what this one will do will probably never happen again.

So here’s the deal.

My best selling book “Change Your Financial Mindset & Create Wealth” is now available on audible.  The good news is it was professionally recorded, so you don’t have to listen to my country accent.


You  can get if FREE with your Audible Trial Membership.

Seriously, if there is one concept I could communicate to entrepreneurs, this would be it.  Honestly, I wish every teenager could have these six states programmed in their mind before they leave high school!

One of the best mental decisions I have made over my marketing career is to DECIDE to become a millionaire after hearing Jim Rohn say for the thousandth time … “Everyone should strive to become a millionaire, not for the money, but for the type of person you will become”

With that said, one of the worst mental decisions I NEVER MADE was not deciding to become a Billionaire.

Do you understand what I am trying to communicate?

It has nothing to do with the money, it has everything to do with reaching your full potential financially and as a person who provides value to the market place.

Do you understand your own financial mindset?

In the recording we talk about the 6 Financial Mindsets.

  1. Lack
  2. Mediocrity
  3. Desperation
  4. Growth
  5. Comfort
  6. Success & Prosperity

In the recording we cover these six areas in detail.  I believe the most dangerous state is Comfort.  I also believe to change your financial mindset, you must first understand exactly where  yours is.  Go check out the audible page and when you are there you can listen to a sample, and also share it on Facebook, (See the arrows Below)


I hope you will take advantage of the Audible Free Trial offer and if nothing else, share this recording with a teenager you love.




Dedicated to Your Success!



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There is not a week goes by that I don’t say to someone, “It is Jim Rohn, not Jim Rome”.


I am a Sports guy and Yes, I know who Jim Rome is. However it bothers me that more people in the United States are familiar with Jim Rome than they are the great Jim Rohn.



The older I become the more I realize what a profound Jim Rohn has made on my life. There are many of you that have been true students of Jim, that can say the same thing. So many times, I ask people, do you listen to Jim Rohn and most of the time they think I am talking about the sports talk guy Jim Rome.

I have always done my best to plant seeds of personal development in everyone, especially the next generation. For years I have given away the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” to all high school graduates as part of their gift.

Do they read it? Most don’t, but over the years a few have picked it up later in life when the realities of the corporate world hit them. All we can do is plant seeds when we have the opportunity.

I wish this shirt was going to be available to order for a long time, because I would start adding it to my graduates gifts. 5 simple words, but the seeds they can plant, and the truth they represent can change lives.



If we all take the time to plant truth daily, at some point they can take root. We may never know when or for who, but it is not necessary for us to know, our responsibility is simply to plant!


Merry Christmas and I hope 2014 is your best year ever.

In the spirit of Christmas,  I wanted you to know that I think you’re awesome. I really do mean that.

If  you are reading  this, odds are,  you either have a business, are building one or want to build one… and I love to support people with that entrepreneurial spirit.  I appreciate those who blaze a trail of their own, help grow the economy, help provide others with  opportunities and want to achieve a higher level of freedom for themselves & others.  You truly are the people that keep things moving in a positive direction.

History is filled with people like us who have done amazing things. It all starts with trying to build something better & achieve more in life. So remember that your goal of building a booming business is an amazing one and a challenge that most people are afraid to take on.  It’s worth all the ups and downs, all the barriers you have to break through & every disappointment – because at the other end is more freedom for you & those around you. And I truly admire you for that and the vision and consistency it takes to move forward daily.  Successful people are willing to do for a short period of time what others aren’t so they can do for the rest of their life what others can’t.  They understand that they can learn to be successful in any business when they learn the right skill sets and mindsets.   So as we approach 2014 I want to share with you 3 questions I ask myself at the end of every year.  It has been said that the quality of our life is based upon the quality of questions we ask ourselves and then answer them, honestly.

#1)  What business model that I am working do I need to devote more time to?  Which one less time?

#2)  What new business model do I need to start learning, and from who?

#3)  What is my number one goal for this year?

Dawn and I went out to dinner last night and talked about these three questions.  As you probably know if you read this blog regularly we are involved in multiple business models, many of which weren’t even around a few years ago, IE digital publishing, and Amazon FBA.    I started in the network marketing industry over 30 years ago, and consulting and training will always be my bread and butter, but I love the challenge of mastering new, trending, opportunities.

I believe that if you are involved in network marketing you must not get caught in the multiple income streams propaganda.  I see a lot of network marketers who never master the business because they diversify too quickly.  In the beginning of your career, until you develop the proper skill sets an mindsets, you will need to devote yourself 100% to the process.    There is nothing sadder to me than seeing people who have been around the industry 5,10, 15 years or longer and never developed the proper skill sets and mindsets.

If you are involved in network marketing, which most of you are, who is teaching you how to build a large, DUPLICATING, organization?  The most important question is have they done what they are trying to teach you  to do?  If you are a not a member of our MLM Training Club, and you are serious about building a business this program will cut years off your learning curve.  You can watch the introductory webinar here, and I promise it is worth your time.   MLM TRAINING CLUB INTRODUCTION

A final, thought …. is the company you are with the one you can STAY WITH the rest of your network marketing career?  If its not, find one you can.   Success in network marketing, unlike other business models requires and deep passion and belief in what you are doing, without that your success will be limited.

Keep your entrepreneurial fire lit and EXPECT great results.

To an AMAZING 2014!

Dale Calvert


Stop and Say Hi on Facebook over Christmas


Paul Orberson, ex-coach who made millions in network marketing, dies at 56 By Linda B. Blackford

Paul Orberson, the charismatic founder of one of the country’s largest network marketing companies, one that later came under federal scrutiny, died Thursday. He was 56.

State Sen. Alice Forgy Kerr said Mr. Orberson died of cancer, which he had suffered from a decade earlier.

“He was an outstanding man, and so generous,” said Kerr, who attended Calvary Baptist Church with Mr. Orberson for many years. “He really was an amazing man. He had so much success in different areas, but he was so fun and folksy, he made everyone around him have fun.”

University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari visited him at the hospital in October as Mr. Orberson entered hospice care, and he wrote on his blog about being inspired by Mr. Orberson.

“Paul told me it’s not about money, cars, fame or material possessions — that’s all just stuff, he said,” Calipari wrote. “Paul told me it’s about your relationship with God, your relationship with your family and the impact you have on other people.

“Like any other coach or businessman, there have been ups and downs in Paul’s career, but throughout it all he never changed who he was, what he was about, how he treated people, how he treated his family, and how he was as a father and grandfather.”

Mr. Orberson was a legend in the multi-level marketing world, a high school basketball coach from Danville turned multimillionaire, a man who flew to marketing conferences in a private jet and once bid $100,000 in a fundraiser to dine with Calipari and actress Ashley Judd.

In January, the Federal Trade Commission obtained an injunction to shut down Mr. Orberson’s company, Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing, on charges that it was an illegal pyramid scheme. That case is in settlement talks.

He grew up in Danville, earned a baseball scholarship to Western Kentucky University, then eventually returned to Boyle County as a teacher and high school basketball coach.

Mr. Orberson started working on the side for Excel Communications, an emerging phone services company that used multi-level marketing for its sales. Mr. Orberson recruited many of his coaching friends to sell. Each recruit brought him a little more money. In his self-published autobiography, Something Good’s Gonna Happen, he said that after four years of working for Excel, he had made more than $1 million. By 1996, he had retired to Florida as a newly minted millionaire.

In a 2010 interview with the Herald-Leader, Mr. Orberson said he found retirement boring and returned to Lexington to found Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. He used Excel’s model of direct sales to sell services and products. He signed up Cingular, GE Security and Lamas Beauty. Twelve people paid the $299 initiation fee. In one month, Mr. Orberson said, 1,200 people signed up.

The company grew across the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Mr. Orberson estimated that the company had more than 150,000 associates.

In 2003, Mr. Orberson was diagnosed with an advanced case of kidney cancer. He attributed his recovery to the doctors at UK and a healthier lifestyle. He later developed a line of vitamins sold through Fortune Hi-Tech.

Read more here:


I was very sad to hear that Paul had passed away earlier this week. My friend Dave Freeman who had worked directly with Paul in his Excel days had told me that they had called hospice in, and then my friend Mike Potillo sent me the text letting me know Paul had passed.

I first met Paul around 1992 or 1993. One of our team members at the time had been the principal where Paul had coached football, and he wanted us to meet. Truthfully, he felt like Paul was recruitable and Bob (the Principals name) wanted to arrange a meeting with us. The month previously I had received the largest commission check I had ever received at the time, it was over $25,000.00 for the previous month.

The 3 of us met at Rafferty’s Restaurant in Lexington. We hit it off immediately, you know how it feels when you meet someone for the first time and you feel like you have known them all your life. I understood the path he was on, and he knew I did. At the time Paul had been in Excel for a couple of years and was earning less than $3,000 a month. And he was working it, driving to the mountains of Pikeville Kentucky, to Western Kentucky and other locations within a three or four state area doing meetings almost every night of the week. He was one of the top people in the company, but this was just commission on the residual income from the phone service and before Excel exploded after adding the coding bonuses to their comp plan.

Paul had no problem recruiting people, but like most great recruiters he was having challenges getting his people started quickly and moving forward after their excitement wore off. Sound familiar? It is predictable, we all find the same path, and run into the same challenges because our real product is people!

When he heard that I had made $10,000 my first month in the program I was working and had never made less for the past 18 months, we got his attention. Excel was the first company Paul had ever worked and like most of us, we seem to fall in love with our first company. I shared with him about my experience with my first company and how I did exactly what he was doing and gave it 110%, driving all over the country. I talked to him about the difference from working a product driven company (which Excel was at the time of our meeting) verses a Compensation Plan Driven Company.

We talked about the importance of giving new people direction and coaching from day one, why most of his team couldn’t do what he did, and why you have to help your people figure out what they want from their business. All the “Wisdom of the Ages” concepts many of you have heard me talk about for years.

To make a long story short, our 1 hour lunch meeting turned into 5 hours and it couldn’t have gone any better. When he left I gave him a copy of the quick start training system we were using to start off all our new members. He had said he wanted to join us, but it would be very tough leaving Excel because of the emotional ties to the company. He felt like he and HIS PEOPLE could do better and make more money with our opportunity. We made plans to meet the following week, get his ordered placed and get him started, looking back today I am glad that didn’t happen.

The following week he called me at my office in Lexington. He said Dale, I listened to the cassettes and everything you covered in the Quick Start System. That information is exactly what I have been missing with my people. He went on to say that he wanted to put together a similar system for his team and he needed to give Excel one more year, and if implementing this type of program didn’t get things moving forward quickly he would be joining us in the future.

I said, I understand, that is fair, I enjoyed our visit to stay in touch and I wished him well. I really meant it the fact they he decided not to join our team at that time didn’t bother me and to this day I believe that he would have joined us, if Excel hadn’t made the perfect business move.

A few months later Excel added the coding bonuses making it a compensation plan driven company and the rest is history. Our paths crossed a few times over the years, and it was awesome to see what he was able to accomplish in Excel and then FHTM. I think we have always cheered each other on, kind of the Kentucky boy does good scenario. As I have said many times, people tend to look at the people at the top of any organizations and think they just landed there. That is never the case. I feel it is important to look behind the scenes and understand people’s story. Most successful people don’t start with a silver spoon, when you travel the road yourself, you get a deeper appreciation for the steps determined people take to get where they are.

Yes the compensation plan change gave Paul a huge boost, but how many people came and left Excel during the time Paul was driving thousands of miles every week supporting his people and doing everything he could to build his business?

What I respected the most about Paul is he really got it. He understood what this industry is about, and making a difference for other people. It seems in today’s market place we are flooded with fake it till you make it self proclaimed gurus driving rented Lamborghini’s on their websites.

This is what UK basketball coach John Calipari had to say in the previous article about Paul:

“Paul told me it’s not about money, cars, fame or material possessions — that’s all just stuff, he said,” Calipari wrote. “Paul told me it’s about your relationship with God, your relationship with your family and the impact you have on other people.

That says it all as far as I am concerned. Those of you that have taken the time to read by bio on this website have probably read something simalar. I have always believed.

I believe that if people develop themselves first, the income and lifestyle this industry offers will flow to them. This industry has allowed me the opprtunity to help many people grow, learn, develop and become better than they were before I met them. Being able to play a small part in the success of others is my greatest accomplishment

I truly believe that students of any business model eventually come to the same conclusions. We have heard the old philosophy “When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive”. That has certainly been the case for me throughout my marketing & speaking career. I think it is our responsibility as entrepreneurs to never stop learning, and give it all we can every day, expecting great people and opportunities to come our way. It is our job to seek out the Wisdom of the Ages. Truth is truth and it is always found by those that seek it. I think Paul was a great example of that, he will be missed by many, and our industry definitely needs to develop more leaders like Paul Orberson.

Rest in Peach my old friend.


PS I know people are going to be calling our office asking if they can get a copy of the Quick Start System I gave to Paul. The answer is sorry, that was years ago and they are long gone. However the two programs listed below cover the same material, and the last quick start I recorded is here on Amazon.