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Christmas Card 2014




We appreciate your support in in 2014 and hope you and yours have a wonderful 2015.




Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Yes I appreciate Christmas and the real meaning behind the commercialization but Thanksgiving is my favorite. Over the years I have learned how to be thankful and ambitious at the same time. Jim Rohn was the first person I heard talking about this concept of being thankful and ambitious.

For many people it is one or the other, but learning to be both will make a positive impact for you and those you care about.

My main reason for this post is just to say THANK YOU!

If it wasn’t for YOU, I wouldn’t get to do what I do for a living.

Nothing is more frightening to me than the thought of being stuck somewhere to a job that I can’t stand. Thankfully I walked out of IBM in 1985 and have never had a 1099 from another company since.

Today it’s because of YOU that I can attempt to live every day trying to make a positive impact on others, contribute to churches and charities and have a platform to publish programs that hopefully make a positive impact on people and help them stop, take a deep breath and really think.

So, in honor of the upcoming holidays … THANK YOU!

Thank you for being my email subscriber, for watching my videos, for attending my live seminars and webinars, for investing in training programs I produce and recommend and most importantly for referring me to other marketers that you care about and sharing my post on social media platforms like Facebook.

I know that the majority of my subscribers have found the perfect business model(s) for them and I am excited for you. If you haven’t yet, I want to encourage you to never stop believing. It is out there & I hope you find YOUR PERFECT BUSINESS MODEL this year if you haven’t already. That thing that lights your fire, gives you passion and that is a model for you to contribute meaningfully to other people.

When it is all said it done, that is really all that matters. Did you make a positive impact on your family and other people?

I hope this Thanksgiving is your best ever. Where ever you are, BE THERE. Take a minute and really soak up the people you love, and make a great memory. None of us are promised tomorrow, and learning to appreciate every day like it was Thanksgiving is the real blessing.

Thanks again for your support!

Dedicated to Your Success,


PS. I asked myself this morning, what article, video or program have I produced or shared overed this year that has really made a positive impact on others? My immediate thought was the MLM Training Club monthly CD’s. I am so glad I decided to do that program because the emails I get monthly, let me know it is making a positive impact on those that internalize the information and make it their own.


However the next thing that immediately came to mind was my book. “Change Your Financial Mindset & Create Wealth” The positive reviews on that book continue to be posted on Amazon every month and I know people are really hearing the message.

So I am putting it on Amazon’s free promotion for you starting tomorrow, Tuesday 11/26 until Friday 11/30. If you don’t own a Kindle you can still download it to your computer, and I hope you will. Here are the links.


Free Kindle to PC Info: www.amazon.com/gp/kindle/pc?
http://www.amazon.com/gp/kindle/pcFree Download Link: Just go to www.Amazon.com and search for ( Financial Peace Dale Calvert ) and
the free book will pop up.

PSS Perfect Gift for yourself or upline or downline member. We didn’t do this last year and some of our subscribers were disappointed, so we have decided to make our popular discount Christmas gift certificates available for 2013. The web page is active and ready to take orders, but we haven’t changed the date from 2011 to 2013 at the time of this post. So when your family ask you what you want for Christmas over Thanksgiving, or you are looking for the perfect gift for your upline or downline team member, this may be your answer!



At Calvert Marketing Group we would
like to wish all dad's a great day!


Many of us are blessed to be have raised by great fathers.  Those of us that have all believe our dad's are the best, but mine really is the #1 Dad in the world , just like yours :).  My dad and I have opposite personalities in many ways, but he has always lead by example in every area of his life.  Over the years, he has always been my #1 fan and supported me in whatever I wanted to do. Sports, Magic Shows, Soap Box Derby Races and much more, he was there for everything.   Today dad  is the CFO at Calvert Marketing Group and if you have called our office over the years, there is a good chance you have spoke with him.




The older I become the more every holiday means to me, not just holidays, ever day for that matter.   My daughters are my pride and joy.  All fathers probably wish they could go back and do things differently, I certainly do.  They have all turned our so well and are spending their life with professions that sow into the lives of other people so their mom and I must have done a few things right. (Yes, mostly their mom)   However at this point in my life I just want to make the most of every opportunity I have with them, and give them the love, support and encouragement I have always received from my parents.




When it is all said and done it is the positive impact that you make on other people and your family members is what really matters!  Make today a special day!






Time & Money


Those of you that read this blog regularly or attend or training webinars have heard me say dozens of time "Time is the Most Valuable Asset any of us have".  I ran across this excellent article today and wanted to share it with you.

Last weekend I saw Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and thought it was a pretty entertaining movie. It’s a sequel to the 1987 movie Wall Street and picks up when Gordon Gekko is released from prison. I won’t go into detail about the movie’s plot, but Gekko definitely loves money and isn’t afraid to sacrifice almost everything for it.

I was taken back by one line that Gekko had in the movie: “Time is the greatest asset you have.” If you watch the movie, you’ll see that Gekko isn’t a super sensitive guy and for him to recognize that time is the greatest asset you have on this earth, it makes you step back and think about the things that really matter.

I love talking, thinking, creating, and building businesses that succeed financially. Money is a great tool to advance projects and to support causes in life. But once we make money our main focus in life, that’s when problems can arise. The tough part is that the problems come gradually and the important things get pushed back slowly. Not too many businessmen make a decision in just one day to make their work a priority over their family, but the small choices made everyday can lead to that very outcome – even if they think their priorities are still straight.

Allocating time to the highest priorities in your life takes a concentrated effort. It’s easy to unintentionally let important things like faith, family, and relationships slip by while you’re attention is focused on things like work and becoming financially secure.

I think this verse is a great reminder of how we should prioritize our time

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No, this is not a MLM Training, other than the fact the leaders  are never willing to gloss over things that don't make sense.

Sometimes, you just have to stop and ask yourself what is the world coming to?  

I am glad that people have the guts to ask the people at Google, what in the world are you thinking  ….  IT'S EASTER SUNDAY!




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Have a great week.