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" What Network Marketing Professionals are saying about The Power of a Dream video training … "

It is my sincere hope that this training will help you realize the awesome potential that lies within you. I hope that you will be inspired to persist at all cost and to decide once and for all not to be denied the success this industry can provide for you. Dale Calvert

Dale Calvert is the next Dexter Yeager of this industry. The culture that he and his leaders are putting together will take this industry by the storm. This training will help you develop the passion, drive and vision you need to explode your business. Robert Blackman,

MLM Trainer, Author, Consultant Dale Calvert is one of the most powerful motivational speakers on the planet! Les Brown Professional Speaker

Everyone in the network marketing industry needs to own The Power of a Dream video. Quite frankly it is the most uplifting, inspiring, network marketing success story I have ever seen. Joe Schroeder, ForMor International

After seeing this video you and everyone in your downline will never, ever be the same. You will know without a shadow of a doubt that if you persist, you will succeed! B. J. Arnold, 22 year MLM Professional

No one will help you believe in yourself like Dale Calvert. After you experience "The Power of a Dream" video, you will understand why. Dana Hargrove, Usana

The Power of a Dream DVD $19.95


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